This CheckPeople Review is about a user-friendly screening service open to anyone, including people without specialized skills or other background knowledge. You don’t need more than a name, address, or phone number to get the details you need on someone using their tool.

CheckPeople reviews are mixed, with some considering it a good and reliable service. While extensive searches may not be its strength, CheckPeople is perfect for those seeking accurate and accessible information. It offers affordable pricing, comprehensive information, user-friendly information, and excellent customer support.

This review will tell you all you need to know about the scope and quality of the service.   

How Does It Work? 

Check People is mainly used for Data abundance, which means users aim to use it for bulk data about a particular group of people. The company’s data come from reliable sources such as government agencies, social media networks, corporations, etc. Its database sifts through billions of public data records and criminal records of individuals.

check people site

Other than names, addresses, and further contact details, Check People provides information about civil judgments, bankruptcies, or even lawsuits related to a person.  

Types of Searches  

CheckPeople can be used to perform criminal background checks, a Deep Web search, or screen a new partner or neighbor. The deep web search is easy, clear, and straightforward. It will show facts that regular search engines won’t reveal. This may help you determine how much you can trust a new person in your life. 

types of searches in checkpeople  The background check service checks district court databases, local police records, and even Superior Court databases to conduct a criminal background check. Moreover, it can also access details about misdemeanors and felony arrests.

Notably, you may get a warning that the search might yield unexpected and unpleasant information before getting the results. However, this warning doesn’t necessarily mean this will happen. 

Searching on Properties 

One of the additional aspects of CheckPeople Review, which makes it unique from other search sites, is that you can also use it to research a property. You can view government registry documents with just a click.

property search

Although you need to subscribe to a premium version at an affordable price, the time and trips to government offices you can save with it are so much worth it.  

The company gives you access to registrars of deeds and legal documents of a property. You can even look for owners of rental properties as well. This is a plus point for any search site.

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Amazing Cybersecurity 

Users have voted CheckPeople to be the most secure site for background checks. CheckPeople has adopted the most compelling internet authentication and data encryption standard, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.


cyber security touch

This helps to keep hackers at bay who are interested in personal data records and valuable government records. The cybersecurity of CheckPeople also stops the user from forging data and leaking sensitive information.

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Accessing Results   

CheckPeople Review allows one free search. Once the search is complete, it will generate a neat pdf report with the results. You need to register to access it.

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A free five-day trial follows, but if you don’t cancel it, the free trial will transform into a paid subscription plan automatically. The monthly fee is around $45. The ease of access to information makes the investment worth it.  

Ease of Use  

Unfortunately, the background check service doesn’t have a mobile app yet, but it’s still highly responsive and can be accessed on a tablet or computer.

search person

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to understand and use it to their advantage.  

Amazing Customer Support 

One of the many advantages of this platform is the availability of 24/7 customer support. The representatives are also available through a toll-free number and an online form.

customer care

The representatives will help guide you through the system in a friendly way, and you can ask them anything without hesitation. The official pages of CheckPeople on Facebook and other sites make it easy to contact them if you cannot reach them through call.  

Not A CRA   

To be better informed about someone’s employment history or credit rating, you can use CheckPeople to look into these details. The company is not a credit reporting agency (CRA), so you can’t use the findings to make decisions about employment, tenancy, consumer credit, or insurance.

consumer report

While the service is legal and safe, you’d violate the FCRA if you use the information it retrieves for the mentioned purposes.  


Trustpilot has hundreds of CheckPeople reviews. We read many of these to help out existing and future service users. Knowing the pluses and minuses that other people share is essential because our experience with the provider is not exhaustive.

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Since the feedback couldn’t be viewed chronologically, analyzing it was no easy task. We were able to find that most reviews were positive.

The biggest pluses relate to customer service and site accessibility. Many users testify to the reliability and accuracy of search results.  


Most negative reviews of this service involved its price. In addition, quite a few people were upgraded to a subscription automatically, which proved challenging to cancel. However, you can cancel it by contacting them. We don’t find this to be negative feedback, per see.

cancel subscription

It seems most of these users took full advantage of the free five-day trial and perhaps hoped it would continue indefinitely. Maybe, they did not take the time to check that it would end, and they’d have to start paying. This information is evident on the site.  


Is CheckPeople accurate?

CheckPeople's accuracy may vary. While it provides access to public records and online data, the information could need some updates. Refrain from relying solely on CheckPeople for critical decisions. Cross-checking with official sources is recommended for verification.

How does CheckPeople get information?

CheckPeople collects information from various sources, including public records, social media profiles, online databases, and other publicly available sources. It aggregates data to create comprehensive reports on individuals, allowing users to access various personal information.

Is US Search free?

US Search offers both free and paid services. While they provide some basic information for free, more detailed reports and in-depth background checks require payment. The extent of information available in free accounts is limited compared to the comprehensive data in their paid offerings.

Is the legit?

'' seems to be a legitimate platform offering access to public records and background checks. However, the legitimacy of such websites can change over time, and it's essential to check recent user reviews and ratings before using the service.

Is this company genuine?

To determine if a specific company is genuine: Conduct thorough research. Check its website, customer reviews, and ratings. Verify their contact information and look for official registrations or accreditations. Be cautious of potential red flags like suspicious payment methods or unverifiable claims.

Is a safe website?

Using '' or any similar website promoting or offering hacking-related services is unsafe. Such sites are likely illegal and unethical, as they may facilitate unauthorized access to systems, data breaches, or cybercrimes. Engaging with these platforms could lead to legal consequences and compromise online security. Avoid them at all costs.


A few former users filed complaints with the BBB over the automatic upgrade. Complaints about unreliable or inaccurate results were few and far between, but some complaints were about outdated data. However, the background check provider has resolved the majority of these issues.     

Finally, the screening service guarantees all users remain fully anonymous. The person you searched cannot discover you searched them unless you let it slip. But, compared to other sites like this, Check People Review’s primary focus is simplicity and ease of use.

It provides desired data in less time than other sites without much hassle. We highly recommend this.

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