While it might not look modern, Craigslist is still one of the most used websites today. In the US, it ranks in the top 10. It has been ranking like this for many years now. Many Internet users worldwide use Craigslist to post ads, look for items, and buy or swap things on the platform.

How many times can you put the same item up on Craigslist? Users may post in just one category in one geographical region once every 48 hours, according to the restrictions posted on Craigslist’s website.

Ways to Fix “Windows Could Not Automatically Detect This Network’s Proxy Settings” Error:

– Perform an SFC scan
– Utilize Network Troubleshooter
Verify Proxy Settings
Turn off VPN, Antivirus, and Firewall Software
Reset Network Settings

But there are still other users who can’t get access to the platform. The reasons are many. However, they can bypass these restrictions with the help of Craigslist proxies.

What Are Craigslist Proxies?

Craigslist proxies are private proxies with IPs from a specific area (of your choice) that you can use to access Craigslist from that area. For example, somebody from Vietnam might want to use Craigslist to reach potential customers/clients on the United States West Coast.craigslist-ads-with-proxies

Under present circumstances, they might not be able to. But with the help of Craigslist proxies (let’s say for Los Angeles), they can hide their IP address behind the proxy server.

Hence, bypassing any issues, our guy could reach any potential client from the West Coast.

What’s Different At Craigslist Proxies?

Technically, there isn’t anything different. Under “perfect” conditions, every private or public proxy can act as a proxy for classified ads websites.

However, the difference and the main advantage of Craigslist proxies aren’t offered by their technical setup. But by their IP’s ability to connect to Craigslist and your ability to choose the proxy servers’ locations when buying your IPs. For example, you can’t select the location of your proxies for most proxy packages.

However, when purchasing proxies for classified ads and Craigslist, you can choose the location of your IPs. Also, you will get clean IPs. This means that they weren’t used on Craigslist before. Hence, you will connect without any issues.

Few Best Proxy Servers And VPNs for Craigslist:

These are the best proxy servers and VPNs for Craigslist, which is almost liked and used by users:-proxy server

  1. Blazing proxy- This server is best for gamers to use.
  2. IPVanish- It provides an excellent service for SOCK5.
  3. Smartproxy – These can be a top choice for sneaker bots.
  4. Oxylabs- this one will significantly help as it is one of the best reliable data scrapers.
  5. HMA VPN- This is an accessible proxy server; one can try it if they want to.
  6. Private Internet Access VPN is one of the best combinations for VPN and PROXY service.

Can I Use A VPN Instead Of A Proxy

Yes, you can use it, but with a VPN, you can hide your IP only once because a VPN connection can’t run simultaneously with another.using vpn

Whereas, when using proxies, you can run multiple browsers connected through various representatives simultaneously. You can geo-multitask without any headaches.

Features Of The Craigslist Proxy:-

These are the following features of Craigslist proxies:-craigslist features

  • One can hide or replace their IP address.
  • It protects from geo-blocking.
  • It also helps in hiding locations.

Benefits Of The Craigslist Proxycraigslist-proxies

  • Craig’s proxies help us in staying anonymous. 
  • It helps to avoid IP blocks.
  • Craigslist proxies can help in data scraping 
  • It is helpful in audience targeting for businesses.
Advantages Of The Craigslist Proxy

There are only two advantages of using a Craigslist proxy is that 

  • It helps in hiding an IP address 
  • It helps hide the location.
Disadvantages Of The Craiglist Proxy
  • The disadvantage of the proxy Craiglist is that it keeps everything public about the things shared in the profile.

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How To Place An Ad On Craigslist Using A Proxy?

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to post a Craigslist advertisement using a proxy:

You must first activate your Craigslist proxy. Understand how to use a representative on various browsers to do it manually or use a proxy browser plugin (e.g., FoxyProxy). You must complete this step before visiting the Craigslist website.

  1. Visit craigslist.org now.craigslist logo
  2. Find the “make a posting” link and pick the type of advertisement. Depending on your choice, a list of predefined categories or rules will be displayed to you.create a posting
  3. Please choose the category for your ad that fits it best. Click the “I abide by these guidelines” button to view the rules.choose category
  4. Complete all required fields with a description of your post. Then press “proceed.”posting description
  5. Examine the example advertisement. To make adjustments, click “edit,” to accept the ad, click “proceed.”craigslist example ad
  6. If you agree, read the conditions of use and click “accept.” Click on “decline” if you disagree.craigslist terms and condition
  7. Enter the captcha word here.captcha word
  8. The email from Craigslist allowing you to publish, alter, or delete the posting should be in your inbox. To finish posting, click “publish.”craigslist publish
  9. Exit the browser tab that displays the Craigslist page, clear the browser’s cookies and cache, and then repeat the steps if you wish to publish another advertisement.

Why Is A Craigslist Proxy Necessary?

Using a proxy on Craigslist allows you to accomplish several tasks.craigslist proxy necessity

  • Posting several times

Craigslist does not want the number of posts from a single IP address. If you sell a digital good or prospect, you might need to publish more than once to reach the required number of people.

  • Collecting data

Many individuals use Craigslist proxies to scrape information to verify the things being sold. They then pay a certain fee to purchase the products they resell.

  • Overcoming obstacles at work

A Craigslist proxy will enable you to get around the IP block if your company restricts your access to particular websites while working.

  • Avoiding geographical limits

Posting an advertisement on Craigslist from one place to another is not permitted. For instance, Craigslist would not help you to publish an ad in Los Angeles if you reside in New York. With a proxy, you can get around this restriction.

  • Banned accounts

Your IP may have been blocked if you violated Craigslist’s terms of service. Using a proxy will change your IP address, allowing you to use Craigslist again.

  • Avoiding phone verification

You risk having your account tagged for phone verification if you frequently publish ads on Craigslist using the same IP address. This can be avoided by using a proxy for Craigslist.

How To Pick A Proxy On Craigslist?

If you develop a business that depends on the ads you place, a Craigslist proxy should be reliable, quick, and dependable.craigslist proxies

  • Secure

While you browse Craigslist and post your ad, a secure proxy server will stop harmful attacks on your server and keep you anonymous.

  • Fast

With quick IPs, you can submit your ads with the least time wasted and go on to other business responsibilities.

  • Reliable

You can post an advertisement in one session without needing to reset your connection if you have a dependable IP and a dependable connection. Additionally, it entirely conceals your IP address throughout the process, decreasing the likelihood that the ad would go unverified.

What About Using Craigslist Proxies Or A VPN For Posting Ads

For clarity, let’s get an example.

Imagine you are selling sneakers from Atlanta, and Craigslist is a significant selling channel. And you decide to post ads in cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia, and Miami.

Now, if you want to post classified ads in all these cities through a VPN, you need to disconnect your VPN and reconnect to another server whenever you “switch cities.” However, using Craigslist proxies, you can open different Mozilla Firefox instances and monitor all your ads simultaneously. Because as mentioned, a PC can run only one VPN connection but multiple PC connections.

Where Can I Get Craigslist Proxies For Classified Ads

You can buy Craigslist proxies from any proxy provider because most of these packages contain HTTP proxies from selected cities.


One provider you should check is SSLPrivateProxy. They offer Craigslist proxies and have been in the business for several years.


Are free proxies reliable?

Proxy for Craigslist only helps to hide the location and IP address, keeping the content of the profile public, which makes it vulnerable. Also, free proxies are not that strong and reliable. Therefore we will not suggest using free proxies.

From where can I buy a proxy?

There are various places from where one can buy proxies for Craigslist posting like- GeoSurf, Bright Data, Smartproxy, Zyte’s Smart Proxy Manager, SOAX, Rayobyte, these proxies have money refund, along with no bandwidth, which makes them a top choice for the buyers.

How does a proxy server work?

The job of a proxy server is to hide the location and IP address of the computers. A proxy server generally hides the unique IP address that every computer possesses. Also, it gives every computer a different address. The new proxy IP address covers the real IP address by giving the internet a virtual IP address.

Craigslist exceeded posting volume limit Error?

When someone posts something on the same topic within 48 hours of another post, 'Craigslist exceeded posting volume limit' appears. Craigslist support has not answered it. In addition, people are getting scammed by this warning thing lately, which can happen for any reason, so 'Stay Alert'.


Regardless of where you get your proxies, you should make sure your package contains options like your ability to choose the city of your IPs and multiple locations available (usually, this means the provider is professional and offers an excellent service). Moreover, you should also ensure that your proxies have a clean history IP, meaning they weren’t used or blocked on any classified ads website. And finally, the package you buy should include a monthly randomization option that allows you to ask for new IPs every month.

This is all there is to know about Craigslist proxies so you can get on the right path to buy working ones and avoid getting blocked or blocked proxies.

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