Top 6 Cloud Audio Recorder Apps For You To Try | 2023

Audio recording apps are a must if you keep recording anything daily. The WhatsApp voice message feature won’t be enough at moments like these. So in this article, we present the finest cloud audio recorder apps available on the market.

cloud recorder apps

The article will include apps like Rev, Telbee, Dolby On, Easy Voice Recorder, Otter, and Smart Recorder. All these cloud voice recorder apps will help you obtain crystal clear recordings of any audio you want.

The article will list all the characteristics of the apps and whether you need to pay for them or if they are free. These cloud audio recorder apps will make your work easier and provide the best service with many great functions.

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Top Cloud Audio Recorder

Following are the finest six cloud audio recorder apps:


Rev is just the app for you if you need a simple cloud recorder and no extra features or things to learn. The way to record is to push the ‘Record’ button. But you should make sure the recorder has started after you do this. Once you are done recording, you can check out a ‘Preview.’


Some cool features of Rev are:

Rev is encrypted, meaning it is high in security, and no one except you will access your voice recordings. Rev is completely free except for the transcription function it offers. There is a paid feature where you can get transcription for your audio recording. You can hand over your recording to this app, and with the help of actual humans, you get these recordings transcribed back, so a machine does not ruin your work.

Download: Rev

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Telbee is the second cloud voice recorder on our list because of its ability to record high-quality audio from either your computer’s microphone or your smartphone. You can also down these audios that you record in an MP3 format and later share them on any social media platform you possess.


Some of the special functions of Telbee that will blow your mind are:

Telbee utilizes as a business app. It allows you to personalize it in a way that best suits your brand. It is also useful in the way that you can use it to answer customer queries using a recorded voice. This cloud audio recorder app is also free, making it even better for you if you want to build your brand using unique techniques.

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Dolby On

Dolby On is well-liked by beginners at recording as well as professionals alike. Professionals who use Dolby On include musicians and people whose career depends on recording their voices so they can preview what they recorded. Dolby On aids them in audio recording smoothly and efficiently.

dolby on

The app is free to use, which makes it worth it as it comes with spatial audio, noise reduction, effects like fade in and fade out, and much more.

Some of the other amazing features Dolby On offers are:

It consists of a function that makes your voice appear crystal clear and reduces the noise around you. The audio quality is so high and fine that it sounds like you are in a studio. It displays zero advertisements to avoid distraction from recording your audio.

Download: Dolby On

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Easy Voice Recorder

If you want a cloud recorder app that is perfect for recording lectures, presentations, and meetings in the office, then Easy Voice recorder is the best fit for you. Enhance the recording by improving its quality and clarity. 

The pro version of this app consists of cool features like changing the audio format, using a Bluetooth microphone, and more for only $3.99.

easy voice

Some characteristics of Easy Voice Recorder include:

The Easy voice recorder supports light and a dark theme which is perfect for people who don’t like their screen too bright. It displays zero advertisements to avoid distraction from recording your audio in its pro version. The interface is kept plain so as not to distract you from the app’s true purpose: audio recording.

Download: Easy Voice Recorder

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The fifth cloud audio recorder on our list is Otter, one of the finest if you need it. You can insert this Otter app into your home screen as a widget. There is also an option to edit all that you have transcribed. You can also highlight the peak points of your transcription whenever needed.

If the number of transcriptions seems too much and you want to find a specific one among those, all you need to do is go for the search option.


Here are various other amazing characteristics this app provides its customers:

You can export your recordings or transcriptions in four formats: TXT, SRT, MP3, and PDF. There will be a real-time transcription too, which means that Otter will transcribe as you speak into it. This app offers a free and premium version on both Android and iOS. The premium is available on Android for $12.99 monthly and iOS for $99.99 yearly.

Download: Otter

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Smart Recorder

This cloud audio recorder is exactly like its name suggests, smart and effective. If your main aim is to get an audio recording done, this provides that for you and a few other useful features.

The smart recorder also contains advanced controls, making your audio more enhanced and crystal clear.

smart recorder

Succeeding below are some of the other cool and useful attributes of Smart Recorder:

This Smart Recorder app will be accessible to you for free if you use Google Play Pass. It also contains an external SD card support feature and another one for background recording. So many times in a recording, you encounter silences that you can eliminate in this app by skipping them. No advertisements to distract you from recording your audio in their premium version are available for $1.49.

Download: Smart Recorder

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Which app from the ones given above is considered best?

We give about six audio recorder apps, and we think all these are the best in the market in 2023. They all have amazing and varied features like skipping silences, real-time transcription, and much more.

Is there a good cloud mp3 audio recorder for Google slides?

Audios in Google slides are sometimes essential for presentations for them to go perfectly. The only problem is that Google slides cannot directly incorporate audio. You have to record one and then insert that into Google slides externally. Instead, apps like ChromeMP3 recorder, Online voice recorder, and Beautiful audio editor help put audio in Slides easily.

Is it essential to users if an app is paid or free?

This question is not simple as some people value good service over money and others care deeply about how much something costs. Some apps provide good service even while being completely free of cost. So it depends on whether you want a good app by investing in one. Or you are okay with only basic features but a free app.

What can I do when one of the recorder apps above does not work?

Many other cloud audio recorder apps are explained in detail in this article, and you can check out one of those. These apps come with many cool features, and if one does not work for you, you can try another app.

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Our article on the top six cloud audio recorder apps commences with these queries. Whenever you are in a fix over which recorder can help you accomplish your goal, this article will surely help! We hope this article consisting of recorder apps was truly captivating and informational for you.

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