What Are Craigslist Proxies & How to Master Them?

While it might not look modern, Craigslist is still one of the most used websites today. In the US it ranks in the top 10. And has been ranking like this for many years now. Many Internet users from everywhere in the world use Craigslist to post ads, look for items, buy or swap things on the platform.

But there are still other users who can’t get access to the platform. The reasons are many. However, they can bypass these restrictions with the help of Craigslist proxies.

What are Craigslist proxies

Craigslist proxies are private proxies with IPs from a specific area (of your choice) that you can use to access Craigslist from that are. For example, somebody from Vietnam might want to use Craigslist for reaching potential customers/clients on the United States West Coast.

Under present circumstances, they might not be able. But with the help of Craigslist proxies (let’s say for Los Angeles), they can hide their real IP address behind the proxy server.

Hence, bypassing any issues and our guy could reach any potential client from the West Coast.

What’s different at Craigslist proxies

Technically, there isn’t anything different. Actually, under “perfect” conditions, every private or public proxy can act as a proxy for classified ads websites.

However, the difference and the main advantage of Craigslist proxies aren’t offered by their technical setup. But by their IPs ability to connect to Craigslist and your ability to choose the proxy servers’ locations when buying your IPs. For example, you can’t select the location of your proxies for most proxy packages.

However, when purchasing proxies for classified ads and Craigslist, you can choose the location of your IPs. Also, you will get clean IPs. This means that they weren’t used on Craigslist before. Hence, you will connect without any issues.

Can I use a VPN instead of a proxy

Yes, you can use it, but with a VPN you can hide your IP only once because a VPN connection can’t run at the same time with another. Whereas, when using proxies, you can run multiple browsers connected through various proxies at the same time. You can geo-multitask without any headaches.

What about using Craigslist proxies or a VPN for posting ads

For clarity, let’s get an example.

Imagine you are selling sneakers from Atlanta and Craigslist is a significant selling channel for you. And you decide to post ads in cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia, and Miami.

Now, if you want to post classified ads in all these cities through a VPN, you need to disconnect your VPN and reconnect to another server, every time you “switch cities”. However, by using Craigslist proxies, you can open different Mozilla Firefox instances at the same time and monitor all your ads at once. Because, as mentioned, a PC can run only one VPN connection, but multiple PC connections.

Where can I get Craigslist proxies for classified ads

You can buy Craigslist proxies from any proxy provider because most of these packages contain HTTP proxies from selected cities.

One provider you should check is SSLPrivateProxy. They offer Craigslist proxies and have been in the business for several years now.

Regardless of where you get your proxies, you should make sure your package contains options like your ability to choose the city of your IPs, multiple locations available (usually this means the provider is professional and offers an excellent service). Moreover, you should also make sure that your proxies have a clean history IP, meaning they weren’t used or blocks on any classified ads website. And finally, the package you buy should include a monthly randomization option which allows you to ask for new IPs every month.

This is all there is to know about Craigslist proxies so you can get on the right path to buy working ones and avoid getting blacklisted or blocked proxies.

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