The gaming industry has rapidly developed, especially with the advancements in digital media. We see several new games being launched in the market that attracts millions of players. Moreover, devices like Play Stations and Xbox consoles are quite popular across the globe. There is no doubt in anyone’s that users want new and improved features in these devices. Apart from in-game experience, factors like communication and chatting with friends during gaming is also important. PS4 is one of those gaming consoles that have legendary status, so its only natural that you want to know that can you get Discord on PS4?

On the other hand, social apps like Discord have another fanbase in the gaming community. It acts as a perfect tool that allows you to chat with your friends while playing online games. Users can even send customized emojis and stickers while having fun in the game. Although many of you ask that can you get Discord on PS4?

can you get discord on PS4
Discord Logo

If you are unsure whether it is possible to get Discord on the PS4, here are all the answers. We bring you this informative guide that contains every detail on the topic. Also, you will learn about various steps that will help in installing Discord on the PS4. Thus, make sure to read the blog till the end and don’t miss any important information. If you find issues in any of the steps, it is better to repeat the procedure.

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Can You Get Discord on PS4?

‘Can you get Discord on PS4?’ is one of the most common queries from PlayStation players who want to download Discord. The answer is a big YES! Microsoft became the first manufacturer that brought Discord for Xbox and Xbox One users. After that, Sony came forward and signed a contract with the developers to introduce Discord in PS consoles.

the playstation 4
The Playstation 4

However, there is still time left until we can get the official Discord application on PS4. You only need to fulfill some basic requirements to complete the process. We will go in detail, can you use discord on ps4? Thus, read the following sections for more details.

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Benefits of Discord for PS4

Discord plays a crucial role while gaming, as you can easily establish a live communication connection with your teammates. Further, players need to have better means of connecting with their friends due to COVID-19 restrictions. PC gamers use it for games that don’t have an in-built mic feature. Earlier, Discord was only available on PC and mobile operating systems. Therefore, developers decided to bring the most practical application for console players. Some interesting benefits of using Discord on the PS4 are,

  • You don’t have to turn on an additional device like a laptop or mobile to access Discord.
  • It is more convenient as you can have a live audio or video chat while gaming.
  • Your gaming headset will act as the microphone and speaker to listen to the voice of other players.
  • The overall experience will enhance, and players will have better interaction with their friends.

Another way of using Discord on your PS4 is to connect to the server via a VPN. A VPN will provide a secure and stable connection by masking your IP address. Learn how to use VPN on PS4 here.

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How to Use Discord on PS4?

Now the question arises, can you get Discord on PS4 without any additional tools or software? Or is discord on ps4 directly? It depends on your perspective as you only require a headset and MixAmp to switch between the sounds. It is an amazing leap for Play Station users as of earlier; there was no such provision in consoles. Make sure that your headset is capable of supporting an optical cable and USB connection.

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Connecting MixAmp with PS4

The first stage is to connect MixAmp with your PS4 and start managing different sounds from the system. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

Turn on the power button of your PS4 and wait for the screen to load.

Step 2

Take the optical cable and connect it between the back of Mixamp and the PS4 console.


Step 3

Change the mode to ‘Console’ by rotating the knob on the Mixamp device. If all the connections are proper, a message will appear on the screen.

Setting Mixamp on PS4

We assume that you are done with the above procedure and have a secure connection between the devices. Now, you have to set up the software through the following steps manually,

Step 1

Go to the Settings panel from your Play Station and look for Sound and Screen.

ps4 sound and screen
PS4 Sound and Screen

Step 2

Click on the Audio Input button and change Primary Output Port to Optical. You need to select Dolby 5.1 option for the best results.

Step 3

Come back to the previous page and click on the Audio Format option. Once again, select the option that says Bitstream(Dolby).

Step 4

Head towards the Devices option in the Settings. You have to enable Chat Audio for the Output to Headphones option.

Step 5

Finally, save the settings, and you are ready to start live chatting while playing games.

Finalizing on your PC

Before proceeding, ensure that headphones are connected with your PS4. It is advisable to plug the USB cable between MixAmp and the PC. Next, follow these steps,

Step 1

First, switch on your computer or laptop and connect MixAmp with it.

Step 2

You should also download the official Discord app and create an account. If you already have an account, directly log into Discord using the correct credentials.

Step 3

Open your Discord app and click on the Settings icon, then select your headset’s name from the Input Device.

Step 4

Finally, terminate the process by clicking on the Done button. Boom! Now you can use audio from PS4 and Discord simultaneously. You can use MixAmp to control the volume and other sound aspects.

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This is all about using Discord on your PS4 consoles. If someone asks you, “Can you get Discord on PS4?” you know exactly what to do. For more details and issues, you can consult Customer Support at Sony.

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