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It’s the conclusion of the year, and many people are planning to wind down and enjoy some festive cheer with friends and family. However, for some, it’s also a time to start putting together plans for 2019. If one of your plans is to start a new website with the Best Website Hosting Services in the coming year, you may already be busy looking at free website hosting services with the aim of selecting the best one for needs.

Below, here is a list of six hosting services that seem to be doing the right things. To get into this list, the website host has to be free so that it can serve the many people working in the gig economy but still operate on tight budgets. The service should also be reliable and ensure that your website is live most of the time.

7 Top Web Hosting Companies | Best Website Hosting Services


Ning is the largest SaaS platform for creating and hosting websites for any needs, be it portfolio, a social network of people based on common interests, or any other kind of website. The sites are scalable and feature in-depth analytics, fast hosting, and several quite useful monetization options. For instance, you can try the advantages of paid access to your content, traffic monetization, or even benefit from using the donation option.


If you have been considering constructing a website in the last year, you have probably come across the name Wix. They have put a quantity of muscle into making their service the best the market can offer.

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For a free web hosting service, you get more than you bargained for at Wix. Expect 500MB storage bandwidth and as many pages as you want. As if this was not enough, they provide hundreds of templates. They offer e-commerce functionality and technical support. Added to this is the advantage that your visitors will not be irritated by third-party advertisements.


If you’re looking for experience and massive bandwidth for free in your Best Website Hosting Services, then you may as well say you are looking for 000Webhost. The free option offers 10GB bandwidth, free website builder, and ad-free hosting among many other features.

000Webhost has been in business since 2007. The great thing about this website hosting service is that it also has packages for those who want paid options. Their free services are subsidized by those who pay. So, the quality is not compromised.


One of the transcendant things about Jimdo is that it has a team of experts spread across the world. This is an advantage for people whose primary language is not English. This hosting service is always at work managing backups, upgrades, and security so that your website is always up and running.

The reason why Jimdo is the Best Website Hosting Services for people looking for free hosting is that the free offer doesn’t expire. There will be no one putting you under pressure to move to a paid service. You only upgrade when you want. Those who have coding skills will also like this service because it allows you to edit your template’s codes.


The name infinity says it all; nothing is limited. Many people who opt for free web hosting have now come to accept restrictions in one way or another. Well, at Infinityfree.net you will get unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Add this to the fact that there will be no forced advertisements on your site and you get the idea why the service appears in our top six list.

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It doesn’t look very likely that in the next few years there will be a list of best free web hosting sites that will not include WordPress. Numbers don’t usually lie, and they currently show that WordPress is the power behind higher than a fourth of all sites on the internet.

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What continues to make this service one of the Best Website Hosting Services in the market is its free for life plan. Its sheer size and reputation is an indication of the quality of its service. Apart from having many free themes, it also offers 3GB of space for storing your website.


Weebly may not have the most significant space to accommodate your website, but it is supported by massive infrastructure which makes it one of the Best Website Hosting Services in the market. Its excellent infrastructure ensures that your website will perform optimally even under pressure from increased traffic. Among its primary features is a Weebly.com subdomain, 500 MB storage, and SEO.

Even though you will be on a free plan at Weebly, you can expect email and chat support. It also has a community where members assist by answering each other’s questions.


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