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Wondering how to change your Gmail password? You are a the right place. Stick around till the end to get your doubts cleared.

In the world of modern technology, we can’t imagine our life without having access to our personal or professional email. Some of you might think making traditional calls is a good alternative for the email service, which we use, but in reality, you don’t have any replace for email service. Due to the highly interactive user interface and secured medium for transferring confidential information, email service has become an undeniable part of our life.


Back in 2004, Google started to offer free email service to their client, who is known to us all as Gmail. Currently, Gmail has a strong 20% hold in the global email market, and more than 1.2 billion users are using this free email service offered by Google ( based on the statistical data of 2018). As the market is booming, hackers are continuously trying hard to access personal information of the active Gmail users. Even though Google has done an outstanding job in securing the free email service information, still we need to Change Password regularly. And this might be a hectic task for the new users.

In this article, we will discuss ways to change and recover Gmail password. Password changing process in Gmail greatly varies as Google provides interactive solutions to change or recover the password.

How To Change Gmail Password

Read these top 4 methods, and you will know the perfect way to Change Gmail Password like the tech genius.

Change Gmail Password When You Have Access To Your Account

At times you need to Change Gmail Password since Google might think your account password has been compromised. Some people often change their Password regularly to keep their accounts free from hacking threats. Changing Password is easy when you have access to your mail ID. Follow the steps, and you will have your new Password in less than 5 minutes.

Password Changing Process (via PC)

Login to your Gmail ID and click the access to the Google account section by clicking the top-right logo on your web page. On the left panel, press the Security tab, and you will see a section named “password.” This section will let you know the exact date when you have changed your Password. Click this section, and you will be prompted to log in to your Gmail ID again.

Once you successfully login to your Gmail ID, you will get a new window, allowing you to set a new password. When you set a new password, make sure to type the same password in the “New password”. After that, click finish, and you are all set.

Password Changing Process (via Android Device)

Find the settings icon in your android device and find the tab named “Google.” Access it, and you will get another tab named Google Account.

Once you enter into the Google Account section, you will find a new tab named “Security.” From there, you can change the password of your Google account. The steps can be shown like this – Settings >Google> Google Account > Security >Password> Change password > Confirmation.

Changing Password With Smart Tools

Due to the massive threat in the data security breach and personal information, people often feel unsecured while using their Gmail ID. They keep to Change Gmail Password regularly and eventually forget the correct Password and get lock out badly. To solve this problem, Gmail users can use password managers such as Dashlane. This software provides all your Change Gmail Password and fill-up the online forms automatically based on past data input.

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Changing Password When You Have Difficulty With Login

To set your new Password, you have to access to Google Account Recovery Page. Type the user name and the last known Password and click next. Those who have trouble remembering the last known Password can click the “Try another way” segment right on the left-hand side of the “Next” button. From there, you will get ask to provide your cell phone number used to register this email. Provide the cell phone number, and you will get a unique verification code on your mobile phone. Type that code, and you will get a Change Gmail Password window.

Those who don’t have their phone can recover or change the Password via different options. For instance, you can request for password change by entering the approximate date of the creation of Gmail ID or by providing the recovery mail ID. Please note that you must have access to the recovery mail to Change Gmail Password when you use the “recovery mail” to set a new password.

But, what if you don’t have access to your registered phone number or recovery mail with you at the moment? 

Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number & Recovery Email

You probably did get into a very tricky situation when you wanted to register a new email account on a new device, and you forgot the password to the mail. And you can’t even change Gmail password now. You start searching for all possible combinations of passwords in your mind but without success. 

What should you do? You have a very good laptop, but you can’t set up your mail. Nevermind! You contact the technical support of the service. Usually, there are no people to help, and there are only technical support pages, FAQs, Wiki, and others. This is probably a very important question.

recover gmail password without phone number
Recover gmail password without phone number

Here you will learn How to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number and recovery mail ID.

Don’t lose hope. You may still have an old computer or a laptop, and luckily you haven’t got rid of it. Technically, all the passwords to your mail accounts are stored not only on the server but on your computer as well. Now you need to understand which program on your old computer was using the password in question and then you will only need to recover it from deep storage of data. Possibly, you will have to decrypt a strange set of symbols and signs, turning them into a normal password.

Remember how you read your electronic mail on your old computer or laptop. There are some most likely scenarios you use to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number.

Most Widespread Options

  • You used an ancient free email client Outlook Express (please don’t confuse it with Microsoft Outlook from Microsoft Office package). Such clients used to be installed on most computers with Windows 98/2000/XP. The newer versions didn’t have this email client at all
  • As you use Microsoft Outlook from Microsoft Office package. It was highly likely the case if you were working on a corporate computer as Microsoft Outlook is a default standard for companies of different levels
  • You used trivial browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or other. Those were the latest fashion trends, and there are other options as Internet Explorer became dangerously toxic for all users.

There are many other options to Recover and change Gmail Password Without Phone Number, but very few old computers were using them.

You can find Passwords from browsers in the settings of those browsers or with the help of a free password recovery and management tool in browsers. There are very many programs, for example, NirSoft or others for you to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number.

Recover Passwords With Microsoft Outlook

Now that you have learnt how to change Gmail password, let us see how to recover a Gmail password. If you used Microsoft Outlook at work or in business, the best and simple solution to Recover Password Without Phone Number would be:

Recovery Toolbox For Outlook Password

This program is working with all the Microsoft Outlook versions, from the most ancient ones to the latest ones. Besides, this tool cracks passwords from Microsoft Outlook databases, which are .pst and .ost files. These files store all emails, contacts, meetings, reminders, etc.

recover gmail password for outlook
Recover gmail password for outlook

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password recovers password to PST file in seconds, depending on the size of the file it can take few seconds to few minutes, in rare cases. Moreover, once the tool has started, it displays all the passwords to all mail accounts but Exchange Server. In order to log in to Exchange Server, a user has to go through identification in Windows Domain Controller and in this case passwords to the domain and not to the mail server should be cracked.

Recovery Toolbox For Outlook Express Password

If your computer is very old and has free Outlook Express and Windows 2000/XP, this will help you. Password hacking tool for Outlook Express is very clear and simple. It’s very easy, you can understand it yourself: once you start it, you will find all your Outlook Express passwords to all accounts in the right window. 

But if you don’t have your old computer, it’s not worth installing new mail programs or browsers on your new computer and then restoring the data from the backup copy. It definitely won’t help, 100%. Data recovery & Backup software won’t help when passwords are lost. However, there are some exceptions, like Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password and Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express Password. But this is only due to the availability of technologies for recovering and installing passwords and knowledge in related programs from the arsenal of Recovery Toolbox. This is only an exception to the rule.

Restore A Password Without Recovery Phone Number

So, what do you require to do to recover the old password? In order to resurrect a very ancient forgotten password from your mail account, you will need to ‘revive’ or get your old computer from the shelf. Switch it on.

restore Gmail password without recovery phone number
Restore Gmail password without recovery phone number

Open your mail software and a browser to check if your old password is fit for recovery. Next, use one of the methods described above to Recover and change Gmail Password Without Phone Number.

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Keep Your Accounts Secure By Using Complex Passwords

Password managers such as Dashlane offers powerful solutions to the complex password user. You no longer require to write down the complex Password since Dashlane will remember the complex Change Gmail Password data in their secured server.

Most importantly, Dashlane can generate a strong password for your Gmail ID, which is impossible to hack. Those who are sensitive to their personal information and want to use the Gmail service without having any security threat must try the Dashlane service.

Note: Store passwords in a safe place, for example, in a safe, or in your favorite book or in another secret place. Password managers are not the safest place to store passwords in. You may have different issues with these tools.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found these ways to Recover and change Gmail Password Without Phone Number helpful. Furthermore, a tip, keep an eye on IP warming to get the best out of mailing. Do comment below and let us know!

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