For Claymore’s Dual Miner, advanced flags can be used to select which cards to mine on while leaving one untouched for daily use. Claymore miner’s key feature is its ability to mine two coins on one card simultaneously. The article discusses maximizing profits with Claymore Miner.

claymore miner introduction

You can maximize your profits with claymore miner by Checking how many Megahashes per second your system is submitting by opening up your miner. Enter your Mh/s, the price of electricity, and your power usage. You’ll receive average profits based on the current value of 1 ETH.

There is a blockchain exclusive to the Ethereum network. The miners must first authorize any Ethereum transactions that are submitted. Therefore, you can use Claymore Miner to approve mining and maximize income. Read below to know more about Claymore Miner in detail.

Installing Claymore Miner: Ethereum mining software

Effective Ethereum mining speed has increased by 3-5% due to a fully new miner code, reduced invalid and obsolete shares, increased GPU load, optimized OpenCL code, and optimized assembler kernels. Enables both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards (including in mixed mining rigs). Both Windows x64 and Linux x64 support its use. The watchdog timer periodically checks to see if any GPUs have frozen, and if so, restarts the miner. Simply double-click your Bat file to launch the miner. Once the miner has launched, it will initialize your GPUs using the set instructions, build the DAG file on each GPU, and start hashing. 

pool is specified

To see your hashing speed, click “s” after it has run for roughly 20 seconds. Although each pool has a unique interface, the idea is the same. You must enter your public wallet address on the website for your pool. Follow these steps to Install Claymore Miner. Get the most recent edition of Claymore dual miner by using one of the links. As of right now, version 11.0 is the most recent.

  1. Select the most recent Windows version. 

download claymore miner

2. Then select the button for “download as a zip.” Attend to the download’s completion. 

windows file

3. For easier access, save the file to your desktop. Download-as-zip.

download zip

4. Extract the Claymore v11.0 files to a folder on your desktop for easy access.

extract files

5. First, right-click it.

6. After selecting Edit, add the following few lines to the Start.txt file: setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0, setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100, setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1, setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100, and setx GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100.


7. Check the pool’s website to see if your region is supported.


8. Type your pool address in place of Mining Pool Address.

claymore miner installation

9. By selecting file -> to save, save Start.txt with your changed values.

save .txt

10. Start by changing the filename.

change file name

11. For type saving: choose All Files.

choose all files

12. Save and then click When prompted to replace the file, reply “yes.”


13. Click Start twice.

start twice

14. Start mining with a bat

ethereum bat

15. You should see this screen if you followed the instructions before.

The claymore miner is currently mining Ethereum on your system.

Primary Consideration

Here are some important points to think about when developing a mining rig with Claymore Miner:

  • You should purchase a motherboard with an adequate number of PCI-E slots to accommodate the number of cards you use.
  • You should purchase a powered PCI-E riser for each extra best GPU if you use more than one GPU.
  • Regarding power supplies, you should confirm that your PSU has sufficient connections to support the number of GPUs you are using and sufficient overall wattage to support your system’s full power use (and to leave yourself a buffer of at least 10-15%).
  • You should purchase a straightforward low-end CPU and at least 4GB of RAM. Ensure that your motherboard, CPU, and RAM are compatible.

claymore miner coding system computer

  • Be sure to include a power button!
  • Purchase a basic PC power switch that plugs into the motherboard’s headers so you may turn your system on and off.
  • You’ll need a regular keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
  • You should purchase a headless HDMI fake plug to insert into your system if you plan to manage your computer remotely so that Windows can correctly boot up for remote access in Claymore Miner.

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How To Determine How Much You’ve Mined?

Although each pool has a unique interface, the idea is the same. You must enter your public wallet address on the website for your pool in Claymore Miner.

claymoreminer start bat

This miner’s key feature is its ability to mine two coins on one card simultaneously. You can check all the details about your Ethereum mining activities by entering your public wallet address in the search bar and buying them by Bitcoin Buyer IO. When your balance in a claymore mining pool exceeds 0.01 ETH, it will be sent to the wallet address you entered at the beginning.

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Factors to Consider When Maximizing Profits

Here are some factors to consider when maximizing profits with Claymore Miner.

  • Block reward, difficulty level, and ETH/USD exchange rate: These fields are automatically updated. For scenario simulation, you can manually insert your values.
  • Power, Hashrate (Watts): To determine the parameters for your GPU’s make and model, use this table. Make sure that the table and the calculator use the same units of measurement for the hash rate, such as MH/s, KH/s, etc.

benefits of claymore

  • Fees for the pool (optional): If you’re mining through a mining pool, enter your fees (which typically average about 1% + a 1 ETH payout charge). Leaving this empty if you’re mining alone (not recommended)
  • (USD) Hardware Cost: Indicate the cost of your GPU and any additional mining equipment in USD. Enter your electricity cost in US dollars per kilowatt hour as it appears on your utility bill.


What is Claymore miner?

Claymore Miner is a high-performance miner for Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens and has complete official Windows and Linux support. Due to its efficiency and convenience, Claymore has earned the respect of all miners as one of the best to date.

Does dual mining still yield a profit?

The reward projections demonstrate that dual mining can be more lucrative than conventional mining. Therefore, it makes sense to combine ETH and TON with your graphics cards to increase your profits.

What can the Claymore dual miner mine?

On Windows and Linux PCs, the Dual Ethereum miner from Claymore can mine with AMD and Nvidia GPUs. It supports all Ethash coins and offers dual mining with Siacoin, Decred, LBC, Pascal, Blake (2s), or Keccak.

Are people permitted to use Claymore Mines?

People are not permitted to use claymore mines in victim-activated mode, frequently with a tripwire. The Mine Ban Treaty permits the use of Claymore mines in command-detonated mode. Therefore, manually detonating a device like a ‘Claymore Mine’ is not denied.

Are Claymore mines forbidden?

Since 1960, the United States has produced 7.8 million Claymore mines at a total cost of $122 million. The Mine Ban Treaty permits the use of Claymores in command-detonated mode. They are forbidden when used in victim-activated mode, frequently with a tripwire.


It is all about maximizing profits with claymore miner. Bitcoin and Ethereum operate quite similarly. It is a decentralized ledger that is updated and validated by Ethereum network users. The greatest approach to increase profits when mining various cryptocurrencies is with the Claymore miner.

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