The world of telecommunication and mobile phones existed before the birth of the internet. It opened horizons which used to be virtually unbreakable, allowing us to contact and to be in touch anywhere and anytime. Thus, you must know how to Block Unknown Calls on iPhone now!

But like every positive thing, there would be an adverse effect on it. With the rise of telecommunications also let to rise of people who have become worse due to the ideas they follow or they are said to follow. Know how to dial an extension properly from this article.

For example, a customer service client who pesters you by calling you up to sell a product or someone who you don’t want to talk to is just calling you up again and again just to grab your attention and waste your time. To counter these calls and block them from getting your attention every phone now allows you to block particular calls and numbers.

But then the question arises on executing this plan without any complications. Blocking a number can be done quickly in two ways. Hence, today we are here to show you 2 simple steps to block unknown calls on your iPhone. Check out how to set up voice mail on Android here.

You can also block an inappropriate website using these methods.

5 Ways to Block Unknown Calls on iPhone

Here are 5 great ways for you to Block Unknown Calls on your iPhone.

Through the inbuilt phone app

The most comfortable and straightforward way of blocking a number is by accessing the phone app on any phone and finding out the block contact option.

In the iPhone, its easy as just going to your contact list or recent which the phone app can access.


  • Choose one of the following options after tapping While Driving under Turn on Automatically: 
  • Automatically: When motion detects, the Driving feature triggers.
  • When an iPhone and a car’s Bluetooth connect: Driving is triggered when your iPhone connects to a car’s Bluetooth systems.
  • Manually: The Control Centre offers a manual driving activation option.
  • Using CarPlay to Activate: Driving is automatically activated when your iPhone is linked to CarPlay.

Adapt your notifications

You can customize your notifications after learning how to block unknown callers on your iPhone. Whether to enable or disable notifications from particular people: 

  1. Select Driving under Settings > Focus.
  2. Select People from Allowed Notifications.
  3. On the Notifications menu, select Silence or Allow Notifications From.
  4. The contacts you want to enable or disable notifications by tapping Add People.

Inform your Focus status.

When you set up the Driving Focus, you may enable Focus status so that when others message you, apps will show that your notifications are quiet. When you have a Focus on and grant an app permission, your Focus state will be shared with that app. The name will never be disclosed because apps can only see which notifications are quiet, not which Focus is on.

  1. To activate the Focus status, select Settings > Focus. 
  2. Toggle Focus Status. 
  3. On the Driving.

Enable auto-reply

When you have Driving Focus turned on, Auto-Reply will automatically reply to favorites and people whose notifications you’ve allowed. By adding “urgent” to their communication, they can decide to let you know anyway.

  1. Select Driving under Settings > Focus.
  2. Choose one of the choices—No One, Recents, Favourites, or All Contacts. Click on Auto-Reply.

The auto-reply message that others will see when they message you when a Driving Focus is on can be customized from this point.


Can I prevent every call from unidentified numbers?

To learn how to block unknown callers iphone or known callers on iphone, you need to follow these instructions: On Android or iphone, block unknown callers, hit the Phone icon, tap the three-dot menu icon, select Settings > Block numbers, and then switch Block Unknown Callers to on.

How can I stop arbitrary calls or block unknown calls on my iPhone?

You may block all unauthorized callers on some Android devices. Although the steps differ depending on the smartphone, you normally launch the Phone app and select the Settings option. Locate the number-blocking feature option, then turn it on. You can manually enter the phone numbers you want to block.

Why do I keep getting calls from unknown numbers?

Have you ever questioned why seemingly random numbers call you? If so, you likely received a telemarketing call. Spam calls are unwelcome calls similar to spam emails in that they frequently attempt to sell you something or get personal information from you.

How can I limit callers to contacts only?

Tap Privacy & Security under 'Phone Settings'. Select Manage contact settings from the 'Spam and Contact settings' menu. Turn only turn on or off calls and texts from your phone contacts.


So, these were some handy ways to block unknown calls on the iPhone.

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