Is the Call Of Duty Anti-Cheat Software Really Good?

Cheating is a common issue in the call of duty. As per the Activision official release announcement, Warzone and Vanguard will be releasing a new anti-cheat mechanism. Before Vanguard’s reveal, Call of Duty anti-cheat system made some claims. They said that the next installment of the series would defend the players against all hackers and exploiters owing to the anti-cheat software. The Vanguard has promised to have an anti-cheat mechanism.  

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Call of Duty Anti-cheat Software

The news of anti-cheat software was leaked with a specific leaker claiming to defend the players against the hackers in Warzone. The Warzone is a place to play for free and riffing with hackers, exploiters, cheaters. 

call of duty warzone
Call of Duty Warzone

It seemed that the information about the new software in the game is authentic. Revelations by the leaker said that the anti-cheat defense software has been in the development stage for a while.

Why Develop Anti-Cheat Software? 

Ever since the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Warzone has been made free to play, the PC release of the series was getting quite famous. Call of Duty has always been a place for hackers to crack, but few factors in recent years have made matters worse and accelerated the hacking situation. The gamer’s player bases have asked Activision and its studios to develop a new anti-cheat defense software for protection against hackers and cheaters. 

The usual cheats and hacked war zone accounts have affected the franchise’s multiplayer for an extended period, leaving users with utter frustration because of their hacking situation. To take advantage of others, lots of gamers downloaded hacked clients. So now, after Vanguard’s release, they will soon unveil the anti-cheat system to curb hackers and cheaters in Call of Duty.  

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How Did The Anti-Cheat System Develop? 

Raven will develop this Call of Duty anti-cheat system as per the official announcement. Warzone and Vanguard have deputed raven to develop the anti-cheat software. All the details about this software have been left vague. Still, before Vanguard’s launch, the developers of Call of Duty revealing new information and specific details about this software, as per Activision. 

raven anti-cheat software
Raven Anti-Cheat Software

It is accessible throughout. A new Call of Duty anti-cheat software is in much need now by players. As things have gone worse in the franchise of Call of Duty and in Warzone’s kill feed, which has been a place for hackers. Players of Warzone have been waiting since 2020 to get a development response to hacking and cheating situations. Hacked clients and exploits make stolen wins and deaths, which makes Warzone players more infuriated. 

How Is The Software Helping Call of Duty? 

The Call of Duty anti-cheat software seems like a drastic and severe step against hackers. It has pleased the players with its news of development and its soon arrival. Every high competitive game has its own anti-cheat software. For instance, Riot Games’ Vanguard protects against hackers. The client’s PC installation helps in detecting any malicious program.


But even with this anti-cheat software, players face an unintentional ban as hackers successfully fall through the cracks. Regular players hope that Raven software, a robust anti-cheat software, will prove faithful to its nature and function and will work to defend them against hackers. It will be working in the right direction and will stay true to its job. 

Where to avail this software? 

Call of Duty: War zone will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Call of Duty Vanguard will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and 

Xbox services X/S. We are hoping for a launch on November 5, 2021, with new auto-cheat software. 

It will be worse if the anti-cheat software is cracked down by hackers and exploiters too quickly. So this turns out to be both good as well as bad news. 

The bad news is that hackers have made field day with new security measures, whereas the good news is that players are hoping for Vanguard’s anti-cheat software. 

vanguard hackers
Vanguard Hackers

The hacking situation in Vanguard Beta and War zone has been a complete mess now. 

Cheaters are selling cheats at lower price rates and putting an end to games on a whim. Vanguard is putting in all the improvements and features that it has built over the years. Some of them include the following: 

  1. Customizable settings
  2. Multi-monitor and ultra-wide support
  3. Uncapped frame prices

Vanguard’s multiplayer have given Raven software and Buenos the scope of sharing what they were working on lately. 


It is believed that Call of Duty Vanguard hacks workand it will be better than warzone cheats, and all new features will be working with the new Warzone map releasing with Vanguard. The cheat system will counteract hackers, and thus these cheat hacks will work. 

CoD Vanguard has different cheats to choose from, and you need to make a style of your own. You need to build upon a base of skill and know about cheat’s work. 

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