CrashPlan Unable to Connect to Backup Engine [Solved]


Established in 2001, Code 42 is an IT consulting company who designed and released Crashplan in 2007. The primary aim of the group was to create a desktop application which was similar to Facebook. In the end, the company directed their resources to the online storage elements of the software, hence the birth of Crashplan.

The application is mainly used for the constant backing up of files to a cloud-delivered by the company to the consumer. Promising safety from hardware failure, natural disasters, theft and ransomware, Crashplan used to give the user the choice of two plans. The first package provided by the company is mainly designed for domestic use or families.


Unfortunately, the company has shut down the division focussing on domestic purposes and given Carbonite the right to cover them on this front. This has moved their abilities to outfit the organization to provide a better backup solution to any enterprise willing to pay a small fee. The second and only option which the company is currently offering the public is called Crashplan for small business.

For a small monthly fee of ten dollars, Crashplan as whole promises to deliver to their loyal customer’s free access to twenty-four hours always on server with unlimited storage and with the presence of top-notch security.


The specialty of the services which are provided by this organization does not lie in what they offer but in the manner of execution in what is provided by them. The backup service of a subscribed consumer kicks up initially, which might take several hours or days, this depends upon the connection the subscriber uses.

But soon with the habit of continuous automatic backing up, the speed at which each backup is executed increases at a steady pace. The data stored on the server will be highly encrypted to ensure the security of the media. It is also password protected.

The Fall of CrashPlan

In this day and age where automatic backing up unto cloud servers is a common thing. The Wall Street Journal, irrespective of the derogatory remark that the software was lacking in “fine print,” favored the software over four other similar services they compared it to. Soon, PC Mag followed suit, awarding the well-renowned software a four point five out of five stars.

Crashplan even though providing flawless hardware to the ones needing it, and rarely having any significant issues server side, their software isn’t in the best of terms with its users.

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Crashplan unable to connect to backup engine is one of the many problems faced by its users. This is a very disappointing and disheartening error to encounter. This is because the main reason the user uses Crashplan is to back up files and it still fails to connect even though you have mashed the retry button over hundred times.

So today we’re going to show you how to solve the Crashplan unable to connect to backup engine error.

How to Fix CrashPlan Unable to Connect to Backup Engine


The Crashplan unable to connect to backup engine error occurs when the memory allocation has a small malfunction with its parameters. Parameters are defined as an unusual kind of variable which is used in a subroutine. To solve the standard error with the parameters of Crashplan, one has to access the CrashPlanService.ini file which can be sought out at the program files.

Once reaching the destined file, look into the CrashPlan file to find the desired document, once found open the document using Notepad. After the document is open, seek the line which starts with “Virtual Machine Parameters.” Once found change the parameter value from “-Xmx1024m” to “-Xmx512m”.

Once done, this line reduces the memory usage of the program from 1024M to 512M. After which save the changes to the file. If the above steps have been executed in the correct order and manner, the user just has to start the CrashPlan services. If the error is still present, then the next solution should solve your problem.

In-depth fresco install

Meaning “fresh install” from the Spanish language, fresco install will help you to get rid of the Crashplan unable to connect to backup engine error. The in-depth part comes after installing a fresh version of the program.

To execute the first step of the solution, the user primarily has to make sure the program is uninstalled fully. Achieving total eradication of the software from one’s computer is easy, and it starts with a regular uninstallation. To uninstall the software usually, just access the control panel and select the option to uninstall a program. This will lead you to a list of programs from which the user should seek out Crashplan.

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Final Steps

After which, right-clicking on it will give a drop-down menu to offer you the option to uninstall the software. Once the program is uninstalled, proceed to the program data file in the “C” drive and delete the folder aptly named Crashplan. After the folder has been deleted, the user is at liberty to do a fresh install of the application.

During installation, make sure to install the program in the default location insisted by the installer. This can solve future problems if any escalates. Once the installation is done, login to your CrashPlan account. Now the in-depth part begins. Once inside, proceed to the backup option and follow the “continue backup” dialog box. After which clicking on the adopt button will lead you to adopt a previous computer.

The user can aptly make a selection by looking into the computer name, the chronology of last backup and its archive size. Once the last step is done, the user will be prompted to sign in, which in turn will give you the message of a successful adoption. This solution should fix the Crashplan unable to connect to backup engine error.


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