Top 20 Business Tools To Use in 2023 [Updated List]

Have you ever started any business? If you do so, then I hope that you all must have experienced many difficulties to be at the top. The rapid increase in technology has brought many online business tools through which you can effectively run a business. In today’s article, we are going to know about the top Business Tools in 2023. Also, take a look at these gmail tools that will boost your productivity.

Along with having best business tools managing your team is also essential.

Best Business Tools for Your Company

Let us have a look at them:


To run any business in an effective manner, communication between the team plays a vital role. If there is no communication among employees, then you may not be able to get the latest updates of business.


Slack is an online business tool which offers communication through which you can do file-sharing, phone calls, message search, and also receive rewards in the form of taco on your excellent performance.

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The competition for jobs at present can’t be predictable. Hiring an employee for a small business based on their background checks, identity verification, by conducting skills test every time might be a bit risky.

good hire

GoodHire is amongst the greatest business tools which tests the eligibility level of a candidate without any paperwork and produces the results within 24 hours by just clicking on your smartphone. This tool helps you to find the right employee in a crew without any efforts. Have a look to know which CRM for your company



GSuite was built by Google, which is used for a wide range of functionalities to run a business successfully. It is a type of package through which you can access multiple features such as you can purchase your domain, set-up an email client, track the status of your websites, launch and manage advertisements, reach your colleagues wherever they are, manage data securely, and many more.


You can do any changes if required, to manage your business.


Many business owners use this service tool to do multiple tasks such as document management, time-off tracking, performance management, hire an employee in minutes, sending a document to sign in a digital manner, onboarding and off-boarding.


Integrating with currency payroll and management software which allows managing all functionalities without any paperwork.

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Quora is a platform in which you can get answers to all questions. If you have any doubt regarding business, you can type it in the Ask question bar and will be directed to the expert in that field. If you are good in the field of business, you can also share your views, experiences on it.


Quora also provides the expert’s background on their profile. Most of the people visit Quora to clarify their doubts on various aspects such as business, education, skill developments, and many more. You can also check out networking books to make a difference.


As mentioned-above communication plays a vital role to run any business successfully. With Telzio, teams can manage phone calls, messages, across their devices at any location at any time. Telzio offers to have an interaction with the team members without any lock-in or termination fees.

Telzio allows the business to set up a phone system in the office which can be used by the Internet.

Learning Management System (LMS)

A learning management system (LMS) is a software utilization for the administration, delivery of educational courses, documentation, reporting, and tracking, training programs, or development and education programs. The learning management system, as an idea, was derived straight from e-Learning. Although the initial LMS versions were meant for the higher education sector, the bulk of the LMSs now concentrates on the corporate field. Most companies are using LMS to facilitate their training procedures.

There is some value for money LMS tools that you can apply to find the new and innovative talents hidden in your employees.

Skype for Communications and Meetings

In business, we often communicate with clients, officials, team members, podcast guest, and other entrepreneurs. You can communicate with them in the form of messages. For better communication, you can make use of Skype, one of the best business tools, which allows you to interact with clients in a face-to-face manner.


Skype offers free voice and video calls through which you can attend meetings anywhere confidently.

Calendar Management

We are so busy in our works that we frequently forget necessary appointments, dates, meetings which may create a loss in your business. ScheduleOnce is a free, integrated, online appointment scheduling tool that syncs with your Google Calendar, and you can block off specific times for meetings.


In order to get premium features, you have to pay $5 per month and opt for multiple calendar options and use remainders.

Color Palettes

When it comes to brands, color is crucial. Colors are all around us; from the clothes we wear to the websites, we create and look at every day. It can be a difficult task indeed to select the right color for your brand. Sometimes you might need a little inspiration.


That’s why Bold Web Design, from Adelaide, South Australia, has created a handy new color palette tool. It lists the fortune 500 brands and their color palettes, including their secondary color range. It’s a fun tool to get you to start!


SalesLoft is an online platform developed for effective and revenue-boosting sales. It offers to increase qualified demos and appointments up to 300% and help them to save their time through automation and approximate cadence creation and to have deep integration with the tools like Salesforce.


Overall, SalesLoft helps to build conversion and retention.

The key factor in business is Finance. Several business tools are available through which you can manage your personal budget, and financial software for individuals, and small business.


One such business tool is, which tracks your income, expenses, debt, and many more in an effective way. The software is $64 after a 34-day trial.

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We often send emails to our friends, colleagues, clients, Rapportive is a Gmail plug-in business tool which replaces your sidebar with the receiver details. You can view a picture, their location, their social media links, and also your past email conversations with him.


Team And Project Management


Asana is a web-based project management system which is used by most of the entrepreneurs at present. This tool allows you to create and assign tasks to themselves or other team members without any email and can have access to tasks, comments, and upgrades.


This one of the business tools is available free for 15 people. Later, you can opt for the premium plan starts at $50 per month.

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Upwork is the most useful tool trusted by around 5M+ businesses such as Microsoft, Airbnb, Automatic, Coty, and many more. It allows the business to hire the best freelancer. You can find web developers, graphic designers, social media managers, and many more professionals who aid you to develop your company in all aspects.


You can also opt for your required freelancer by asking questions to know who is fit for your company.



Evernote is a business tool through which you can manage big projects, capture ideas and inspirations in notes, voice, and pictures. The tool has many interesting features, such as sharing files, reminders, and many more.


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Trello, recently purchased by Atlassian, is one of the top and task management platforms. Trello’s boards, cards, lists, enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a flexible way. Trello aid you to stay organized no matter wherever the work is. You can collaborate with your team anywhere via Trello.


Several companies such as Adobe, Kickstarter, National Geographic, Google, and many more.

E-commerce And Payments


Shopify is an online business tool which allows the customer to integrate a shopping experience directly on their website, through click ads and other techiques. You can complete the payment process on the website itself.


Shopify starts for $29 per month and also includes transaction fees.


Gumroad is a business tool which promotes high-converting checkout processes. And software which can deliver digital goods and support pay the amount you want. This is free to set up and cost 5% charges for each transaction.


Fiverr is one of the business tools with which you can complete your work within a fraction of minutes in a confident manner.

You can use it for versatile purposes such as Graphic Design, Programming & Tech, Writing and Translation, Lifestyle, Business, Video Animation, and many more.

Another way to facilitate business file transfers is to use an Online Virtual Room. This gives you and other authorized personnel a secure pathway to exchange sensitive information crucial to your business.

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To run any business and be at the top smart work has to be done more while compared to hard work. We recommend you to use the business tools and reach standards in the business. If you are considering a real estate business, you will need CRM tools for increased efficiency. With business comes Credit Card, here are a few best credit card readers for Android to start with.

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