How To Convert MBOX To EML By Manual And Automatic Batch Methods?

Most PC users know that mailing programs use different formats to process and store users’ data. Among these extensions, one of the most widespread is MBOX, as Gmail users widely use it. This article will explain how to Convert MBOX To EML and the key differences between these formats.convert mbox to eml

If, for some reason, you have decided to migrate from Gmail, losing this document can lead to total data loss. Thus, numerous clients are looking for a way to convert this single doc into EML format to store all the emails separately or create an archive with separate files. 

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Understanding The Differences MBOX Vs. EML

The migration problem usually arises when you must migrate between the mailing apps, which are incompatible in formats. Before you learn how to import MBOX into Outlook, you need to understand the differences between these formats. So let’s have a look at them:convert

  1. EML serves you in case you need to store your emails one by one. On the contrary, MBOX stores your emails in a single file;
  2. Many mailing services use the MBOX extension to store files, which makes it more suitable for manual batch migration. Although the EML is not as popular as MBOX, some services still use it;
  3. You can easily view the EML file in even a browser or text editor;
  4. Also, a couple of mailing programs use both file formats for storing users’ data.

Let’s focus on how we can convert MBOX to EML and transfer files ourselves or automatically in batches. 

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Manual Batch Conversion

Manual batch conversion is available to Thunderbird clients. There are several available ways to perform it:

Save As Option

The built-in functionality of Thunderbird allows quickly convert your EML files into MBOX. Follow these steps to do it as quickly as possible:

  1. Open the Thunderbird client on your desktop;thunderbird
  2. Select the particular mail folder or letters that require migration;
  3. Use the right-click button to activate the drop-down menu, and then choose Save;save as option
  4. Select the destination for the converted files, and you are Done.

The method mentioned above includes the opportunity to save docs with attachments. Using this feature, you could transfer your files between the mailing clients and store them as standalone docs. However, you will need to organize your folders to make them look exactly as before.


Thunderbird allows the improvement of its functionality with the help of special add-ons. In particular, use some of them to migrate and convert MBOX to EML in bulk. In a certain way, it is similar to specialized software for migration—you are free to use it whenever needed for free. However, the first step is the installation of the necessary

To do it, launch your Thunderbird app, then open the menu and press Tools—Add-ons. Then, right-click on the folder to convert and choose the EML format and destination. Install the ImportExportTool, and restart it for further use. 

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Automatic Batch Method

Dozens of online converters can be used for file migration. Some software allows you to convert MBOX to EML files in minutes and is perfectly suited for automatic bulk migration. However, we recommend paying attention to Mbox to Outlook Transfer. This software’s functionality is very simple and easy to use.transfer mbox to eml

Its main advantages over manual batch conversion are that it preserves the structure of files, prevents data loss, and allows the transfer of files to the web. Indeed, many people prefer third-party apps because they increase the security of their migration and eliminate the possibility of data leaks and other threats associated with migration. 

Finally, it would help if you used professional converters to keep the hierarchy of files and folders. There is also good news for you—most software developers provide a trial period or a program demo version. However, keep in mind that all these preferences are not usually free. 


Share in the comments what kind of migration scenario you prefer—manual or automatic. Choose the method that meets your requirements and better corresponds to your needs. Feel free to share the difficulties you have encountered during the migration. 

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