If you are interested in creating a personalized light bar for your PS4 Controller, you must have tried several ways to create it, but do you know the right way how to make custom ps4 controllers light bar?

A wonderful option to give your gaming setup some personality is to create your own unique light bar for your PS4 Controller. Surprisingly few common tools are needed for the procedure. A soldering iron, solder, and electrical tape are the first things you’ll need. Then, you’ll need to locate an LED strip that is the right size for the light bar on your Controller. Once you have the LED strip, you may connect it to the Controller using a soldering iron. After that, use electrical tape to ensure each connection is safe. 

This blog will cover how to make custom PS4 controllers light bars, how to prevent Short Circuits in Your custom ps4 light bar with Heat Shrink Tubing, etc.

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Create Your Own Unique PS4 Controller

Customizing the light bar on a PS4 controller is an excellent way to personalize and distinguish your gaming setup. The light bar on the front of the Controller illuminates a player’s position in some games and displays the Controller’s battery level. While the standard light bar is solid, there are several ways to customize it, such as adding decals or changing the color with a particular film.dualshock 4 sony ps4

Bringing personal style to your PS4 gaming experience has never been easier. You can turn your standard ps4 controller light bar into a unique, one-of-a-kind device with a few simple modifications. And one of the most straightforward modifications is customizing the light bar. Here’s how you can create your unique PS4 Controller with a custom light bar. If you wish to connect your PS5 controller to your PS4, click here!

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A step-by-step guide to make custom ps4 controllers light bar

 For gamers and DIY enthusiasts, creating a custom ps4 controller light bar can be a fun and exciting project. While it may appear to be difficult, it is simple to complete with the right tools and materials.dualshock4

 Materials Needed:

  • PS4 Controller
  • LED strip lights
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Screwdriver set
  • Multimeter

Take the PS4 Controller apart.

Begin by disassembling the Controller to make a ps4 controller sticker light bar.take apart ps4 controller

Next, remove the screws from the back cover with a screwdriver set, and gently remove the cover.

Get Rid of the Old Light Bar

After disassembling the Controller, remove the old light bar from the circuit board.lightbar

During this process, avoid damaging any other parts.

Install LED Strip Lights

After removing the old light bar, replace it with LED strip lights.led strip lights

Next, connect the positive and negative wires to the circuit board and secure them with heat shrink tubing to prevent short circuits.

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Solder the Wires

Connect the LED strip lights to the circuit board using a soldering iron and solder.solder

To ensure the connections are secure, use a multimeter to test them.

 Put the Light Bar to the Test

To test the custom light bar, turn on your PS4. In case your PS4 won’t turn on, click here!led test

If everything is connected correctly, the LED strip lights should work.

Replace the Controller

Finally, reassemble the Controller by repeating the steps from Step 1. Your custom ps4 custom controller light bar is now complete and ready to use. Use Heat Shrink Tubing to prevent short circuits. 

heat shrink tubingShort circuit protection is an essential step in the process of creating a custom ps4 Controller light skin. Unfortunately, short circuits can harm the Controller and you, so it’s critical to take the necessary precautions to avoid them. Here’s how to keep the wires from shorting out:

Using heat shrink tubing to protect wires from short circuits is a great way to prevent short circuits. This thin plastic material is applied to the soldered joints and shrunk with the help of a heat gun or a lighter. The heat shrink tubing is a barrier between the wires and other components, preventing the wires from touching and shorting out.

Cover Exposed Wires

Cover any exposed wires to avoid touching other components and causing a short circuit.dualshock 4 wires Use electrical tape or additional heat shrink tubing to cover the exposed wires.

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Test the Connections

Before reassembling the Controller, ensure that there are no short circuits between the wires and the circuit board.multimeter A multimeter can test the connections and detect potential short circuits.

Use Proper Soldering Techniques

To prevent short circuits, use proper soldering techniques when soldering wires to the circuit board.proper soldering technique Use the correct amount of solder and avoid using too much, which can cause the solder to touch other components and cause a short circuit.

Label the Wires 

By ensuring that the positive and negative wires are not misconnected, labeling the wires can help prevent short circuits. wire labellingLabel the wires with a permanent marker or a labeling machine.

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Do I need any special tools to disassemble the PS4 Controller?

A Phillips screwdriver, a plastic prying tool, and a soldering iron are required. You may also need a heat gun or a lighter for the heat-shrink tubing.

How do I get rid of the old light bar on the Controller?

Disassemble the Controller and locate the circuit board to eliminate the old light bar. Next, gently remove the old light bar from the Controller, and use a plastic prying tool. The wires should then be carefully unsoldered from the circuit board.

How do I put the LED strip lights in my PS4 Controller?

First, carefully measure and cut the LED strip lights to fit inside the Controller. The wires must then be connected to the LED strip lights and secured. Finally, solder the wires to the circuit board of the Controller.

How do I test the light bar to ensure it is operational?

To test the light bar, turn on the PS4 console and make sure the light bar is illuminated. A multimeter can also test the connections and ensure that the wires are securely connected to the circuit board.

What precautions should I take when working with the circuit board of the PS4 Controller?

When working with the PS4 Controller's circuit board, it's critical not to damage any components. To avoid electrical shock, unplug the Controller from the console before disassembling it

Final words 

In conclusion, this is how you can make custom ps4 controllers light bar. Customizing the light bar on a PS4 controller not only adds a personal touch to your gaming setup but also serves as a practical tool in certain games and displays the Controller’s battery level. With options like decals and color change film, the possibilities for customization are endless.

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