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PDF is a short form of Portable Document Format. You have seen this .pdf extension in some read-only files, and it shows that the file is in a portable document format. People use this format to store the data in the form of a file that we can transfer easily. It is compact and provides data in a basic form as pages. It is effortless to use it, but sometimes it creates some small issues when you need to edit the PDF file or convert it into any other file format. Spoken of issues, we will suggest CleverPDF tool through the CleverPDF review as your solution along with why you should use it.

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These issues can get easily resolved by using CleverPDF. It provides 27 remarkable PDF tools to perform a variety of operations over the document. It has a well responsive site with a simple and attractive user interface that you can use online and upload your PDF documents to use the required PDF tools. Many times, you hesitate to use this type of PDF tool because of the fear of data misuse, but CleverPDF allows you to delete the uploaded file from the server after use. It is essential to check the reviews on the application before using it. Here we give a short CleverPDF Review for you to understand whether this application is useful for you or not. This CleverPDF Review includes all the tools and facilities offered by CleverPDF with a demo of one of its features. Check out CleverPDF Review.


This application can be handy for you if you are a student or any working professional because this is the era of modern technology and digitalization. We use PDFs in every platform, whether it is project documentation or any business report. In CleverPDF Review, we provide you a demo of PDF conversion into Excel File to let you know how easy it is to use CleverPDF. We also add the screenshots of the actual CleverPDF site in this CleverPDF Review to give you the real picture of its site.

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Visit the CleverPDF site and Upload your file

  1. Go the Page and select the Tools use you want to use, let’s choose PDF to Excel.
  2. Click on Choose file Button and Upload your PDF Document. In CleverPDF, you can upload files in three ways from Dropbox, from Google Drive, and your Device Storage.
Choose file
Choose file

Configure the output setting and start conversion

After uploading the file, you can select some output facilities which will help you to get the resultant file as per your requirement, like in PDF to Excel conversion you can decide whether the resulting Excel file’s table would be bordered or borderless. The type of resultant excel file would be into one worksheet or a different worksheet.


Download the output file and delete the data from the server

After the conversion gets finished, you can download the resultant data into your Dropbox/ Google Account or in your device memory. You can delete the sequential file from the server after completing the process. Here you can also directly share the file on your LinkedIn, tweeter, or Facebook account.

Download the Output
Download the Output

Some Other Tools to Solve PDF Problems

Here in CleverPDF Review, we give a short explanation of PDF tools that you can use to solve your PDF related problems and improve your work efficiency:

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PDF Conversions

The CleverPDF helps you to convert your PDF files into other formats of file like Excel file, Word File, PPTX, Images, Pages, Numbers, Keynotes, EPUB, JPG, PNG, TIF, Mobi and wise versa. By using these features, you can also create PDF from other formats, including iWork, EBooks, and many more. To prepare a Reliable Output file, you can also configure its format according to you.

Other File Conversions

You can also perform many other file conversions like EPUB to Mobi, PNG to JPG, HEIC to JPG, etc. That will improve your documentation skills. In this CleverPDF Review, we have mentioned one of these File Conversion tools.

Password Security

You can secure your file with password protection. By using CleverPDF, you can lock or unlock your PDF with a password. It provides a straightforward process to do that, and you can use this facility from anywhere by visiting their site through the internet.

Encryption and Compression

One of the most useful features of CleverPDF is encryption and compression. Sometimes the size of the file is a bit large, which makes issues while you try to transfer that file from one device to another, but by compressing that file, you can easily send it to any device. The encryption facility will provide you a way to secure your file’s data with an encrypted code and decrease the chances of the data leak.

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Split and Merge PDF

The CleverPDF will allow you to split the PDF into two parts to make a separate document in two files. You will get some options on how you can configure both the output files according to your needs. It also has a merge feature using which you can merge two different PDF files into one.

Gif Maker

Gif refers to Graphics Interchange Format, which is very popular in our modern-day communication. It is a bitmap image format. By using the CleverPDF tool, you can create a gif file of your own. You need to upload the pdf file on the CleverPDF site, and they will create the required gif file as an output. You can also decide what will be the animation speed, repeat time, and canvas size of the GIF image.


In this CleverPDF Review, we use these tools to see its practical performance and whether it worked up to the mark. There are many more features available at CleverPDF, and the CleverPDF Review suggests you experience them by visiting their site. The CleverPDF gives some special tools like watermark creator, page number generator, which is very useful for you while dealing with documentation.

You can also use it in your Windows and Mac Operating System. The CleverPDF has a desktop version that is readily available on their site. The CleverPDF site is accessible in various languages, including Deutsch, François, Italiano, Español, Polski, Nederlands, Turkce, etc. We hope this CleverPDF Review is useful for you to give a brief look at CleverPDF facilities and tools. CleverPDF Review recommends this application for you if you want to use these types of facilities while dealing with PDFs without maintaining any heavy application.

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