As hard as it is for book lovers to admit, the digital copy of a book is far more convenient to use when you go to places than a physical one. Downloading your favorite books is always a long process. This article will list the eight best torrent sites for ebooks in 2023, their features, and how to use them safely.

Some of the eight best torrent sites for ebooks in 2023 are 

  • Wikibooks
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Torlock
  • Planet Ebooks
  • MyAnonaMouse
  • Library Genesis
  • 1337X
  • Zooqle

Torrent sites let you download your desired books in quick and easy steps. Downloading books is easy and free, and they are accessed worldwide once you can find a stable internet connection. Read this article to learn more about the top 11 Free VPNs for Torrenting.

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Best Torrent Sites For Ebooks

Here are the eight best torrent sites for ebooks to use in 2023.


Book lovers do not care about the site’s interface as long as it is simple and they can download their favorite books. Wikibooks is an online book heaven because it is not complex, and the interface is as simple as possible. 


Another great thing about Wikibooks is that there are books in various languages like Hindi, Portuguese, Italian, French, and many more. You have to choose one of these languages and type in the name of your book.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has set foot in almost every category, like music and movies, so why should books be an exception? Many people use this site for free downloads, and it got so popular that some countries blocked it. That is why you should be safe while using The Pirate Bay to download any form of media.

the pirate bay

Not only does it consist of books to read, but also Reddit torrenting textbooks for students. Only the title needs to be in the search bar, and The Pirate Bay will offer several links to download your book.

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Torlock is also a favorite among the best torrent sites for ebooks, as it is straightforward and one of the few supporting verified torrents.


It also consists of over a million ebook collections on torrent for you to browse and download. The only downside considered here is the ads and pop-ups that are very frequent.

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Planet Ebooks

Classic literature lovers will find Planet ebooks a literal slice of heaven. You can find books of high quality and in every format available. And there is no better way than downloading and reading books on your phone. Planet ebooks make all that possible for you.

planet ebook

All the books are free; you can download about 50+ ebooks and view them in whatever format.


Considered one of the best ebook torrent sites, My AnonaMouse boasts educational torrents and audiobooks. This site is similar to a library but is digital, as you can find varied sections to search for books like novels, business, graphic design, entertainment, and many more.


MyAnonaMouse is a very vast community of books that discuss the books they read. There are also contests and games to play for the community. Another feature is that you can sort your books through criteria like age and popularity.

A feature that can be considered a downside is that this is not a public site; you will need to sign up to access it. After signing up, there is an interview process, too.

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Library Genesis

Another straightforward one of the best torrent sites for ebooks is Library Genesis. This site helps you sort books through criteria like Author, Name, language, and even the publisher. Another fun fact about Library Genesis is that you can look for Russian Literature here.

library genesis

The User Interface is easy to use, consisting of a single search box and the above-given filtering categories. If this was not enough for you to make it your favorite ebook site, it also contains links to articles, magazines, and comics.

Library Genesis will let you download all your books in PDF to save you too much hassle.

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Even if the name indicates that it is not an ebook site, 1337X is the finest. Every month, a heap of books is uploaded to this ebook site, so it always stays updated.


You can find every genre on this site; it is well-equipped with textbooks, wellness books, and magazines. You can browse books via the search box and filter out your choices. 

Some pop-up ads or advertisements may annoy you, but it is nothing compared to this site’s service. If you are interested in other media forms, 1337X has a vast selection of drama, movies, anime, music, and documentaries.


Among the best torrent sites for ebooks, Zooqle was first a site for only movies and TV shows and now has set foot in the book category. Google allows you to search for books with a given type, but then you can filter it into subcategories.


The user can check the seeders or leechers and additional information. It also takes it one step further by letting the user look at the file’s contents before downloading it. Because of this, you know whether the file is safe to download and free of malware or virus.

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How can I be safe while downloading torrents for ebooks?

Connecting to the VPN is the best way to be safe. A VPN makes your server out to be in another country. Because of this if your home country blocks a torrent, it will still work because of the VPN.

Can I pick any VPN?

There are different kinds of VPN, and choosing one is based on many things. You should pick the VPN that provides good security and does not steal your files or risk your privacy. It would help if you also contemplated investing in an efficient VPN and not going for one because it is free.

If I have a Kindle, can I still read the torrent books on it?

Kindle lets you read pirated books. You must send the book in a file to Kindle per its email address. Whispernet, which is on your Kindle, will accept the file and let you read your book on the Kindle.

Is it okay not to have a VPN while downloading ebooks?

Using a VPN or not depends completely on your home country. Some countries block specific sites, and you can get into legal trouble if you download media from that site without any security or VPN. Therefore, you need to check first whether your country has prohibited the site or not.


The article on the eight best torrent sites for ebooks ends here. There are very varied sites for ebooks all over the Internet, and these are some of the most popular and finest. They will help you access your favorite books, all for free. We hope this article was illuminating and engaging for you!!

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