We all love a chill weekend where we order food and watch a good movie! But then that thought gets ruined when you remember that you have the film on your iMac and you want to watch the movie on your television. So now you wish to connect iMac to tv. And this TechWhoop guide will help you with that! 

In order to connect your Mac to yoMacTV, you will need a video cable that can link your computer’s display port to the video input port on your TV. If you are unable to locate a line connecting the ports on your Mac and TV, you may need to use an adapter. Alternatively, you can use AirPlay as another option.

We often download many movies on our iMac or MacBook and contemplate watching them in our free time. But the problem arrives when you invite friends, and you all want to watch the movie. At that instant, the wisest decision would be to connect your iMac to your television!

Apple is known to make great products that are easy to operate and use. So if you want to share a MacBook screen with a TV, there are multiple ways to do the same! As you read, you will find that screen mirroring MacBook to TV is child’s play! If you read the whole article, you will know how to connect iMac to television. You will also gain insight regarding how to mirror MacBook to TV. If your Mac is facing on starting, check how to fix it here.

The First Way to Connect: Using HDMI

TV’s HDMI Port: Begin by locating your television’s HDMI port. Usually, they are present at the rear of your tv. Modern-day TVs have more than one port, so if you already have a cable plugged in, you need not worry! Nowadays, there are numerous ways to provide input to the tv, but HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) has proven to be the most efficient input mode for high-quality media transmission. hdmi portOnce you have found your TV’s HDMI port, you can find your iMac’s or your MacBook’s HDMI port, as described in the next step.

Mac and iMac’s HDMI Port

  1. iMac’s/ MacBook’s Port: This step is as important to connect iMac to television as the step given above. You should locate and find out what type of I/O cable you will need to connect your TV with your iMac or your MacBook. There are three default ports that you can look through to get an insight: 
  2. HDMI port: As you already know, this port is pretty much there in most devices. And that includes iMac or MacBook too! If you had bought them long ago, you would have this port. And you can locate it either sideways or on the rear side of your Apple device. You can use a typical HDMI cord for this port type.
  3. Thunderbolt-3 comes built-in with most of the newest Apple devices, iMacs, or Macbooks! If this is the port you have, you should purchase a USB-C to HDMI cord to connect your iMac to the TV.imac port
  4. Thunderbolt-2: This port usually comes with the previous models of Apple devices. You must purchase a Thunderbolt-2 to HDMI cable to connect your TV to your iMac or MacBook. 
  5. Purchase Cords for iMac: Now that you have identified what kind of port your Mac device has, you should purchase the cables to connect them to your television. As the name itself suggests, HDMI enables audio transmission! You can either get these from a local tech hardware shop or order them online on a website of your preference.  

Connect Your iMac or MacBook.

It would be best to connect both devices now that you have purchased all the necessary items. Connect the iMac or Macbook with the cable on one side and the other side, the television. If your iMac’s port type isn’t HDMI, connect Thunderbolt-2 or Thunderbolt-3 to iMac and then the HDMI cable.

  1. After ensuring the devices have been switched on, navigate to the top left of the screen and click on Apple’s logo. click on apple logo
  2. In the dropdown menu, go to System Preferences->Display. Ensure that you check that Default for Display. system preferences
  3. Then, repeat step 5 and follow the path System Preferences->Display. 
  4. Select your TV speakers on the next window that appears on the screen. speakers

And that is it! Your question regarding ” How to screen share on Mac to TV ?” has been solved.

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Second Way to Connect Imac to Television: Using Apple TV 

  1. Switch on the devices, iMac/MacBook and your Apple TV, by plugging in their power sources or clicking the power button. imac
  2. Please navigate to Apple’s logo on your iMac and select it. Search for System Preferences and click on the Display option. system preferences
  3. Later, at the bottom of the window, you will see an option called Airplay Display and opt for Apple TV from the dropdown menu. opt for airplay display
  4. You will view a four-digit code on your TV screen. Then, enter that code onto your MacBook or your iMac and select the blue button “OK” in the dialog box that you see. 
  5. And that is all you must do to connect your Apple devices (iMac or MacBooks) to your Apple TV. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to screen mirror MacBook to tv?

It is a pretty straightforward procedure, and there are two ways to go about this. Read the steps given above to operate unerringly.

Can I mirror MacBook to TV?

Yes, you absolutely can! Just check out the two methods given above, which explain the steps to you in detail


Now that you have read the steps to connect iMac to the television, you will quickly identify all the options on your Mac that Macd you to mirror with the TV. You can also connect your iMac easily to the TV if it is an Apple TV. Else, you will have to go ahead and get HDMI cables for the connection. You can get the HDMI cable based on your preference. If you want a long one, it’ll cost you more. Happy watching!

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