Commander One Review: File Manager for Mac [Commander One 3.0]

Ever wondered what it would be like using the Finder app that’s on your Mac on steroids? Well, to give you a taste of what it feels like, presenting you the Commander One. Commander one is a one-stop file manager for Mac developed by Electronic Team. One of the biggest advantages of using Command One is that it’s a dual-pane file manager system, meaning it can allow you to work on multiple platforms simultaneously. Here is a Commander one review for those who are new to it.

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Commander One Review

There are many other alternatives that you could choose to replace the native Finder application. But the reason Commander One review and performance triumph over the competition is because of many reasons. The number of features and it has and the way it blends seamlessly with macOS is the reason it’s gained popularity.

commander one
Commander one

Since Commander One was programmed completely in Swift, this application takes no effort to blend with the MacOS perfectly. It has all the basic features that the native Finder has and so much more. Let’s discuss a little in detail about a few of those customizable options, which further helped to elevate commander one review by many.

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Why is Commander One better than Finder?

The reason why Commander One is better than Finder is mainly due to its additional features, compatibility, and ease of use. This is a big reason why commander one review is better than others. You only need a couple of hours to get used to it, and then once you are familiarized with the app, there’s no going back!
One of my personal favorite Command One features is the RegEx search. Using regular expressions, you can search files, which is the most powerful method of matching file names. You can find anything essentially if you have just the basic working knowledge of regular expressions.

Commander One is also one of the best ways to manage your mobile’s storage. Something fairly unique, it allows you to connect either your iPhone or your Android device like a removal disk. This is unique to Commander One since iTunes doesn’t allow this, nor does any other iPhone management tools.
There are numerous more functions to Commander One in the Menu section leading to great commander one review. This makes a lot of difference since these functions make file management simpler, easier and faster. For instance, one of the functions is to unselect all or invert your selection; these small little features help get the job quicker, making our lives less stressful.

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Features of Commander One

The above mentioned are just a few Command One features; numerous other features give Command One an advantage over the native Finder app and thus result in a better commander one review.
There’s a free and a Pro version of the Commander One app; the pro feature unlocks a few more benefits to the user to utilize Command One to its fullest capability. These features are – Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDAV, and compress and extract ZIP, TGZ, RAR, TBZ, process viewer, 7zip files, and personalized themes.
The greatest and most popular enhancement included in Commander One is Cloud Storage Support. Along with that, Commander One provides direct access to numerous cloud storage platforms mentioned above.

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As I mentioned earlier, the list of new features is a long one for the Commander One app. These features are the reason why Commander One should be preferred over the native Finder app and a big reason for amazing commander one review.
The features mentioned above are all part of the free version of Commander One. Are you thinking what I am thinking? There’s a paid version with even more features? Yes, the Commander One also has a paid version, called the Commander One Pro, which has even more benefits, which can utilize Command One’s full potential when used. The list of features keeps getting better and better; with the Pro version, you get access to cloud data storage into your device, you can connect to your Dropbox account, or OneDrive, or Google Drive, or Amazon s3, and you get a perfect FTP client for Mac as well.

pro pack
Pro pack

However, Commander One has just rolled out their latest version – Commander One 3.0, and it comes with some more new features!

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Commander One 3.0 features

Electronic Team has released a new version of their app to make things even better, the Commander One 3.0. It has got even more features and has taken into consideration from their users and made their app even better.

The Commander One 3.0 now supports all the latest macOS versions, including the latest macOS version, the Big Sur, which is the 17th version of macOS. Now Commander One 3.0 also compatible with an in-built MacOS Kernel file system, called MacFUSE 4. It acts as a bridge between the non-native file system and the operating system, leading to good commander one review.


These and many more features are brought to commander One 3.0 to make the experience ever so smooth and easy for its users. All the new features plus improvement to the existing features and functions. Hope this commander one review helped you know more about it. Also, read this article to know the Best Duplicate File Finder For Mac.

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