CTF Loader Process | Four Methods On How To Shut It Down

The CTF Loader program, also known as ctfmon.exe, is a critical process in Windows 10. Because it handles numerous vital tasks in Windows, the CTF Loader process is commonly running in the background. But what if you want to disable it?ctf loader end task


We’ll show you how to disable the CTF loader process using four methods. You can use various settings such as the Task Manager and Task Scheduler to disable the CTF Loader on your PC.

Although the CTF loader works just fine for most users, if you are one of the users who complain about the CTF Loader’s high CPU Usage, Keep Reading. This article will help you out.

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What Is CTF Loader?

CTF Loader, also known as the Collaborative Translation Framework, is a background process in Windows 10 that manages and supports Task Manager. This process is known as CTF Loader or ctfmon.exe.

taskman ctfmon exe

Furthermore, it provides text support such as keyboard translation and speech recognition and allows users to switch between different input languages.

The process is not harmful, but it can occasionally cause issues that cause system performance to slow down or display various errors and high CPU usage.

Disabling The CTF Loader | Is It Safe?

The CTF Loader is a critical process in Windows 10. However, you can safely disable it without losing essential Windows 10 features. If you disable the CTF Loader, the following Windows update may restore this process to its original state.

ctf loader task

Also, if you come across something that immediately stops working after you disable the CTF Loader, the chances are that disabling the Windows 10 CTF loader is to blame. It would help if you reactivated it. 

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Disabling CTF Loader In Windows 10.

Although CTF Loader works fine on most PCs sometimes, it just starts using the CPU to significant limits, which might restrict the user from performing other tasks on their pc effectively.ctf loader end task

In such cases, it is better to disable the CTF Loader. Here are some ways to shut down the CTF Loader process.

Shutting Down CTF Loader Using Task Manager

Sometimes, when users do not want to remove the CTF Loader process in Windows 10 permanently, they can terminate it. Users can do it in Windows 10 by using the Task Manager. 

Please follow the simple steps outlined below:

  1. To begin, press Windows Key + X on your keyboard and select Task Manager.task manager
  2. Then, after clicking More Details, navigate to the Processes tab to see a list of all the processes currently running on your computer.
  3. After that, you can select it by clicking on CTF Loader and then clicking on End Task, which will end this process.ctf loader task

By following these steps in the CTF Loader task manager section, you will be able to disable the function. But in some cases, an antivirus may detect the CTF Loader as a potential virus and not allow you to perform these steps.

In that case, follow the given steps to disable the CTF Loader process.

  1. To begin, press Windows Key + E on your keyboard to launch Windows Explorer.windows key and e
  2. Then, navigate to C: WindowsSystem32 and search for the exe file.windows system32
  3. Right-click on it and select Properties.
  4. Then, go to the Details tab and double-check that it says Microsoft Corporation. If it says otherwise, it is most likely a virus process that must be removed from your computer using antivirus software.

Shutting Down CTF Loader Using Task Scheduler 

Another helpful utility to shut down the CTF Loader, discovered in Windows 10 is Task Scheduler. It allows you to schedule various tasks in Windows. As a result, you can modify the startup settings of multiple processes on your computer.

You can also use this to change CTF Loader settings, which will allow you to disable it. If you want to disable CTF Loader in Windows 10 using Task Scheduler, do the following to complete the CTF loader process: 

  1. To run Task Scheduler as an administrator on your computer, please use Windows Search.task scheduler shortcut
  2. Navigate to Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows- > TextServicesFramework from the left side panel menu.
  3. Select MsCtfMonitor and select the Disable option from the right-side panel menu within Windows 10’s Task Scheduler.msctfmonitor disable
  4. After that, please restart your computer, which will disable the CTF Loader on your computer.

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Shutting Down The CTF Loader Process Using Services Utility

     The services utility allows you to modify various settings and options related to all of the services running in your Windows 10 PC background. It will enable you to search for startup type, start or stop services, etc.

Users can also use it to modify the properties and settings of ctfmon.exe, which is the process name for CTF Loader. That is, if you want to disable CTF Loader in Windows 10, you can do so by using Services, as shown here:

  1. To begin, press Windows Key + R on your keyboard to launch Run in Windows 10. Type msc and press Enter to open the Services utility in Windows.run command
  2. When you’re in Services, look for the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service in the Services list. After that, you must right-click on it and select Open.
  3. Within its properties, navigate to the General tab and select Disabled from the drop-down menu next to Startup type before clicking OK to save your settings.touch keyboard service disable
  4. Finally, you must restart your computer. The CTF Loader will be successfully disabled and will not be launched unless you manually execute it.

Shutting CTF Loader Using AdvancedSystemCare

If you did not disable ctfmon.exe on Windows 10, it is necessary and beneficial to use AdvancedSystemCare Startup Manager. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so.

  1. Download AdvancedSystemCare.advanced system care
  2. In AdvancedSystemCare, navigate to the Toolbox tab and select Startup Manager.toolbox tab
  3. Find and set ctfmon.exe to Disabled in IObit Startup Manager, under the tab Services.

These are how a user can disable the CTF Loader 32 bit on your PC and manage the CTF loader process.

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Is CTF LOADER a virus?

No, CTF LOADER is an entirely open file. Check the file location by pressing ctrl+alt+del to see if the system is infected with the ctfmon.exe virus or not. Because CTF LOADER is a legitimate file, malware programmers spread the infection by renaming a virus program as ctfmon.exe to appear legitimate to users.

What exactly is Ctfmon.exe in Windows XP?

The Microsoft process CTFmon manages Alternative User Input and the Office Language bar. It is how you can control the computer using speech, a pen tablet, or the onscreen keyboard inputs for Asian languages.


CTF LOADER is one of windows’ very own software and hence, completely legit. Users can quickly turn it off using any of the ways mentioned in today’s article whenever it starts using up lots of potential of the CPU. Hopefully, we have cleared the CTF Loader process for you. 

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