Nowadays, people actively use the Internet to find the information they need. It comes in different forms, and informative technical articles and blogs are among them. We frequently read about things we have never learned at school. Those terms seem to be very difficult to understand, but we know what they mean.

How is that possible? Technical writers explain all the complex terms using simpler words that are known to all. A profession of a technical writer is very popular, and thousands of people want to get a certificate. Our informative article highlights the Best Technical Writing Certifications to do in 2023.

It’s pretty easy, and you don’t need some in-depth knowledge. Your enthusiasm, advanced skills, and passion will work for you. Lauren Bradshaw, a professional academic writer, and blogger at know a lot about technical writing because it’s her profession. She says: “You don’t have to be a Ph.D. or MB to become a successful technical writer. Simply be diligent, interested in what you do, steadily widen your horizons, and find a good certification”. 

Top 7 Technical Writing Certifications In 2023

Let’s look at the Best Technical Writing Certifications to do in 2023


This popular and effective program is called TechWriter-Certification. Initially, it was created for students. Afterwards, it grew into an international technical writing program for any willing person. These courses are based on six various courses. They are:

  • Technical writing basics.
  • Teaching current writers.
  • Comprehensive career building.
  • Technical communication as a professional.
  • Structured writing for technical documentation.
  • Experts at work certificate programs.


Each course teaches specific clues in technical writing. Simply review the peculiarities of the courses and choose the one that suits you the best.

Technical Writer HQ

One of the Best Technical Writing Certifications to do in 2023 is Technical Writer HQ. This site was among the first ones of its kind to propose technical writing certificates. It remains popular and respectful in 2023 as well. Users can pass various courses to become professionals and gain knowledge. Besides, this site has a goal of connecting all technical writers from all parts of the globe. Thus, they can collaborate as a team and solve their common issues together.

technical writer

It is only a one-week errand. Nevertheless, it’s highly efficient, and users will manage to understand the basics and major role of technical writing. It clearly describes the job and even teaches how to pass job interviews. Among the typical topics you’ll master are:

  • API writing;
  • An in-depth analysis of potential audience;
  • How to pass and carry out job interviews;
  • Work with various kinds of documentation, etc.

After you pass the course, you will have the right to share your newly created profile on LinkedIn.


A famous organization called Coursera offers various learning programs and courses to help people become certified specialists. One of its directions is to teach technical writing. The organization offers:

  • General technical writing certification;
  • Certification of an engineering leader;
  • Communication skills in engineering, etc.


Mind that it has over 3,000 programs dedicated to various industries. Therefore, do not miss a great chance to acquire certificates in other spheres that can benefit your future career success.

Visit: Coursera

Medical Writer Certified

If you are good at medicine and its terminology, you may become an expert writer by passing Medical Writer Certified. The program has more than 4,000 members and one clear aim. It was created to help medical, technical writers become better and write plain high-quality texts for people who don’t understand all the peculiarities of the medical industry.


After you finish this program, you will have advanced writing skills, enraged knowledge in medicine, and the necessary experience to explain all complex terms easily. However, this program differs from others. As we have mentioned in the beginning, all willing people can pass these courses, and they don’t commonly need in-depth knowledge and certificates from colleges and universities. Nevertheless, the medical sphere should be taken seriously, and a tech writer must know everything he/she writes in detail. Therefore, you ought to have:

  • One bachelor’s degree in any sphere;
  • Two years working in the medical sphere.

If you meet these demands, you can become a certified writer in medicine. This is one of the Best Technical Writing Certifications you can do in the medical sphere.

Visit: Medical Writer Certified


Just like Coursera, the Udemy platform likewise offers thousands of learning programs and courses. People can choose any direction to enhance their skills and knowledge. Technical writing is no exception, and you can receive the official certificate in:

  • General technical writing;
  • An advanced course to enhance skills and knowledge;
  • Work with software documentation.


These options are worth your attention. If you pass them successfully, your career prospects will increase for many a time.

Visit: Udemy

Tech-Writer Certification Programs

You may likewise prefer Tech-Writer Certification, which works together with various universities. They develop their own in-depth programs to make out of you a high-quality expert. They differ from similar programs because they have concrete deadlines. If you want to extend your learning, you will have to pay additional fees. The most popular programs are:

  • Basic technical writing;
  • Career building;
  • Enhancement of current writers, designers, and editors.

Besides, you may be interested in similar programs. They help to advance your skills in communication, documentation, and so on. This is one of the Best Technical Writing Certifications to do in 2023.

Certified Professional Technical Communicator

This project was created by Society for Technical Communication or shortly STC. Its main target is to promote technical communication. Undoubtedly, tech writers are people who can ensure this mission. You may choose from 3 levels of complexity. Therefore, this program will suit beginners, as well as already working writers who want to sharpen their skills. This program is worth your time.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US technical writers earn $76.860 annually. It is an impressive salary, and it makes this career more attractive. You should also know that there are many other similar programs. You are free to pass them. However, you should never ignore our suggestions because we have studied each program and are confident that you’ll enjoy success by passing any of them.

Visit: Certified Professional Technical Communicator


Are there other reputable certifications for technical writing?

The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) offers the highly regarded Medical Writing Certification Commission (MWCC) certification.

Can I pursue technical writing certifications online?

Yes, many certifications offer online programs, allowing learners to access and complete the certification remotely.

How long does it take to complete a technical writing certification?

The duration varies, but most technical writing certifications can be completed within several months to a year.

Do employers recognize technical writing certifications?

Yes, technical writing certifications are recognized by employers and enhance your credibility in the job market.

Is a technical writing certification necessary for working as a technical writer?

While not mandatory, a technical writing certification demonstrates expertise and commitment, making you more competitive.

Are there financial assistance options available for technical writing certification programs?

Yes, some certification programs offer financial aid, scholarships, or discounts to support students seeking assistance with the program's cost.

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