Top 6 Chrome Security Extensions To Use In 2023

The issue under the spotlight today is about what they call Chrome Security Extensions. Chrome, the prodigy browser by Google itself, is legendary for the oh-so-wonderful surfing experience. But you can’t have your cake and eat it too, right? Everything comes with a little compromise. What I am trying to say here is that the browser is NOT perfect. So, to get what we want, we extend its capability. That is where the chrome security extensions make an appearance. They add another layer of security, among other things.

There are a bunch of really prominent chrome security extensions, and they keep improving with more skillful people engaging in developing these. So let’s see the variety of these in the market, shall we?

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Why Deal with Extensions?

But why do I even need these chrome security extensions?’ Well, it’s the most obvious question with an even obvious answer. Do you want to go for full-fledged apps instead? No, you don’t.

chrome security extensions
chrome security extensions

Because let us be honest, everyone wants that additional security and ensure safe google chrome browsing. Even if it is using a proxy, oh, and If you’re looking for a proxy extension too, it can be found here.

6 Of The Much Dug-After Chrome Security Extensions

So it is the part where I share the list of most fascinating chrome security extensions to grace the internet. These are small components that you may add to already installed chrome. And they add a little magic (figuratively speaking) to your browser. Let us get capitally on with it then.

Ublock origin

Anything free is a little sweeter, isn’t it? So apart from the fact ublock origin is one of the best chrome security extensions, it comes bearing gifts. It being free is one of ‘em. It is basically an advertisement blocker. So it takes care of audacious and potentially harmful ads. That is, just to put it simply. 

Ublock origin
Ublock origin

It comes with hoards of advanced things you can use to your benefit. For instance, prevention from the not-so-private feature that leaks the information of your timely and regular clicking activity. Does it happen to you that a site redirects you somewhere without you hitting any link or button? Yeah, same. Ublock will prevent that too. We have given it the name ‘Hyperlink auditing”, and it has got a geeky touch to it.


Consider it as your techy guardian angel. It makes some of the really dangerous tasks pretty easy with a bunch of features. Protecting you all the while. For one, it encrypts your passwords, thus providing sufficient cover for inter-network communications.


It also gets you more than one option for suitable passwords. Suitable where security is concerned. Following proper measures for generating complicated and hard to crack passkeys. We all are fond of online shopping, so blur safeguards our card credentials. It generates a new CVV for each time you make a transaction.

What more? Along with all the high-end stuff, it also screens you.  From anyone and everyone who might be keeping a track of your activities. What more could you possibly want in your chrome security extensions?

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Disconnect Facebook

Let’s be honest here, Facebook isn’t actually revered for not invading its users’ privacy. We sometimes don’t even come to know who viewed our Facebook profile. Keeping aside the sarcasm, the truth is, it does a couple of things without your knowledge. And that too, when you’re not even scrolling the platform, liking and commenting on posts. You can make it stop by adding a disconnect facebook chrome security extension to your chrome browser.

disconnect facebook
disconnect facebook

Facebook keeps an eye on all the sites and links you go to. Stalker Alert! So while you’re off stalking someone or dreaming (read browsing) of the food you’ll eat next. Facebook is smuggling all that data.

Checking all incoming and outgoing connections, disconnecting facebook acts as a firewall. Any tracker will have to get through the extension before it reaches your data. The fact that you don’t even have to turn it on makes it all even better.

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A chatting application made-in-India, on the lines similar to WhatsApp, though slightly more secure. As controversial as it sounds.


Though, it may look (AND work) like any other chatting platform you have used. It does take care of not invading your personal space. No passing the data to other apps, no snooping. It takes encryption of messages before storing sending them over, or even while storing them, very seriously.

Also, for those who are a tad more possessive of their chats, you can set up a lock on individual chats. Just like you do on your phone screen. All of it is enough to earn it a place on my top chrome security extensions list. What about you?


One of the rare chrome security extensions that have taken its name really seriously. It lets you do exactly as you depict from the name. After you add an extension, you can witness it on the top right of your screen. It is the same with click&clean.

click & clean
click & clean

So when you click on the small widget representing the extension, it opens multiple possibilities for you. You can click on cookies, chat history, or similar things, which keep a check on what you’re up to. And you can get rid of these with a couple of clicks here and there.

It has got a separate control button for the frequent tasks. Whether you want to hush up something, a download, or cover what you’re up to searching. Maybe you want to close the web browser after doing all of it. There’s one button for that too. A little too dainty for you?

You can make it quick and easy by configuring the extension to do it all at once.

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HTTPS Everywhere

You don’t have to be a computer engineer to make sense of what I am going to explain. Sometimes when you’re surfing, do you notice that some websites have HTTP in their address? While others (usually business websites or some exclusive ones) have HTTPS. Ever wondered why?


The s at the end of HTTPS literally stands for security. The platforms, including it, are naturally more secured. Adding layer on layer of security on all that they transmit.

So what the https everywhere extension does is it converts platforms that don’t possess https into it. Thus, it shields you from any kind of cyber harm that might make it to you. To signal safe or unsafe, the extension labels every site hosted using HTTP as red. Asking you to keep your distance.

Also, not to mention the tracking, the acclaimed one of the best chrome security extensions takes care of. Click here to learn about the best and free text expander chrome extensions!

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As much as we all love our shenanigans online, they do pose a threat to our data. So before you get on with spending hours on Facebook or window shopping on myntra. Make sure you tighten all the loose ends.  You can tick is done by getting a couple of these chrome security extensions. (The more, the merrier). So, analyze what you need and then give these extensions a try. They won’t take much of your system’s space. I promise.

Do come back for more interesting articles.

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