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Ukrainian developers really helped a lot of humans with their unique and creative invention of a website called Serpstat. Serpstat is basically a search engine optimization service provider website which also provides other services like keyword research and backlink analysis. Serpstat was envisioned to be a digital marketing agency when it was first made and was extensively used by Netpeak at that time. When Serpstat finally switched sides, Netpeak became its primary investor.

At present, Serpstat is a tool which is best used in business management. It is used by many people in the marketing field. It helps them in getting SEO, competitor research, advertisement and content marketing.

Serpstat recently launched their latest tool, named Checklist. This new tool is basically a ‘to-do list’ generator which keeps tabs upon all your ongoing projects and your daily tasks. The ISP of this tool is its ability to note down, organize and align all your various tasks and keep track of your daily, weekly and even monthly progress on all your projects allowing the user to have a higher order of control over his/her work status.

This particular tool comes handy for people in various kinds of the profession like: –

  • PMs
  • SEO studios
  • Businessmen
  • SEO specialists

Serpstat Checklist Features

Checklist comes with some awesome features to make our lives and work easier. Some of these features are:

Personal Assistant

As discussed, Checklist helps a user to store and track all their data of their daily tasks as well as their future projects which allows them to have a better plan of tackling their work. This special feature makes Checklist feel like a personal assistant who is always working on our lives and cleaning all our mess.

Serpstat Templates

Checklist has this unique feature where it provides its users with many pre-prepared and pre-programmed templates. You can use these templates for storing various information like

  • Links: Important links related to business or any personal use can be stored.
  • Content: The quality of content and the amount of optimization required to make that content relevant for your business can be kept track of using these templates.
  • Business analysis: Studying out various business formats and planning of your own business can be done efficiently.
  • Technical part: Assigning of technical parameters or other numeric information can be done easily.

Personalized Templates

If for any reason these pre-programmed templates don’t satisfy your needs of customization, Checklist has you covered with an option which allows its users to make a completely new and highly optimized template. To make your very own template, simply click on “My Templates” tab and make one.

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Advantages of using Checklist

Generation of Statistical Data

Keeping track of your daily tasks and future projects isn’t the only role of Checklist, it is also capable of generating relevant information related to the statistics of your fulfilled tasks.

Task Repetition Setting

There might be a specific task which needs to be done again or repeated after a certain period of time like maybe daily, weekly or monthly. To reduce the workload of a person, the Checklist provides a repetition setting which one can use to repeat a specific task after a regular interval of time. After a particular interval, the task will repeat itself.

How to Create Your Own Checklists?

Create a Template

This should go without saying that to create a template you must a project set up in the Checklist. So, after creating your project, click on “Create Checklist”.

Choose a Checklist Template

As discussed earlier, Checklist provides its user with some number of pre-programmed templates. You can use these templates at any given instant. The user should then, select the template of their choice and choose the projects in which they want that template to go in. Selecting various projects will result in adding of separate templates to all the different projects.

Editing Checklists

After adding the templates provided by Checklist or making your own personalized ones. You can perform up to some level of editing in the templates as per the requirement.

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Saving Templates

One can save templates in two ways. One can classify these ways on the basis of the way that particular template was generated, i.e., if that template was an inbuilt template or a personal one. If some sort of editing is done or some changes are introduced in the template, you have the option of saving the particular template as a new one or simply overwriting the previously existing one.

This ends my complete step by step guide of familiarizing new users to this cool and helpful tool. This tool is perfect for someone who is into business. You will be seeing some growth in your business just by keeping your data and your schedule clear.

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