The average person makes purchases in online stores at least twice a month. If you already run an e-commerce business offline, its website will help you cover all possible target audiences online and get your website in the recent Google searches. Follow this article and learn how to build a successful e-commerce site. 

12 Best Methods to Build a Successful eCommerce Site

In this post, there are about 12 specific steps that will help you during the building process of your e-commerce website.

Discovery phase

The discovery phase or research is the first step for any project to build a successful eCommerce site.

discovery phase
discovery phase

Look for information about your competitors, fix logs, features, etc. If the project is alive, grab the user’s feedback so the next update covers all missing points.  

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Choose the platform

Choose the platform that fits your target audience’s business goals and preferences. The most powerful ones are Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and WordPress

choose the platform

Also, pay attention to the convenience of essential features. Is the theme good? You can get some good art themes on the TemplateMonster website if you opt to use Shopify. Could you manage orders, shipping, and payments easily? Could you create, execute, and analyze digital marketing campaigns? Is contact support available 24/7? 

If ready-made solutions couldn’t cover your request, you could build a successful e-commerce site with the help of custom web development

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Responsive design

As more than 50% of global web traffic comes from mobile devices, ensure your product creates a positive user experience on any device.

responsive design
responsive design

Responsive UI design should look similar to the full version cause the big difference could confuse the user. 

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Content creation is the primary step to building a successful eCommerce site. If you have an excellent design and functionality, but your pictures are in low resolution – users won’t buy on your website. 


Content provides the idea of your business. You could use such content on the website, social networks, and marketing campaigns to build a successful eCommerce site. Please select the appropriate style and follow it while editing your pictures, removing watermarks from photos, or looking for photos on photo stocks.

What’s more, unique content help to deal with search platforms, increasing the visibility of a website in a web search engine.

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If you would like to create an interactive platform and catch all your customers’ attention, use animation.


However, make sure the animations can be adapted to any device. Otherwise, the bounce rate will be high.   


Call-to-action elements help to guide users to the right action, for example, in a sales funnel. Call-to-action elements are not only the buttons – these could be the text blocks, illustrations, or sliders so that you can build a successful eCommerce site.

call to action
Call to action

Reviewing the design of call-to-action elements may increase the user’s engagement with the interface and, as a result, let business achieve their goals faster. 


If you would like to navigate your users via the sales funnel – the navigation should be as straightforward as you can provide. All features are easy to discover; your users can act with minimal effort.


The golden rule is that the user should understand where they are now and what they should do next. 


If you offer offline services, UI design could help to make your brand identity more viewed and help you build a successful eCommerce site. Ensure your design follows the same brand colors, typography, and picture style.


It will help users associate the interface with your brand and, as a result, reduce the bounce rate. Ensure the professional web design agency you choose as a contractor creates the design following your style guide and target audience preferences. 

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If you like to work with SEO on your e-commerce website – implement the SEO with great caution and clear-sightedness.


Building a successful eCommerce site, especially for SEO, is a usual case to make your central one open for organic sales. 

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If you already have an existing e-commerce website, you are the winner. Analytics will provide you with the correct answers, where you have problems, and how big these problems are. 


All updates or corrections should be done following such information.

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If you start an e-commerce business and want to build a successful eCommerce site, it is always a good idea to have more integration with third parties services, such as payment or delivery.


It lets your client use routine services and increases trust. 


10% of your customers will need customer support. Whether the customer is troubleshooting issues or seeking expert advice, provide excellent customer support to build a successful eCommerce site.


The customer should be able to find all the contact information easily. You could also use online voice chats or callbacks. 

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All these steps and other business tools are essential, but the custom approach to each e-commerce business should be considered to build a successful eCommerce site. However, we suggest you practice the best software development environment that experts themselves follow. This will help you better understand and develop your e-commerce business. I hope you will have a fantastic sales experience after reading this stuff!

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