Gamepads are higher quality, more versatile, and more customizable than consoles from a few generations ago. You now have a variety of controllers to choose from. This includes third-party options, such as PowerA, Scuf, Nacon, and Turtle Beach, and first-party controllers from console manufacturers. Therefore connecting them is also a task. You can connect Xbox One controller to retropie. If you’re playing on Xbox and Windows PC, the same options work for both.

Set up your Xbox One Bluetooth Controller with RetroPie by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Gather the Required Components.
  • Step 2: Disable ERTM for Bluetooth.
  • Step 3: Establish a Bluetooth Connection with the Xbox One Controller.
  • Step 4: Configure Controller Input for Optimal Performance.

Once you get an Xbox controller, you can connect it to some system, like Retropie. You can connect Xbox One controller using a USB, Bluetooth, adapter, or direct pairing. Any of these methods will connect you quickly to the controller. Connecting these controllers to the system is also a big task, as a single mistake can lead to a mess. Therefore, we provide a guide with easy steps to connect Xbox One controller to Retropie. Refer to this article for the best way to connect Xbox One controller to Retropie.

How Do You Define Xbox?

Microsoft produced a video game called Xbox. It began its debut in November 2001 in the American market with the Xbox console. The brand comprises five video game consoles, software (games), streaming services, Xbox Network, an online service, and a division for game production named Xbox Game

RetroPie and Recalbox’s automatic configuration tools allow you to control your game with your Xbox controller. You need to connect Xbox One controller to retropie.

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Ways To Connect Retropie To Xbox One Controller

Before starting this guide, connect Windows 10 of your PC to your Xbox using a USB cable to stay updated. Press F4 to go to the command line and enter: sudo nano opt /retropie/configs/all/autostart. Scroll up and press Enter to create a line before the “Emulation Station” line and type: sudo bash -c ‘echo 1 > /sys/module/Bluetooth/parameters/disable_ertm.’emulation station

When you’re done, press Ctrl+X, Y, and Enter to save what you’ve done. 

Type “sudo restart” to perform a complete restart.

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Connect via USB

The great thing about USB is that it’s plug-and-play. The Xbox One controller’s wireless adaptability makes it convenient, but you can use USB. This is one of the easy ways to connect the Xbox One controller to retropie. charging cableYou can use the Xbox One charging cable for this, but you’ll need to purchase your own if it’s not included with your system. You can also buy a wired Xbox One controller. It connects instantly and saves time on Bluetooth setup.

Connect via Bluetooth

This is one way to connect Xbox One controller to the retropie. We advise attaching an Xbox One controller to your Raspberry Pi using the most recent model. The processing power of older Raspberry Pi models is insufficient to support wireless controllers. bluetooth-2Utilize USB if you can only use older Pi models. There are two wireless connectivity options: a wireless adapter dongle, Integrated Bluetooth tools. 

Using Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Adapter

The easiest way to connect Xbox One controller to Retropie is with the official Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter. First, you must wait for the Raspberry Pi to turn on with the attached WiFi adapter.adapter-1 Then wait for the lights to sync by holding the buttons on the adapter and Xbox One controller together. In case if sync button is not working, you can check this article. When it stops blinking, you’re ready to play! 

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Connect Xbox 360 To Windows

An expensive and easy route, a cheap and somewhat frustrating route, and a grey market intermediate route. For example, if you’re sitting at your computer desk instead of your living room, skip all the hassle, buy an official Xbox 360 wired controller for $27, and you’re done. connect with windowsAlthough simple, a USB-to-wireless adaptor is required to play wirelessly on your PC.

Direct Pairing with Bluetooth Tool

Before proceeding, ensure you have the Xbox drive driver installed as described above. ERTM must be disabled to sync Xbox One controllers. You will immediately see a list of devices available in your terminal. The Xbox One controller, however, is not one of those things. You can easily connect Xbox One controller to retropie. Instead, it would be best if you made your controller discoverable. Press and hold the sync button on the device to turn it pairing with bluetooth

You are ready to play on your Raspberry Pi using your Xbox One controller. You ought to be able to utilize them whether you’re using RetroPie, Recalbox, or another retro gaming program for the Raspberry Pi controller profile. So when you connect Xbox One controller to retropie, you can operate the retro gaming platform’s interface and play games.

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Directory opt/retropie/configs/all does not exist?

This is one of the errors you get while you connect Xbox One controller to retropie. This error should read: sudo nano /opt/retropie/configs/all/ And in the next step where you need to edit the file, for some reason, the line must be entered. When I try to copy a line from the tutorial, the terminal aborts with a weird apostrophe, and the Pi doesn't boot. Use regular single quotes instead.

What is Retropie?

RetroPie is an operating system that runs on top of a full OS. It is software that you can use RetroPie to convert your PC, Raspberry Pi, or ODroid C1/C2 into a retro gaming system. It builds on Raspbian, EmulationStation, RetroArch, and numerous other projects to give you the most straightforward setup for playing your best arcade, home console, and classic PC games. Additionally, it provides a vast array of configuration options for power users to personalize the system to their interests further.

Will these methods keep my Xbox safe?

These methods will not cause malware installation in your Xbox and are completely safe.

Do you know what setting(s) needs to be altered in order to play with the Dpad rather than the analogue stick?

Instead of the controller settings, it is a choice in the quick menu settings. Go to Settings (not Controls) in the Retroarch Menu/GUI and select the Control Mapping option. Change the value to Analog (left stick) or Digital (Dpad).


Nothing rivals the accuracy of a keyboard and mouse when it comes to playing fast-paced first-person shooters and challenging strategy games on your PC. But adding a gamepad to your gaming PC is brilliant if you enjoy the platform, puzzle, or retro games or are more at ease with controls. The best controller you can purchase for PC gaming is Microsoft’s most recent Xbox Wireless Controller (the same one you buy for your Xbox Series X or S), as it is comfortable and supported by most games. It is easy to connect Xbox One controller to the retropie.

Any of these methods provide easy connection tips to the controller using Retropie. We hope you can easily connect Xbox One controller to retropie by the forms provided.

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