Can AI Writing Tools Replace a Professional Essay Writer?

AI Writing Tools look impressive with how they create cohesive, informative written content out of the blue. But ‘Can AI writing tools replace a professional essay writer?’, is the question we’ll be addressing in this article. 

can ai writing tools replace professional essay writer

Can AI writing tools replace a professional essay writer? before answering that, let us dive deeper into writing in general and see the advantages of both approaches to essay writing.

What Are AI Writing Tools

AI writing assistant is a tool that automates written content creation. You can use it to enhance your essays or delegate it to write a full paper.

what is ai writing tools

The process is very easy: you type in some introductory lines to set the tone, and AI proceeds to continue your flaw of thought, drawing from the myriads of internet databases.

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Tireless Content Creator

The obvious benefit of AI writing is that it is very productive. Writing an essay takes a lot of effort from human writers. We usually spend hours on research and compilation of the material. But AI can do these things almost instantly. It takes mere seconds for the artificial content creator to comprehend the data on a given topic on the internet. And then it can write as much text as you like.

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Writing Articles That Humans Would Not

Another benefit of AI writers is that they could tackle various subjects that humans would not want or have time to do. For instance, there have been many robot journalists who produce content for popular news agencies for almost a decade now. Click here, to learn about book writing softwares.

writing articles that humans would not

These AI-powered writers write about sports, politics, finance, and similar subjects. Their value is in their ability in essay writing to gather and present statistics on a given topic. Something not that easy for a human writer to calculate.

Write In Other Languages

AI does not write in English exclusively, of course. Various writing assistants have options to write in many other languages. Do you want to create an essay in Japanese despite not knowing it? You can do it with an AI writing assistant. Just type in your subject and other directional sentences in your native language, and the tool will give you an output in Japanese. You can use it to learn the language as well.

Other Advantages Of AI

Before we delve into the things AI can not do and think of ” Can AI Writing Tools Replace a Professional Essay Writer? “, I want to give credit to its other features like-

  • No Plagiarism – Writing assistant tools are sophisticated enough to paraphrase the information they find on the internet. That means there will be no duplicated content in your essay, which is very important for its success. No one will accuse you of stealing someone’s content when AI writes it.

adavantages of ai

  • No bias – Sometimes an essay should remain impartial towards its subject. In this case, AI writing tools do a good job. You can create texts with no apparent opinion about the problem they describe. This might be useful for political essays or readers about other delicate topics.
  • Organizing information – AI would gather the data from all the sources and create a coherent essay that a reader can easily comprehend. Essay writers can benefit from this feature when they struggle to put their thoughts in a logical order.

Things AI Can Not Do

The technology behind automatic writing may be impressive, but it is far from superseding a creative mind of a human writer. Professionals at Best Essays writing service, one of the most efficient essays writing websites, do not employ robots for their work.

things ai cannot do

They create quality content manually because this is the only way to write high-grade essays for students. Here is why:


This is something that AI does not have — emotions. A human writer puts his feelings into the written content, making it more engaging.



A professional essay writer can address the reader’s feelings, which makes his writing even more appealing. An emotionally colored essay has more life in it and is more relatable to people who will read it. 

Unique Viewpoint

Aside from emotions, human writers add their personal experiences to the flow of thought in their essays. This experience creates a unique viewpoint on any subject, making it valuable to the reader.

unique viewpoint

You rarely want to know the generic opinion of an AI-produced essay; you want to read the thoughts of a genius person with a unique viewpoint. New ideas and opinions are why people read literature left by such people as Einstein. Read this article on the best productivity apps for Mac and increase your efficiency. 

A Deeper Understanding of the Subject

AI is good at finding and writing facts, while human writers can interpret these facts, again, based on their experience. AI may draw information from the near-endless libraries of the internet, but their writing is shallow.

Can AI Writing Tools Replace a Professional Essay Writer

You can get meticulously calculated statistics from robot journalists, but they would not give you complex theories or predictions based on them.

Write Flawless Text

AI can write a lot, but any text it writes is not a finished product yet. A human editor should revise it and fix all grammatical or stylistic errors.

writing a flawless text

Aside from that, there might be redundant or inappropriate sentences that it should remove. And there will be gaps too that a human writer should find and fill. 

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What You Can Use it For

That said, AI writing assistant has a lot of use in modern content creation. A good essay writer can use it to their benefit in the following ways:

  • To generate ideas for your essay – You may use an AI-written text as inspiration for your article and even set it to be targeted at different audiences. It is a great tool for dealing with writer’s block.
  • Improve your writing skills – By reading the output of the artificially created text, you can learn new sentence structures, grow your vocabulary, and find examples of new ways to present your subject.

Can AI Writing Tools Replace a Professional Essay Writer

  • Save time – Writing a paragraph takes more effort than editing an existing text.
  • Create generic text that is still valuable in many cases – Not every essay should have a creative vision. Sometimes, it is just a report with news or facts that you need to deliver to the audience. And for this, AI-written content is very helpful because you can focus your efforts on more creative essays.


So, the answer to the question ‘can AI writing tools replace a professional essay writer?’ is — No. AI writing tools or the internet can not replace a professional essay writer. These tools are as good as the writer who uses them. Humans have to revise any text written by a robot. And while it saves a lot of time for news agencies and ad creators, AI can not function without supervision.

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