Top 7 Ways to Convert PDF to DOCX Easily [2020]

PDF is a great file format for disseminating important and official information, but it does have its drawbacks. Despite the efforts of Adobe to make it user-friendly, you can’t edit a PDF file without special software designed specifically for that purpose. For that and other reasons, many users convert PDF to DOCX and other formats that can be edited in their corresponding software applications. As a matter of fact, PDF to word files conversion is such a common task that one search on the Internet will probably yield dozens of results showcasing standalone and online tools for this purpose alone. 

To save the hassle of going through all those results, we’ve done all the hard work of reviewing a HUGE number of tools like Starzsoft PDF WIZ to bring you the best ways to convert PDF to DOCX and other Word formats like the older DOC. Many of these tools can also handle other output formats like Excel, PPT, EPUB, HTML, and so on.

7 Best Methods To Convert PDF to DOCX Easily

So, let’s dive into the interesting subject of what tools are the best ones for converting a PDF document into the Word format for easy editing in MS Word. This article contains the best of these PDF to DOCX conversion tools in 2020.

PDFelement from Wondershare

While understanding the method to convert the PDF to DOCX, nothing does it better than PDFelement from Wondershare. One of the outstanding contributions of the tool is that the accuracy of conversion is near-perfect even for PDFs with complex layouts and multiple types of content such as text, media, links, images, and so on. Moreover, the steps to convert PDF to Word are super-simple:

Step 1: Launch PDFelement and open your PDF file

In the main software window, you’ll see a ready-to-use module called Convert PDF. That’s for directly converting a PDF to Word without opening it, but we’ll show you the other option. Simply click on Open File to import your file into the software.

Step 2: Choose the Output Format

You’ll notice that there is a Convert tab at the top, which you can click on to see convenient options to choose your output format. The one you’re looking for is ‘To Word’; click on it.

Step 3: Tweak the Conversion Settings and Confirm the Conversion

As a final step, you can choose various settings, including your target destination for the DOCX file. Hit OK to confirm and wait for your converted Word file to appear in the chosen location in File Explorer.

PDFelement from Wondershare
PDFelement from Wondershare

And voila! That’s all there is to it. If you choose the Convert PDF module, it’s even faster to convert PDF to DOCX because all you have to do is select the source file and the target folder. It really is that simple.

Visit: PDFelement from Wondershare


Another way to convert PDF to DOCX is to use UniPDF, a downloadable application that’s pretty good with image rendering during the conversion process. The free trial allows you to convert up to 3 pages of PDF into Word, which is okay if you have a small document to convert.


Just the quality of image conversion alone is worth sacrificing the ability to convert larger files since there are lots of other tools for that. Another advantage is that you can convert documents in batches instead of one by one, and you have additional settings that you can control.

PDF to Word from Nitro

The free version of this tool that is used to Convert PDF to DOCX is accessible online. And it can handle a reasonable number of PDFs at a time. However, there’s a catch there as well because you are limited to 5 conversions a month. That’s five files, not five batches!


The advantage is that it’s great with text-based PDFs. Where it falls down is when a lot of images are involved. You may also face some alignment and layout issues, but nothing major that can’t be corrected quickly in MS Word after conversion.

Free Online OCR

If you have a scanned PDF document that you want to convert to the Word format, you can consider using this free web-based application. That’s pretty much all it does, though, and even that capability comes with the usual restrictions: only one file at a time and nothing larger than 5GB.


All things considered, if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have any other conversion software, this does a surprisingly decent job to Convert PDF to DOCX.

Google Drive

Google Drive is actually a workaround tool in that you have to first upload the PDF, convert it into the native Docs format, and then download the file as a Word document. Image and text rendering is pretty good for a free option.


And the only problem you’ll face is the fact that the layout might go askew in some cases, even with simple text-based PDFs. Still, it’s an option that’s available to anyone with a Google account, and that’s hundreds of millions of Gmail users.

WPS PDF to Word Converter

If you’ve used WPS Office before, you may have heard of this tool to Convert PDF to DOCX. It’s free for up to 5 pages and upgradable to a premium version that removes this restriction.


You can convert files in batches, and the final rendering is surprisingly accurate for a free tool. Not what you’d expect, to be honest. The upgrade to premium costs about thirty bucks, which isn’t much if you plan to use it regularly.

PDF Converter Pro from Wondershare

This awesome tool from the makers of PDFelement is a standalone converter with amazing accuracy and speed. Since it is purpose-built for converting PDF to DOCX and a wide range of file formats, it is the ideal conversion utility for your PDF toolbelt.


Using it is a breeze as well. The simple steps would be to launch the application, drag and drop as many files as you want. And hit the Convert button after choosing specific page ranges and the final output format for the files.


Whether you need to convert PDF to DOCX as a once-off or on a regular basis, consider these tools, this article showcases the best tools for the job.

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