Card Declined? This Is What You Can Do!

Many users who want to activate their declined Card, so they may use it to make purchases with their credit card, frequently have the problem of having the issuer bank deny the card. It can be very difficult to buy cryptocurrency using credit cards for those who are new to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, as they typically do not know how to utilize their card.

However, if you discover that your debit card is no longer functional or if you lost your card. And then contact your bank card issuer to request a replacement for the same; then, it’s quite possible that your Card may eventually be denied during a transaction.

In this article, we’ll detail the abovementioned issues and suggest solutions that indefinitely stop your card from being denied. Let’s first take a quick look at what the website is all about before moving on to why is card declined.

What Is The Website About?

Leading cryptocurrency exchange allows you to purchase, sell, and hold your crypto assets for as long as you like.

Due to its stringent security, transparency, cheap transaction fees, quick transaction rate, and many other exceptional characteristics, the card declined has been around for years and has established a reputation for itself in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field since its

It also supports a portion of the more than 250 currencies available for spot trading on You should expect to be able to buy and sell the majority of the most widely traded currencies. Even though there are too many supported currencies to mention them all here.

Causes Of Card Declined

When you try to use Card to purchase any cryptocurrency, there may be various causes for your debit card to stop functioning.

Here are a few potential causes for the error message “ card declined” that you frequently encounter.

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Card Server Problem

This problem is among the main causes of the debit card refusal while you trying to purchase cryptocurrency.

Card servers frequently encounter downtime, likely caused by server maintenance and typically fixed in a fairly short amount of time.

During this downtime, attempts to purchase cryptocurrency with a card declined are likely to result in the card denied error message. visa cards

In case your transaction is unsuccessful, then it’s possible that money may also be debited. Then, until the resolution of the card server problem is made, your money will be given back to your bank account or credited to your cryptocurrency wallet.

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Invalid Debit or Credit Card Information

One of the main causes of your card being declined whenever you try to buy cryptocurrency using your credit card is incorrect debit or credit card information.

To prevent receiving a card declined error message during a transaction, thoroughly cross-check and input your valid credit or debit details before performing any transaction with your card. These details include your name, card number, expiration date, and credit or debit card verification number (CVV).

crypto.Com interface

However, if you lose your card, which you typically use to make purchases. Then, enter the new card information in case you want to activate a new card. 

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Not Enough Money In Your Card

To prevent your card from being denied during the transaction owing to insufficient funds, ensure you have an identical amount of money on your issuing card before purchasing cryptocurrency using your credit or debit card.

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Suspected Fraud Or Abnormal Activity Using The Debit Or Credit Card

Suspicion of fraudulent behavior is one of the main causes of most people’s credit card refusal while purchasing cryptocurrency.

This card declines while purchasing and marketing cryptocurrency with your debit or debit card to safeguard the cardholder against illegally using their card if they misplace it.

However, if your card declines because of suspected irregular activity. Then, you would probably have to undergo extra security screening to prove that you are the rightful cardholder. cards

You could use your debit card to purchase cryptocurrency without any problems after they have examined you. And performed the appropriate security checks, and determined that you are the owner of the debit or debit card.

If you are having issues with the card declined, you can read our article on how to quickly solve the crypto app not working because some of the problems there might also be why your credit card payment or transaction failed.

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Can I buy cryptocurrency using a debit card?

Yes, major banks reject credit or debit card transactions involving cryptocurrencies. Only Amex appears to take credit cards. But please phone your bank to confirm because that may be considered as a cash advance. My debit card is a ScotiaBank card. When I called my bank about all my cards being denied. Then, they revealed that they flagged all overseas payments as fraudulent.

Where can I acquire cryptocurrency the easiest?

The best marketplace for cryptocurrency transactions is With the fastest-growing cryptocurrency app in the world, the Visa Card, Exchange. And Defi Wallet, currently serves over 10 million consumers.

Does Disallow MasterCard Payments?

Customers of can use their MasterCard or Visa card to buy any cryptocurrency of their choice. However, there is a 2.99% commission fee with a $20 minimum purchase requirement for all American cardholders.

How many different cryptocurrencies exist?

Bitcoin is by far the most well-known and commonly used cryptocurrency. Early in January 2021, the cryptocurrency market was worth over $1 trillion, with Bitcoin accounting for about $700 billion. Whether you believe it or not, there are currently over 7,800 cryptocurrencies in use.

How does a cryptocurrency wallet operate?

Digital assets can be kept in card declined, which offers a more secure storage option than an exchange. You keep your wallet either in a custody wallet, an exchange account, or somewhere else. On your PC, tablet, or mobile phone, you can create an online or hot wallet connected to the internet.


If you’ve read this carefully, you should be aware of the potential causes and answers for the error message that says “ Card Declined” whenever you try to use a debit or credit card to purchase cryptocurrency.

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