Simple Steps to Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop At Home

Is your Laptop very old to use? Is it broken by parts? Has it been a tough job to start your laptop? How important is your laptop to you? Undeniably very much, right? But what if your laptop doesn’t work properly and efficiently? No one will have to explain how horrible or hazardous the situation would be for us without our PC. Thus, you must know how to Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop.

All our work and entertainment can come to a hold and as a result delay in our every work that we do via our laptop. We rely on our computers so much, and in such situations where our laptops get damaged or show any lack then it is very tough for us to come up with the problem and to overcome it. In this busy day-to-day life, we often fail to afford our valuable time that is required in coming and going to the service centers for the repairing purpose.

And also sometimes in the repairing process, some of our data always gets lost which again we can’t afford at any cost. So, what to do in such cases where there requires a minor repairing or change in some of the hardware parts? Hold your breath! Now you can easily access the data in your laptop without spending a huge amount of money. With the help of few computer peripherals and chords you can turn your laptop into your desktop further which you can use your desktop (Oh! I mean your laptop) without any hindrance.

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Things Required for Assembling the Desktop

Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop
Steps to Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop
  • Your old Laptop
  • One monitor (size as per your choice) with HDMI port
  • A USB keyboard and a USB mouse
  • VGA chord
  • Speakers
  • HDMI cable

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Steps to Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop

  1. Connect the HDMI port of your Laptop to the HDMI port of the monitor using the HDMI cable.
  2. Connect the mouse and USB keyboard to your laptop.
  3. Once the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are connected to the laptop; right click on the mouse (of your desktop), go to screen resolution à multiple display à show display only on 2.
  4. Put your laptop to sleep.
  5. Press the spacebar on your external keyboard or click a couple of times with the external mouse.
  6. Congratulations, your laptop has been successfully converted to a desktop.
  7. For sound, you can connect the speakers to the monitor.
  8. Also, you can use your laptop as a split display or a separate display concerning the desktop by setting it to portrait mode.

These steps were super easy and affordable for anyone to Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop with very little effort. But one can also go further and put some extra effort to completely change the laptop to a desktop by disassembling the internal parts of the laptop and again assembling them to produce a new CPU with the same configuration.

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Alternative Way to Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop

Here is an alternate way or rather a very lengthy process for all the Geeky people out there those who love experimenting with technologies or gadgets. The steps are as follows to Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop.

Tools Required

  • One USB keyboard and a USB mouse
  • A monitor for the desktop
  • Cables and chords
  • Acrylic sheets
  • Screws of required thickness
  • Same amount of nuts and locknuts
  • Screw of other dimensions for the motherboard
  • Spacers
  • A button or more specifically a pushbutton
  • Drill, hacksaw, screwdriver, soldering iron, elbow grease
  • And most importantly, a Laptop
Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop
Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop

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  1. The very first step to Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop includes collecting all the above-mentioned tools and materials.
  2. Disassemble the parts (Motherboard, RAM, fan, etc.) from the laptop by opening the back of the laptop.
  3. Building the external CPU.
  4. For the front face cut the acrylic sheet according to the required measurement.
  5. For the back panel also cut the acrylic sheet of the same measurement.
  6. Also cut a strip for a middle cover.
  7. According to the required measurement, cut the side planes to cover the CPU.
  8. Drill holes (fan holes) at the back.
  9. Install the power button.
  10. Solder and wire all the parts as they are meant to be connected.
  11. After all the parts connect to each other correctly, attach the acrylic planes and tightly screw the planes to form the CPU.
  12. Once your external CPU is ready now, you can connect all the other peripherals to the monitor of the desktop. Peripherals include USB mouse, USB keyboard, speakers, etc.
  13. You can also connect the external CPU to any touchscreen tablet or monitor. In that situation, you won’t be needing any mouse or keyboard for inputs or the speakers for the output.

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As you have managed to Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop now, sit back and give a chill to your life. So, there is no need to spend a thousand bucks buying a new laptop or a new desktop or even a second-hand PC. With no worries of your lose you can repair and transform your machine and give it a new look and access all your older data, files and folders easily on your new transformed machine.

Trust me, the moment you will successfully build you a new machine, you’re going to cherish the moment forever and feel proud of it. Click Here to know how to get the Google Indic Keyboard for your Laptop.

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