The Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency [Read This Now]

It’s 2022 and I am sure there must not be a lot of people who haven’t come across terms like “Cryptocurrency”, “Bitcoin” or heard about investing in them. I am sure the hype about it made everyone wonder “What is cryptocurrency exactly and how does one get started?”. Crypto has a lot of factors and terminology involved, which can overwhelm a person to get started even when they know about it. People often wait and can’t decide when is the best time to buy cryptocurrency. They often cannot figure out the right time to start investing or why do these currencies rise and fall together. So let’s dive right in to learn more about it! 


What Is Cryptocurrency?

In easier words, Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. It is known as Cryptocurrency since the security method used here is cryptography. The technology used to enable this transaction is called Blockchain. ethereumThere are many cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin is the most popular one. Bitcoin is the first decentralized Cryptocurrency that was founded in 2009 by a group of programmers. There were some early efforts in the Netherlands but Bitcoin caught the attention of everyone like no one else. Some other examples of crypto are Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Stellar Lumen, DogeCoin, etc. Click here to find out which cryptocurrencies will survive the market falls

What Is Blockchain?

The technology used by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is known as Blockchain. 

Blockchain is a technology that has a database that uses a decentralized network. It is a secure way of keeping a data record as it does not use any third party. It’s known as Blockchain because the information stored is in the blocks. It is secure because it uses hashing and proof of work mechanism. Everyone has control in this case of Blockchain.

Blockchain Phone
Blockchain Phone

Bitcoin records all the transactions made. It can be viewed by anyone who uses it. This is called being immutable so the data becomes irreversible. 

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How To Start Investing?

If you are hesitant to start investing but really want to, you can refer to this website because one of the best times to buy crypto would be now. With so much buzz and trend around it, crypto really has fantastic things in store for the upcoming future. So there is no doubt in believing that, the sooner you start, you’ll learn more about investing strategies.

dollar cost average
Dollar-cost Average

The people into crypto generally suggest the “buy low, sell high” strategy. Dollar-Cost Averaging is another strategy.

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What Is The Dollar-Cost Averaging Method?   

The Dollar-Cost Averaging method helps you minimize the risk of losing your money if you are just starting without any experience. In this, you have to invest a small portion of your money in the stock market instead of putting it all together. Since cryptocurrency trades are open for 24 hours, it will be hard to predict and monitor when it goes high or when it drops. Though people follow many such methods as they involve low risk, it is essential to figure out which can fit you and your needs. What worked for others might not necessarily work for you. 

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When Is The Best Time To Buy Crypto?

Consider that you have decided to start investing, and now you are wondering “Is it a good time to buy Bitcoin?”. Firstly, make sure you approach with low-risk strategies and keep observing a pattern for yourself. There is no specific time that is the best time to buy it, but as you keep studying crypto and keep monitoring the market, you can predict the best time for yourself.


People generally try to observe a drop in prices throughout the week and then plan accordingly. Some people say the best time of the day to buy cryptocurrency is generally in the morning or near midnight. You can also keep an eye on this and find a pattern. 

Many people have also noticed by seeing them all year-round trend that it is best to invest at the end of the year than in the previous months. Also if you are looking for a long term investment, just observe and wait for the drop in prices than the normal and then hold it till it reaches the peak value

Points To Consider Before Buying A Particular Cryptocurrency Are As Follows:

Consider these points and then decide the best time to buy a cryptocurrency for yourself.

  • Do the fundamental analysis about them.
  • Check their pricing history.
  • Find out about their road map and reputation.
  • Learn about their vision and duration of interest.

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Here are a few FAQs regarding the best time to buy cryptocurrency.

Which Is The Most Reliable Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most reliable crypto since it will indeed exist five years from now. One of the most significant risks is knowing whether they might exist in the future. Investing in these well-known cryptos can eliminate that fear.

Which Are The Cheapest Cryptocurrencies?

Some cheap cryptocurrencies: VeChain, DogeCoin, Cardano, etc.

How To Buy Bitcoin Or Ethereum?

You can’t do crypto transactions through a bank, so you need to choose a cryptocurrency trading platform and buy Bitcoin and Ethereum from there.

Is Cryptocurrency Legal In India?

India does not recognize cryptocurrency as a legal tender. This means you cannot pay for things you buy in cryptocurrency. You also cannot ask for Indian rupees in exchange for it. However, there is no crypto ban in India.

Do All Cryptocurrencies Use Blockchain?

Yes, most cryptocurrencies use Blockchain. This technology makes crypto transactions secure.

Which Crypto Should I Invest In From 2022?

Some cryptocurrencies that have plenty of room to grow in 2022 are Ethereum, Decentraland, Basic Attention Token, etc.


The number of people interested in cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day. Over 105 million people currently own crypto, and many more people are moving towards it every day. There might be a risk initially, but on the other hand, this is an excellent opportunity for investors looking to gain profits.

We hope the article has given you an overview of what it’s like to invest in crypto or how to know when it’s the best time for you to buy crypto. 

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