Roku is an American company providing a seamlessly fantastic TV viewing experience since 2008 when its launch collaborated with Netflix. On Roku, you can access various, most acceptable content on different online platforms, like Netflix, HBO, etc. Do you know you can also mirror your Android and ios phone on Roku? In this article, you’ll learn about the 5 Best screen mirroring apps on Android for Roku in 2023.

Here is the list of the 5 Best screen mirroring apps on Android for Roku in 2023:

  • LetsView
  • Android Screen Mirroring
  • Google Home
  • ApowerMirror
  • AnyDesk

Roku is one of the most in-demand TV services as it provides users access to more than 50000000 viewing content across all the platforms. Casting Android on Roku tv offers an unmatched level of user satisfaction experience.

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List of Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Roku 

Here, we are with the top screen mirroring apps on Android for Roku of the decade:


The first app on our list is LetsView. It’s a power-packed all-rounder app that lets you simultaneously record, take screenshots, and mirror the screen.

Many users doubt the efficiency and reliability of this app as it has just arrived on the market, but I can assure you it is among the best casting apps for Android, and one should go for it. 

The video and audio quality this app provides is unmatchable and incomparable.

  1. Download the LetsView app on your Android/ios phone and Roku tv.letsview app logo
  2. Open the LetsView app on Roku tv and select the Android/ios mirroring option. It will show the list of all the available devices; choose your phone from the list.lets view on tv
  3. It will show the list of all the available devices; choose your phone from the list.
  4. A pair key request will come on the LetsView app on your mobile device; accept that watching tv
  5. Now your Android/ios phone will be casting on Roku tv.

Following the steps mentioned above, you can easily cast your Android/ios phone on Roku tv for an enhanced user experience.

Download: LetsView

Android’s Screen Mirroring Feature

Android’s screen mirroring feature is the best app for Roku, an exclusive app by Android itself to its users. You can easily cast your Android phone on Roku tv using this app.

  1. Head towards Roku’s settings.roku settings
  2. From there, go to display, and then there, select the screen mirroring option.screen mirroring option on roku
  3. Go to Menu and enable the screen mirroring in Roku tv.
  4. Now open your Android phone and go to Android settings or scroll down the quick access settings view on android
  5. Select the Smart View option there.

Wait some time to let your Android phone connect to your Roku Tv. Once connected, you can easily cast your Android phone on Roku and have a wonderful experience with mirroring on Roku.

Download: Screen Mirroring

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Google Home

We are moving to the next app on the list, Google Home. Google Home is among the best screen mirroring apps on Android for Roku. As the name contains, it is an app by one of the most trusted and reputed brands of software services, Google.

It gives you a seamlessly wonderful mirror-casting experience. Besides letting you cast your Android/ios phone on the Roku tv, it also enables you to integrate google assistant and control your mobile devices through your voice.

You can also play unlimited music, watch out for gallery photos, run your favorite apps on Roku, and watch a video or movie straight from your phone on Roku tv. 

  1. We should first have to enable screen mirroring on Roku tv.screen mirroring option on roku
  2. Now, download the Google Home app on your Android/ios phone from either the play store or apple home banner and logo
  3. Now open the Google Home on your Android phone, and You’ll see the Roku tv on the Home tab; tap on it to enable screencasting from your mobile device to the Roku tv.mirror screen on roku tv with google home

It is one of the most favored and was highly used to cast mobile devices on Roku tv. Following the abovementioned steps, you can easily mirror your phone on a Roku tv.

Download: Google Home

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Nowadays, many apps are only available for Android devices, and then the need arises to cast these gaming apps on some large screen with an excellent user interface, like Roku tv.

The next one on our list is, ApowerMirror. If you are a passionate gamer and wish to cast your phone and have games on your Roku tv, ApowerMirror is the app for you.ApowerMirror is the best screen mirroring app on Android for Roku for all gamers.

ApowerMirror is an app to cast Android games on Roku tv and have a good gaming experience and some extra points. There are other features, too, like taking screenshots to record your game for future reference, and annotation is also available as a feature with ApowerMirror App.

    1. We have first to enable screen mirroring in our Roku tv. Go to the menu tab, display settings, and turn on the screen mirroring option.roku settings
    2. Now download the ApowerMirror app on your Android device.apowermirror website
    3. Go to the Menu of the app, and in the devices section, select the Roku tv and connect with it.

roku mirror After following the steps, you can see your mobile device mirrored on the Roku tv. Please choose your favorite game and play it on Roku tv.

Download: ApowerMirror

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Last but not least, we have the Anydesk app on our list. It is one of the best screen mirroring apps on Android for Roku if you are not so good at technology. The steps of using this app are straightforward and uncomplicated, which makes it popular among the masses.

As the tagline suggests, Anytime, Anywhere, you can use Anydesk anytime without doing many downloads and heading towards settings and all that technology stuff. It is like Letsview; the only difference is that it detects the devices quickly and easily.

    1. Download the AnyDesk app on your mobile device as well as Roku tv.anydesk logo
    2. Open the Anydesk app on mobile.anydesk on mobile
    3. Go to the profile, and there you will find a passkey.any desk passkey
    4. And open the Anydesk app on Roku tv.
    5. Go to the devices option there and select the devices to be mirrored.

roku tv

6. Enter your mobile device passkey there on the devices to be mirrored tab on Roku tv.

It would take a while till it authenticates the passkey entered. Once the passkey is appreciated, your mobile device will be cast on Roku tv.

Download: AnyDesk

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Why is my Roku not screen mirroring even after I downloaded the apps mentioned above?

You might not have enabled the screen mirroring option on your Roku tv. However, it is not mandatory for casting your mobile device on Roku with every app; it is for some, like Google Home, LetsView, etc. If you want to cast your mobile device without enabling screen mirroring on Roku, you can use the Anydesk app. It doesn't include helping screen mirroring as its mandatory prerequisite to cast your mobile device on Roku tv.

Why can't I connect my android phone to a Roku tv?

Sometimes it happens. Once again, turn on your Roku tv after a while, and try to connect and screen your Android phone on Roku tv using one of the apps mentioned above. You can exit the Roku app on the Roku tv or switch the Roku tv. If the problem persists, contact the technical support team of Roku.

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This article discusses the “5 best screen mirroring apps on Android for Roku in 2023”. We see a lot of apps and discuss some of their prominent features, and we also look at the steps to download these apps and cast our mobile device on Roku using these apps.

Later, we pick up some frequently asked questions and the problems you might face while casting your mobile device on Roku tv using the apps.

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