iPhone’s spotlight search feature is a nifty tool that is utilized by several iPhone users. What it allows you to do is that you can search for just about anything through it. Therefore, you can search for things up on the internet as well as data on your phone. This data could include a particular app, song, contact, message, etc. Know how to clear spotlight search history. 

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To access it, all you have to do is swipe down while you’re on your home screen. This is a feature loved by all iPhone users. This is because you need not scroll through an array of messages, contacts, or songs to search for what you’re looking for. It is particularly useful for those iPhone users that store a large amount of data on their device. 

That being said, one drawback that comes with this brilliant feature is that you can not clear spotlight search history. So basically, anything that you’ve looked up previously using the spotlight search history is displayed for all to see. Now, if this, by any chance, bothers you, then don’t worry! There are some methods to help you clear the spotlight search history iPhone. So without further ado, here is a list of our top 4 methods on how to clear spotlight search history on iPhone.

Turning Off the Siri Suggestions

Turning off the Siri Suggestions is the first method via which you can protect your privacy. So here is how you can clear spotlight search history. Please take note that this method is for iOS 10. For learning how to clear the spotlight search history on later versions, read on. 

  1. Now, for starters, go to the settings app within your Apple device
  2. Next, go to General
  3. From here, scroll down and click on Spotlight Search 
  4. Now, turn off the Siri Suggestions option
  5. Finally, turn on the Siri Suggestions option so that you may continue to use the spotlight search history.

If you’re on a later iOS version, i.e., 12/13/14, then follow this set of steps. 

  1. Start by going into your device’s Settings
  2. Click on ‘Siri & Search’
  3. Now, turn off ALL options under ‘Suggestions in Search

Since the spotlight search history is powered by Siri, turning it on and off ought to fix the issue. Now, you can perform these steps every time you wish to clear the spotlight search history.

Deleting search history for certain data

Now, if you’re looking to permanently exclude certain data from your spotlight search history, that is possible. For example, it is possible to search for deleted messages on your phone. However, this feature can ultimately compromise your privacy.

To turn off notifications from specific applications, e.g., messages, perform the following set of steps.

  1. Scroll down to ‘messages.’
  2. Now, ‘disable’ the feature of ‘Show in Search’

If you wish to remove the messages app from the spotlight search, you can disable the ‘Show App’ feature. Keep in mind that this method can be utilized to clear the spotlight search history of other applications too.

Permanently removing all search history

Clearing the spotlight search history will not permanently remove the search history stored on your phone. Therefore, it can yet be assessed with special skills. Fortunately, it is possible to permanently remove history and suggestions. Here is how to delete spotlight search history permanently. 

To wipe the search history, you can use an application designed for data cleaning. One such is Aiseesoft FoneEraser. Therefore, start by.

  1. Installing the Application on your PC
  2. Next, connect your iPhone to the PC.
  3. Once the software detects your iPhone, you will be able to select an erase level. Pick one that suits your preferences. Then click ‘OK.’
    erase level
    erase level
  4. You will now be redirected back to the homepage of the software. From here, click ‘Start.’

Once done, your search history will be permanently removed. 

Restoring the Device to Factory Settings

The last method for if you’re wondering how to clear spotlight search history is to restore your device to its factory settings. What this will basically do is reset your phone to the way it was when you had purchased it. This step is not recommended if you haven’t yet taken a backup of your device. So if you wish to utilize this method, first take a backup of your device. Now, to perform a factory reset, follow the next set of steps

factory settings
factory settings
  1. Start by going into the ‘Settings’ of your device. 
  2. Go to ‘General,’ then ‘Reset.’
  3. Click on ‘Erase All Content and Settings’
  4. Finally, input your Apple ID to confirm

Your device might take some time to reset. Once done, follow the instructions on your device to proceed. 

So here is how to clear spotlight search on the iPhone. It can get a bit cumbersome when you can’t get rid of your spotlight search history. However, now you can protect your privacy by deleting this data by performing any of the afore-listed methods. 

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