Pairing Bluetooth headphones with your TV is a terrific way to enjoy your entertainment, whether you like the audio quality of the AirPods or want to keep the volume down while other family members sleep. The Firestick is a reliable streaming device that offers screen mirroring, 4K playback, and Bluetooth connectivity for earphones like Airpods. IPods cause the music to play at maximum volume, while the Firestick remote controls the TV volume. Can you connect AirPods to Firestick? Yes, you can connect AirPods to Firestick. This article’s goal is to address this issue. Let’s start.

You must open the home screen options to pair AirPods with your Fire TV Stick. Open your Bluetooth settings from there and go to “Add Bluetooth Device.” When you press the AirPods’ pairing button, the Fire TV Stick and your AirPods will instantly connect.

So, now you know how to pair these 2 devices to link, let’s read about them in detail; you must carefully follow the connecting instructions.

How to connect AirPods to fire tv

With items such as the Fire TV Stick & the AirPods, it is simple to see why Amazon & Apple are 2 of the largest names in the technological sector. The Fire TV Stick has changed the game for many home entertainment systems in an era when technology is more readily available than ever.

This tiny device, thinner than the typical smartphone, can be connected to your TV and stream any type of information you desire via a wide range of third-party apps.

However, many owners of the Fire TV Stick are also ardent Apple fans who are curious as to whether they may link their devices. Due to how handy they have rendered getting audio from mobile devices—offering wireless connections—the AirPods are a particularly well-liked product from Apple.airpods and fire stick

Fortunately, you can connect AirPods to Firestick; however, some users have reported difficulties. We’ll guide you to connect AirPods to Fire TV Stick so you can better understand this.

We’ve done a lot of studies on Fire TV Stick Wireless networking and have managed to compile enough data to figure out how to connect AirPods to amazon fire stick. According to my study, many customers who link the Apple AirPods with their Fire TV Stick experience volume problems.

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Connection Guide for FireStick and AirPods

How to pair AirPods with Firestick? Amazon Fire TV Stick is a very convenient and adaptable gadget that provides many options for video streaming at home. You can stream TV and videos and even play games from various third-party applications immediately if you have an HDMI port and an internet connection.

But what happens if you prefer to listen to audio through the Fire TV Stick rather than the TV speakers?airpods and firestick

You could connect AirPods to Firestick using the Bluetooth settings to listen to your content over headphones; you can do this straightforwardly by attaching a different Bluetooth connection to the Fire TV Stick. Furthermore, a majority of individuals who do this experience auditory problems.

You’ll discover that using the Apple headphones would be excruciatingly loud because AirPods lack manual volume adjustments.

Because of this, we’ll walk you through how to connect AirPods to Firestick and work around the infamous volume problem.

Access Fire TV Stick Settings

You must turn on the Fire TV Stick to begin the process. A tab labelled “Settings” should be in the top area of a Fire TV Stick’s main screen.

You must open the Fire TV Stick’s settings once it has been switched on.

Bluetooth Pairing Settings

Once you have opened the Amazon Fire TV Stick options, you will see several on-screen options. To find “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices,” you must navigate your settings options.controllers and blutooth

Every one of your Fire TV Stick’s Bluetooth connections can be seen by selecting this tab. By choosing “Other Bluetooth Devices,” you can associate another device with your Fire Stick and continue to connect your AirPods.

AirPods Pairing Mode

A connecting button that makes your AirPods accessible to adjacent Bluetooth connections can be found on the rear of the case. After pressing this button, turn on the ‘Add Bluetooth Device‘ setting on your Fire TV Stick.other bluethooth devices

The alert that should display on your screen will let you know when both devices have connected. Your Apple AirPods’ name should appear as a tab & a sound should emanate from them to prove this.airpods connected

There was likely a connection problem if neither the message nor the AirPods’ sound confirmation appeared on your screen. To the couple, the devices just repeat the procedure.

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How to Fix the Fire TV Stick’s AirPod Volume Issue

The devices should have successfully paired if you attach AirPods to a Firestick and can hear audio through Bluetooth headphones. However, you should wait to use them because AirPods frequently have volume problems when paired with Fire TV Sticks.

Because Apple AirPods lack a manual volume adjustment, they will be incredibly loud when you first use them; this can make using your AirPods to stream material impractical and harm your ears.

You can solve this by downloading a third-party program that enables manual volume control for your device.

Download Volume Control 

With an application, you can effectively use the AirPods. Fortunately, you can download many volume control apps as a solution.

Precise Volume is a fantastic choice to take into account.precise volume

However, you can use any app if it enables volume control for the Fire TV Stick when your AirPods are connected. You won’t be able to discover an app in your Fire Stick’s application downloader; in that case, you’ll need to sideload one.

Sideloading involves downloading an application from a separate location and installing it on your device. You will have to sideload the program of your choosing to add it to the Fire TV Stick because the majority of apps are accessible through the Play Store for this.sideloading on firestick

One can utilize their volume-controlling app when you pair your Apple AirPods once you have properly downloaded and installed it on the Fire TV Stick. You can use the remote control included with your Fire Stick to adjust the simple volume bar that will be visible.

Download Mouse Toggle

If a mouse switch option is available, you might have more control over the volume settings on your Apple AirPods. You will have to sideload one just to get it to operate on your Fire Stick TV, similar to the volume control app.mouse toggle

The Fire Stick controller may be used as a mouse cursor using a Mouse Toggle application, just like on a PC. Your Fire Stick would benefit greatly from adding this feature to improve accessibility and control.

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Why won't my Bluetooth headphones connect to my Fire Stick?

If you cannot connect your headphones to Fire Stick, you can try restarting your TV. If the issue continues, speak with a professional for a thorough investigation.

Can any Bluetooth headphones work with a TV?

You can connect any gadget to your TV if it supports Bluetooth. You connect to Bluetooth in the accessories option.

Can I connect AirPods to Fire Stick?

Yes. You can connect Airpods to Fire Stick by enabling the pairing mode in your Airpods, which is the dropdown menu on the Airpod case.

Can you control the volume on AirPods with Fire Stick?

You cannot control the volume of AirPods with Fire Stick. To manage the volume, you must connect your AirPods to an Apple TV.


This tutorial showed how to connect AirPods to Firestick and adjust the volume. This capability was likely forgotten or purposely deleted because it was designed to be used by TVs, and the majority of Bluetooth speakers & headphones have voice controls. We can get around the issue because Firestick is built on the Android framework. Please share any other effective Firestick volume-control methods in the comments section.

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