ChaosGames Review | Cemu Roms Available on Discord?

Chaosgames is an excellent forum and has stayed fresh after 2004. They are also identified as an authentic website to present gamers with the accurate results for playing with the best trustworthy ROMs. All you require is to produce an account on Chaosgames and obey the method. This website server operates very quickly and you can obtain any variety of games you need.

In the event that you do not recognize it, discord is a sort of free chat app and voice mail that is specially meant for gamers. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Although ChaosGames possessed a majestic forum community, it was in discontinuation since 26th November 2017. The unrestricted forum is now stagnant. And you shall discover the identical notice over at what contrarily would’ve been their true site.

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Should I Use ChaosGames?

You can, nevertheless, lead yourself to enter the gamers’ social network, known as Discord. You can create groups and interact with all the games as you have in other places. However, you need to make an account for yourself on Discord. In order to be a member of all their exclusive gaming operation.


For the purpose of addressing this article, I enrolled with a model account on ChaosGames. Without giving any true email id or username for the account, somewhat like 12344321. I’ll need to state, that the affirmation process they possess over there at Discord is quite genuine.

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About Discord

They didn’t take any security measures to verify if our accounts are genuine or not. This was during the initial sign-up process. No verification mail was sent which makes it a little bit insecure. So, there is a good possibility that there are a ton of spam accounts running on their servers. These might ultimately remove at regular intervals but they are there.

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We did get a text from the ChaosGames server on Discord stating that we should go through the rules and regulations thread. After that, they asked us two questions to answer. They were about how we got to know about their site and the reason for us signing up.

If the questions are not given an answer then that is a red flag for them. They can know that it is not a real account or is in creation by a bot. If that is the case then the account on this site will eventually delete from their system.

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