2 Easy Ways to Block Unknown Calls on iPhone

The world of telecommunication and mobile phones existed before the birth of the internet. It opened horizons which used to be virtually unbreakable, allowing us to contact and to be in touch anywhere and anytime.

But like every positive thing, there would be an adverse effect on it. With the rise of telecommunications also let to rise of people who have become worse due to the ideas they follow or they are said to follow.

For example, a customer service client who pesters you by calling you up to sell a product or someone who you don’t want to talk to is just calling you up again and again just to grab your attention and waste your time. To counter these calls and block them from getting your attention every phone now allows you to block particular calls and numbers.

But then the question arises on the subject of executing this plan without any complications. Blocking a number can be done quickly through two ways. Hence, today we are here to show you 2 simple steps to block unknown calls on iPhone.

2 Ways to Block Unknown Calls on iPhone

Through the inbuilt phone app

The most comfortable and straightforward way of blocking a number is by accessing the phone app on any phone and finding out the block contact option.

In the iPhone its easy as just going to your contact list or recent which can be accessed by the phone app.

After which by clicking the “I” icon on the right-hand side of the contact you want to block.

This will give a screen where you will have to scroll down and find the “block this caller” option, usually the last option in the menu. After which you will be prompted to confirm the action and to block the contact.

Through third-party applications

Another easy way of blocking and avoiding unwanted calls from telemarketers or anyone you want is through third-party applications. The negative side is that there are many types of applications in the app store which makes it hard for anyone to filter the good and bad one. But to help you we have handpicked the top 6 call blockers any iPhone user must use to certify a protected privacy.


Known as the best, oldest and most effective application as it can block not only spam calls but also spam messages.

Started as an app to identify callers who are unknown to you, but now has its in-built caller ID which also lets you know details of an unknown caller.

The specialty is that it’s for free and also allows you to combine various other social media applications like Facebook and Twitter.

It automatically identifies spam calls and messages too. The negative part is that the free version has is that it’s not only a limited amount of caller ID searches while the pro version starting at less than $10 allows you to have unlimited.

The pro version also allows you to remove ads and you get 30 contact requests per month.


Considered a highly intelligent and sophisticated application but it’s handy to use, hence being ranked 2nd on our list.

The specialty of this app is that it allows you to create your unique greetings method and also allows you to provide an “out of service” reply to marketing callers.

It is also equipped with real-time spam identification. The best part it is fully and freely available.

Mr. Number

Known as the #1 call blocking and spam detecting app for iOS. It provides an extensive database of mobile numbers which will allow you to find data on unknown numbers.

Just like its successor in this list, it provides real-time identification. The problem is that it won’t be able to run on any iOS below 9 but that shouldn’t be a major problem. The best part is that it’s free.


An advanced call blocker application which will target and block unknown calls on iPhone before even paying it attention to it.

It comes with the ability to look up unknown numbers and also has an extensive listing of numbers suspected to be spammers which keeps on updating daily. The best part is that it’s free, but it only runs on iOS 9 and above.


Ranking in the 5th place is TrapCall, which allows you to be ahead of identifying spam calls by recognizing unknown numbers on a real-time basis. And further, enables you to block unknown calls on iPhone with just a few clicks.

It comes packed with a powerful automatic call blocker which takes care of any spammers and unwanted telemarketers automatically. It’s very complicated and will give you a solid protection for your privacy.

It even provides a unique dashboard which allows you to keep a track on stalkers, to file complaints and to be safe in general.

But great power comes with a 3-tier package available on a monthly, yearly and two years basis which are ranging from a price range of $4 to $20. The annual package is the most profitable according to the developers.

Call Bliss

Attain bliss from spammers and telemarketers with this application which is last on our list but probably not the least. The app helps you to decide the calls you want to pick up as it provides real-time information of the incoming call.

Call Bliss also helps you to find out who you are dialing a call to. It comes with DND feature which allows you to send all incoming calls to voicemail. It runs on iOS 8.0 and above. Unfortunately, it comes at a price of $9.

So, these were some of the handy ways to block unknown calls on iPhone.