Top 10 Best USB Audio Interface In 2022

An audio interface is a popular word among professional musicians, podcasters, or anybody with a home studio. An audio interface is a hardware device that allows you to make high-quality recordings. You should choose the best USB Audio Interface for yourself and you can find out more info at Music Authority.

USB Audio Interface
USB Audio Interface

What does it do?

A best USB audio interface is an essential kit required for anybody who wants to record high-end notes of themselves singing or playing or doing voiceovers. A USB audio interface can be connected to the computer, and with an active adapter, you can record it to your mobile devices as well. So, for anybody who is getting started with recordings, this is a prominent way to do so.

How Does It Work?

It comprises various inputs on the front, which are appropriate for connecting devices such as a digital piano with which you can record quality sound. The output allows users to control the recordings.

It can hence be called an Intermediate device that performs analog to digital and vice-versa conversion with which you can tape the recordings and control them through the computer.

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What Are Some Of The Best USB Audio Interfaces?

The basic model will have XLR inputs for a mic with built-in preamps. There are thousands of them out there, but some variation in specific features and inputs/outputs, although they perform the same job but are distinct when it comes to recording high-quality sound. 

To select one, you will need to focus on the following:

  • Inputs and Outputs required
  • Computer/Device Connection
  • Sound Quality
  • Budget-Friendly

10 Best USB Audio Interface To Get In 2021

So, counting down some of the best picks for Top X Best USB Audio Interfaces which highlight all the attributes as mentioned earlier are: 

PreSonus AudioBox USB

It is one of the best used audio interfaces for anybody who is on a tight budget. This model has about 5/5 ratings on Amazon from where you can order.

PreSonus AudioBox USB
PreSonus AudioBox USB

What Comes In The Box?

You get the interface along with the USB cable along with the documentation and software that you have to register your product online to download. This product is well built with a metal chassis. It has two 6.3 mm combo jacks to plug in your instruments. Hence it makes simple, reliable, and best to date, as it is quite handy. It contains all the features that are necessary to make sound quality recordings. 

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio

This is a complete recording bundle. This is the best way to get started with Desktop Audio, which also is cost-effective. This audio box is pretty cool as it is slim, compact, and compatible with devices. You get two microphones or TRS quarter-inch ins on the front with phantom power for the inputs to connect devices.

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio
PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio

Cool Feature: 

  • You can also connect it to your iPads to record sessions, demos, music, vocals, etc.
  • Portability

What’s In The Box?

  • The Interface
  • HD7 monitoring headphones for quick tracking
  • An M7 microphone which is excellent for vocals along with a case

Where Can You Get It?

  • Amazon for approximately 9-11K
  • for approximately 9-11k

 It is the most versatile one with two switchable inputs to plug-in your instruments and a high-quality preamplifier. This is considered as the most suitable device for starters who are into music and podcasting for best usb audio interface.  

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PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL

For a person who thinks two-channel audios are too less and eight-channel audio is too much, then this one, you’re looking for! An interface that is the right amount of size with four-channel audios. 

PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL
PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL

The Box Contains:

It contains four inputs and four outputs, which is more eloquent and well-structured. It is the best audio interface for those who prefer something moderate to function with. This 4-channel audio can record up to 4 tracks at a time with professional sound quality reaching 96kHz using XMAX preamplifiers.


 It has a rugged, built compact structure that is travel-friendly. This interface is eminent among small bands and DJs. It contains world-class recording software specially designed for creators. IT works for both Mac OS and Windows.

Scarlett Solo

It is a 3rd generation, Scarlett Solo, with mic preamp and high-performance converters.

What Does The Best USB Audio Interface Include?

One XLR microphone input with its corresponding gain. It is simple, with a piece of single information specifically designed for guitarists. 

Scarlett Solo
Scarlett Solo

Significant Traits:

  • Air mode
  • You get to control the output
  • One of the best audio interface product with a sturdy build and fast services that will exceed your expectations.

Scarlett 8i6

The Scarlett 4i4 is updated to give you 8i6, which is better than before. 

Scarlett 8i6
Scarlett 8i6

The Interface Details On:

  • 4 line inputs with four balanced outputs 
  • Two additional preamps on the front
  • You get a 3 ft long USB cable portable for road-trips
  • Power converter/adapters

The DVD Side Includes:

  • A recording software Ableton Live 8
  • A Software-based mixer 

Why Is It The Best USB Audio Interface??

Because of the DVDs!!!….

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Apogee One

A professional portable best USB audio interface to capture the best sound possible. It comes with an omni directional microphone to make excellent recordings. It has seamless compatibility with both Mac OS and windows.

Apogee One
Apogee One

What Is It??

A sound card but much better 

What’s New??

The gain uses colors (red, yellow, green) to denote the tone of the sound, which makes it the best audio interface.

Apogee Duet

These 2 IN X 4 OUT best usb audio interface for Mac and PC. Now it will soon be coming for Windows was designed to set professional recordings. This will provide the best usb audio interface.

What Comes With It?

  • An Interface obviously
  • The USB cable
  • Breakout cable
  • Power cable
  • Power adapters

Designed for music lovers and producers. 

Apogee Quartet

Apogee Quartet
Apogee Quartet

Noteworthy aspects:

  • Four inputs
  • Six outputs
  • Separate headphone output
  • Four 75dB Mic PreAmp
  • Two OLED screens to monitor information and outputs
  • 3 TouchPads (A, B, C) assigned to Clear meters, Mute, and Sum to Mono

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Avid Pro Tools Duet

A fantastic interface from Apogee along with Pro Tools.

Avid Pro Tools Duet
Avid Pro Tools Duet

What Does It Have?

  • Two analog inputs
  • 2 Line outs
  • Headphones Out

Avid Pro Tools Quartet

Avid Pro tools Quartet
Avid Pro tools Quartet


  • Four analog inputs and eight digital outputs
  • 6 Line Outs/ 3 Speakers
  • MIDI (USB)

Why is it the best usb audio interface??

Because it is affordable with a full Pro Tools License along with upgrades, and no additional charges. 


Although there are thousands of best usb audio interface that are prominent enough to give you a quality experience. We have picked some best-sought tools that are not only reliable and quality concerned but also professionally used to provide you with an ultimate experience.

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  1. Nice overview of the interfaces. When my first gen Scarlett 6i6 stopped working, I ended up swapping it for the Zoom U-44 interface that I bought for mobile use. Turns out to be a good workhorse. There are gain levels for mics and instruments, and volume levels for monitors and headphones plus separate mute buttons for each volume level, I am considering stepping up to the UAD Apollo line in 2020, but now taking a really hard look at the MOTU M4 interface, which I’d like to see and read reviews on. As ever, thanks again!

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