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So there are these tools nowadays which help you with designing circuits beforehand. They are called PCB designers or circuit designers to be plain. If you were wondering which ones are the best fit for your Windows PC, you have come to the right spot. Here, you will find a compiled list of 10 best free circuit design software for windows OS. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Circuit Design Software


This is one of the highly ranked circuit design software out there in the world right now. It is a tool used by many professionals in their line of design work and is taught by many universities as well. Though it might seem a little bit difficult to design circuits with more than two layers, with a little bit of practice, it is doable.


Try it out and get a taste of professional quality circuit design suite. This trial version does most of the things that we are concerned with, so you could say that it’s free for the most part.

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PCBWeb Designer

With this software tool, you can design a multi-layered board easily. It is a free schematics mapping tool which gives you all the tools that you could need for developing an industrial grade hardware.


You can draw and save circuit diagrams using TinyCAD, by selecting from an available range of built-in components. You just take what you need in your schematic and start analysing your circuit.

Once your drawing is done, you can directly save it as an image and paste it into a word document, and use it wherever you please. You can even directly take print outs of your designs from this tool. It’s pretty convenient, check it out!

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This tool is especially helpful for those who are concerned with compact designs but want to make sure that it works as optimally as possible. With this software, you can quite literally create projects from scratch, since pretty much all the basic schematics readily available. There are famous layouts too if you were wondering, so this free software has got you covered.


This is as basic as any design software can get! The name BSch stands for basic schematics. You can only design some beginner level circuits with this windows freeware. This tool is perfect for primary electrical students who just want to develop and simulate a primitive circuit for some project, or entirely just for practice.

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This is another rookie friendly software. This allows the users to make necessary but useful circuit designs using built-in tools and schematic guidelines. A pretty good software to get if you are a student or a beginner, concerned with only the basics for the time being.


One of the most refreshing user interface that you will find out there! This software tool has all the necessary logical as well as essential components for you to build and design a circuit. It is an open source software made for students or even designers. It helps you finalize your designs by providing documentation, as well as natural preps for production.
It is a pretty cool software suite, and I think you should check it out.

DesignSpark PCB

It is one of the world’s most easily learned software in my opinion. It helps you to design even complex multi-level circuits using simple built-in schematics and tools. You can use the existing layouts, or make your layouts for your PCB design. It is a powerful tool in the hands of those, who have the core designing concepts at their fingertips. Check this software out yourselves.

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It is a tool used to make easy and economical circuit diagram schematics. Anyone who wants to design a circuit of varying degrees of difficulties can use this tool. Depending upon the user’s experience, the designs can be exceptionally well made, with schematics supported up to a staggering 16 layers! See if this free software meets your expectations.


Circuit maker is one of the free tools out there for designing and developing circuits. Just like the PROTEL software, this one is also made by Altium. It uses pretty powerful routing and layer based schematics for circuit design, so you can be all but sure that you will be able to design top class circuits, worthy of real-time simulation.

Since this software is open source, the libraries that you will make use of will usually be amongst crowd tested ones. So you will always have a community to back you up in any stage of difficulties.

You can check out different components along with their respective data sheets on their website.

You will also find the download link to the software on their site. Download it and take it for a spin. Maybe this is just what you were looking for!


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