The PlayStation 5 may be here, but the PlayStation 4 is overshadowed by the quantity and quality of its video game library. Unfortunately, the DualShock 4 controller’s sealed, non-removable battery is a fragile link in the aging console, so it requires replacing the ps4 controller battery.

Most PS4 owners ditch the controller when the battery refuses to charge, forcing them to either play slow or not. Sony expects you to pay cash to buy a new battery, but replacing it at a fraction of the cost is cheaper.

By pre-testing your DualShock 4 controller for known issues, you can save yourself the hassle and expense of replacing ps4 controller battery. Factory resetting your controller is an excellent place to start, as it allows you to replace your battery or ps4. There are several ways: using a controller, scissors or tweezers, or any plastic opening object. One will be successful in replacing ps4 controller battery.DualShock 4 controllers manufactured after 2016 use a different battery connector. The compliance sticker on the back indicates this. Look at this article to see how easily you can replace the battery.

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What Is PS4?

The PlayStation 4, sometimes called PS4, is Sony Computer Entertainment’s fourth home video game console incompatible with the PlayStation 3. On February 20, 2013, a press conference saw its official announcement, and on November 15, 2013, it was launched.

ps4The PS4 gaming system offers a variety of titles, such as Spider-Man 3, Cause 3, Fortnite Battle Royale, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Cause 3. It does not support any Bluetooth audio streaming profiles or Advance Audio Distribution Profile, which explains why many Bluetooth devices cannot be connected to the PS4. The PS4 was initially discontinued in Brazil on January 9, 2016, along with the Xbox One, and the latest firmware is 9.0.3. Click here to know why your ps4 is blinking blue.ps4 controller blueBuy: controller

Buy: PS4 

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PS4 Features

There are some cool features of PS4.

ps4 The features of ps4 are:

  • It consists of social features which allow you to stream gameplay and upload screenshots, chat with them, and talk among the group and the community, thereby creating a social environment and enhancing leadership qualities.
  • It has an updated controller consisting of joysticks to make your play easy and fun-loving.
  • PS4 also supports remote play. You need to log in to your device, and you can play it anywhere.

How To Replace PS4 Controller Battery?

Our engineers have enabled you to easily replace the PS4 controller battery for our users.

ps4 controller battery

  1. Controller: Using a #00 Phillips screwdriver, remove the four 6.0 mm screws that secure the back cover to the controller. Do not forcibly loosen the screws. It will permanently damage the threads and make them impossible to remove.
  2. Start with the left grip. Grab the left handle of the controller and insert the opening. Insert a plastic opening tool into the opening and slide it toward the joystick. Pull the pliers down to open the case. Repeat these steps for the right handle.
  3. Insert a plastic opening tool into the gap in the case and pull down to open the case near the following button. Share button. Radio buttons. Remove the controller’s plastic cover. Note that the circuit board straps are still attached. Three small pieces often need to be included in the frame. Ensure a controlled working environment to avoid loss. 2 trigger spr—one extension of the gray reset button.
  4. Battery: Use your fingers to pull straight up on the motherboard tie that connects the two sides of the controller. Please observe the cables’ orientation and ensure they face the correct direction when reconnecting. Once the two halves are separated, set the top of the controller aside.
  5. Using blunt tweezers, gently rock the tweezers from side to side to loosen the connector and remove the battery connector. Hasty removal of the battery connector can deform the connector’s plastic handle.
  6. This successfully tends to replace ps4 controller battery.

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How often should you replace the PS4 controller?

Before experiencing stick drift or other functional problems, many PlayStation owners can use their controllers for a year or two. Depending on how often you use the controller, you should replace the battery about every year, as ps4 battery replacement centers are also available almost everywhere. Hence, it is a relatively easy task.

Will my PS4 run better if I clean it?

Physically clean your PlayStation 4. If your PS4 has been used for a while, dust and other contaminants may have accumulated inside it. Failure to enable this may impact performance. As heat is trapped by debris within the system, the system fans have to work harder, reducing overall efficiency and finally leading to replacing ps4 controller battery.

Are these battery-replaceable places trusty and reliable?

I’ll reply with a yes. They provide you with an assured bill, and their service center also provides good service. Also, if you require assistance, like knowing how to change ps4 controller, they will guide you.

Why is my PS4 controller light blue?

Generally, Google chrome saves downloaded content. Using a particular browser will determine this. After downloading videos, search for them in the download folder. Moreover, while opening Google Chrome, press Ctrl + J to see the download list.

How long do DualShock 4 batteries last?

The DualShock 4 can play for 4-8 hours on a single charge (usually at the lower end of that range).

How do I check the health of my PS4 battery?

Many PlayStation owners can enjoy their controllers for a year or two before they experience stick drift or similar functionality issues in playing games with the community group members. Depending on how often you use the controller, you should replace the battery about every year. Suppose the battery level status is showing at a lower level. In that case, it means one has to visit the center to replace ps4 controller battery.

What is the lifetime of a PS4 controller?

A genuine Sony PS4 controller can easily last 5-10 years without heavy user usage. A standard 1000mAh battery can power the PS4 controller for 4-8 hours of casual gaming before needing a charge.

Can you name your PS4 controller?

From the Home Dashboard, select Controller Settings on the left. Once the configuration screen loads, click the icon to edit the name. To rename your controller, see instructions and screenshots for accessing this feature.

In future cases, what to do if some issue occurs with the internet or the router?

In that case, you can register your complaint on the complaint number, and within 24 hours, a technician will visit your place and resolve your issue for free.

Why is the PS4 controller battery life short?

One of the biggest reasons the battery drains so quickly is that the PS4 controller doesn't turn off while the console's running, which leads to replacing ps4 controller battery.


Thus, providing the best and simple steps to recharge the battery of your PS4. There are several other ways that you can try but make sure your device stays better. Use these easy ways, and I assure you that these will work and benefit your device with the ps4 controller battery.

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