8 Best Free Online Citation Generator Tools in 2019

When you are doing a project, you need to prepare a full report about that project. To make a report, you have to follow a particular format, and according to that, you have to design your report. You may add some cool labelled images by repairing them, pixelating non useful content, watermarking them and finally combining those pictures into one consolidated report. One of the most crucial parts of your report includes Bibliography and Citations. And we’ll be talking about the Online Citation Generator in these post.

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Bibliography and Citation tools have become mandatory in today’s learning process.

It is very much crucial for the eLearning content developer to keep in mind that they are not stealing contents from others. Therefore, they now rely on the Bibliography and Citation tools. But, for using such tool, you have to pay a good amount of money, which you, of course, wish to be free or less expensive.

So, hold your breath, we are here to give a list of 5 best online Citation tools that you can use for free.

Top 8 Citation Generator Websites

Here is the list of top 8 citation generator website.


It is one of the best and most efficient online citation tools that you will get for free. It includes all the essential functionalities that an eLearning content developer ever needs.

The site has all the four Citation styles (MLA, APA, Turabian, and Chicago) that let you work with fewer burdens. It is also linked to various journals, books, websites, etc. so that you get an excellent exposure to every possible reference available online.


They also have got an in-built Plagiarism Checker that checks whether your content has words or sentences that has already been used by others. Not all of its features you will enjoy for free but most of its essential functions you can handle being a free user.

Visit: BibMe

Citation Machine

This is one of the easy to use Citation tools that you will get for free, and a powerful tool too. It includes all the four major citation styles, and along with that, it has also got a vast collection of 7000 citation styles which you can use for different purposes. They also provide you a guide on how to use the tool efficiently so that you cite your content better.

Citation Machine
Citation Machine

It has got a vast database of journals, websites, etc. that helps you for reference, and it also checks if your content contains any copied word or phrases, but for that, you need to subscribe to their site first.

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There are many premium and advanced features that you can enjoy in the paid version but, at the same time why waste money when you get most of its important features for free.

Visit: Citation Machine


This free online tool offers you to perform multiple operations. It can manage all your tasks and at the same time provides you with a vast database of references.

The site also gives you full freedom to choose your references either automatically or manually, along with which you can also add a reference for barcode and PDF.

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Citavi guides you to frame your work more attractively. You will be able to use first hundred recommendations for free, and after that, you will have to switch to their premium schemes for further continuing with the tool.

Visit: Citavi


The user-interface of the site is very simple. Despite being the most straightforward UI, it does not lack in including all the significant functionalities like any other tool. For beginners, this tool would be the best for them to use.


It supports only three types of citation styles; APA, MLA, and Chicago, whereas other tools offer with four. Apart from that, they have a massive source of references which includes online video too. You will get all its features for free.

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Visit: Citefast


Citelighter is an award-winning online Citation Generator tool. It is a multi-tasking website that lets you do your work more efficiently. Along with this you are also getting a lot of functionalities that would reduce your effort and enhance your writing.


One good thing that the tool offers is it automatically creates the bibliographies for your content, reducing your burden. It also provides writing template which helps you to frame your content.

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Though it is a paid tool, you can also use many of its features as a free user. And if you want to get the Premium membership, you will have to pay a reasonable amount which is much lesser than other tools in the market. It is a very reasonable Citation Generator.

Visit: Citelighter


Docear is Open-source academic literature management and free online bibliography and citation tool. It has lots of exciting features that can assist eLearning content developers in referencing their eLearning materials. It has Single-Section User Interface and has Easy-to-use layout that allows users to organize documents and categorize annotations.
Docear also enables multiple viewing of various annotations in different documents. It is available In Various Platforms like Windows, Linux & Mac to suit the needs of any eLearning content developer. It also requires no Premium Subscription making it a perfect Citation Generator.
Visit: Docear


Recipes4Success is a free online bibliography and citation tool that provides you with the opportunity to reference sources like sound effects, music bits, pictures, and emails. You will have to type in all the information, but Recipes4Success will automatically format the content.
It is very Manageable, Easy & User-Friendly Interface to sort all your needs. Recipes4Success requires no fee for users to use its features making it a great Citation Generator.

EasyBib is a free online bibliography and citation tool that establishes an operative way for people wanting to reference various types of content. No matter the content is digital or print, it references both. EasyBib provides a perfect solution for all your citation needs.


Content sources vary from traditional types like books and journal articles to live performances and newsletters. Although Easybib provides automatically formatted citations, you also have the option to cite your references and even add annotations manually. As the name suggests, it is very easy to use Citation Generator.

Visit: EasyBib


So, these are the best Citation Generator websites you can use to create bibliographies for your content or publishing. Do share your thoughts and let me know if you’re successfully using these sites for Citation using these good online Citation Generator.

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