Binary numbers are machine-level language, the only language a computer understands. On the other hand, we humans understand English text, which is readable by humans and also known as High-level language.

The computer cannot understand this readable language. Binary numbers contain only 0 and 1. At the same time, the English text in a computer is stored in some standardized characters, known as ASCII values.

Most of us find the Binary Codes cool and tend to use them in our regular conversations. And some people have a habit of chatting in code words. But in reality, most of us are not very fond of talking in such a fashion.

So, it sometimes gets very awkward when you talk to anyone and they use code words. We can understand your wispy agony and list some of the best free online Binary to English translators that would reduce your effort and make your conversation uninterrupted.

Top 6 Binary to English Translators

Binary Translator

Binary Translator is a simple Binary to English Translator that helps you translate binary codes to readable text. The user interface is straightforward to use. Navigate to the website to open the web page of the converter directly.

After getting into the site, select “Binary-to-Text” from the drop-down list and start writing the binary code in the left box. In the correct box, you will get the output as English text. Check out some good Google translate alternatives here.

binary translator

Once you are done decoding the binary code, click on the “Copy” button to copy the text so that you can use that pasting it somewhere else. And if you want to decode new code, click “Clear” and then enter the binary sequence again.

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Roubaix Interactive

Roubaix Interactive is one of the most simplified Binary to English translators. Despite having a plain layout and the most straightforward user interface, the tool is convenient. Anyone can manage to handle the tools with ease.

The website has got two different boxes for two different purposes; one for encoding the text and the other for decoding the binary sequence. Enter any text or ASCII character in the left box and click the “To Binary” button below the box.

roubaix interactiveIt will display the output in the correct box within a fraction of the time. To decode a binary code, enter the code sequence in the right box and click the “To Text” button.

It will display the corresponding text within a few moments. To use the encoded or the decoded text, copy and paste it anywhere you want.

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Q-Bit is a very basic Binary to English translator tool. Like the previous one, anyone can use this site without facing any hurdles. The website is best suited for beginners who want to learn binary values of all the ASCII characters and vice-versa.

The web page contains only one text box, and that is for taking any input, i.e., either text or Binary. It is not dedicated to only one type. For converting, you get two options; Encode Text to Binary Code and Decode Binary to Text.

qbitAfter entering the text or binary code sequence, click on either of the two options, depending on your input type. As a result, it will display the output in the space just below the two buttons. Copy and paste the work on some sheet, or anywhere you find suitable.

Rapid Tables

Rapid Tables is a very useful Binary to English translator tool. It easily converts any Binary code to text, providing you with knowledge.

On the web page, if you scroll down, you will find a table with the Binary and the hexadecimal values of each ASCII character available per computer standards.

rapid tablesYou can first set the converter as per your preference. (i.e., Binary to Text or Text to Binary) Start giving the input into the first box, and after you enter, click on the “Convert” button. It will show you the output in the box below. To copy the work, click on the “Select” button.

Code Beautify

Code Beautify is a multi-purpose generating tool. It also aids efficiently as a Binary to English translator tool. You will find numerous categories on the website; see the Binary text conversion among them, and click on it.

On the Binary to Text web page, you can find two text boxes, one for entering the input binary value and one showing the output text. Type in the former box and click the “Convert” button to decode the binary code.

code beautifyThe output will be displayed in the text box. You will find a tiny button in the right corner above the output display box. The function of the box is to copy the text.

Unit Conversion

Unit Conversion is another straightforward Binary to-English translator tool. You can encode and decode the text and binary code, respectively.

The web page contains two textboxes; one for taking the user input and the other for displaying the generated output. And along with that, there is also a drop-down list that holds two options; Binary to Text and Text to Binary.

unit conversionSelect your choice and type in the input box. It is an automated tool, so you don’t need to press or click any button to convert the code.


Which AI translator is better than Google?

Some people consider DeepL to be a superior AI translator in comparison to Google. DeepL often delivers more accurate and natural translations, particularly for complex texts and idiomatic expressions.

Can an average translator translate 5000 words a day?

The translation speed of an average translator can vary. Still, it is generally possible for an experienced translator, well-versed in the subject matter and equipped with efficient translation tools, to translate around 5000 words daily.

Is DeepL API free?

No, the DeepL API is not for free. DeepL provides an API for developers to integrate their translation services into applications, but it has pricing plans based on usage. The cost depends on the volume and frequency of translations.

Which AI is best for speaking English?

Microsoft's AI language model, known as Microsoft Speech and Language Understanding, is one of the top choices for English speakers. It offers accurate speech recognition and natural language processing capabilities, facilitating effective spoken English interactions.

How to learn English with AI?

To learn English using AI, there are numerous language learning apps and platforms available. Popular options include Duolingo, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone, which utilize AI technologies to provide interactive lessons, personalized feedback, and language practice exercises to enhance English proficiency.

Final Thoughts

All of the tools mentioned above are free. You can get their service without spending any extra money. The only thing you will need is an Internet connection.

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