A Discord program with a tonne of features, including discord bots, with a unique touch that makes it ironic and memetic, is called Dank Memer. Numerous parodies, a HUGE currency framework, and further! Dank Memer commands are of various types; let’s look at some common ones.

Inevitably require entering a few instructions, which will tell the Dank Memer robot how to behave to operate it on Discord. The directions might be modified so the bot can play the meme gameplay. You must write the prefix “pls” before the command you want to give. 

Explore this article further for additional Dank Memer instructions. See more details about these commands. 

All Dank Memer Commands

Dank Memer Robot is one of the many funny bots that Discord users can add to their machines; developed by Melmsie due to being unable to locate any excellent meme material on Discord. As a result, Dank Memer grew to become the largest meme machine.dank-memer-bot-install-guide Dank Memer Robot includes functions like the ability to play activities with other users alongside memes. Discord users can add robots on their machines, like this Dank Memer bot, to render interpersonal encounters more entertaining and intriguing.

The most well-liked aspect of Dank Memer is the currency or economy, in which one can acquire, fail, steal, purchase, sell, etc., using cash from your bank. Among the most intriguing aspects of Dank Memer is the currency feature, which allows many users to join and flaunt their wealth.

Additional features of Dank Memer commands include animal instructions, config instructions, utility directives, entertaining commands, and manipulating pictures.

Visit: Dank Memer’s official website

Ways To Add Dank Memer Discord Commands

Before one gets to know the way to use the Dank Memer commands, one should know thoroughly about how to add them. These are some steps that you should follow to use these commands.

1. Start by opening Discord on your computer.main-page-discord

2. To add the automated system to the machine, one must be a server administrator or possess admin rights.dank-memer-main-page

3. Go to the Dank Memer main page now. If you haven’t already, you must register into Discord.register-discord-page

4. Choose “Invite Now” from the main page.invite-now

5. Choose a server from the selection after that.add-bot-to-server

6. Choose the one you want to include, the Dank Memer Robot. You’ll now see a dialog asking you to give the robot aware permissions.permissions-discord

7. Accepting every privilege is necessary for the robot to function properly. After reading it completely, select Authorize.thank-you-site

8. Now, you can access your Discord channel and discover the robot has been installed. Give the bot admin rights so that it can perform at its best.integrations-dank-meme

9. You can include something in an organization by right-clicking on it and selecting the group.

How To Use Dank Memer Bot

After adding a robot from Melmsie’s (The Creator) main Dank Memer webpage and giving it an administrator position on the system, one may utilize it by entering several commands. One can follow this comprehensive step-by-step procedure to accomplish exactly that.dank-memer-how-to-set-up

You’ll require entering a few instructions which will tell the Dank Memer robot how to behave to operate it on Discord. The manual will occasionally be modified so the bot can play the meme game. To get going, enter the following. Type within the message box while you usually would.

The simplest and first instruction you can type is “pls help” (without the inverted commas). The entire collection of classifications the Dank Memer robot holds will merely be opened.

“pls image” – This option will show additional categories with meme-related photographs. There is an entertaining in-group messaging game one might enjoy called “pls help the currency.” Just enter this, alongside the directions will appear!

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Secret Dank Memer Commands

There are several secret Dank Memer commands. Here the write-up discusses some common secret commands. Let’s know these commands and their uses. secret-commands

  • pls 8ball– Ask the magical (but somewhat impolite) 8ball what the future holds!
  • pls clap– What you would like the bot to respond to is Using sass; make the bot utter whatever you want!
  • pls dankrate– Check your certified dank grade to determine the way dank one is.
  • pls deletethis– The “delete this” joke
  • pls emojify- What you would like the bot to respond to emojis can be used to make the bot utter regardless of what you desire!
  • pls epicgamerrate– Check out your amazing gaming skills.
  • pls gif seach terms– Get certain sicc images to express your emotions.
  • pls google seach terms– Tired of hearing stupid inquiries from others? It’s LMGTFY for them!
  • pls imazine <text to imagine>– Imagine giving an order to create an image
  • pls lenny– every person knows what a Lenny is.
  • Make fun of your friend’s idiotic remarks!
  • pls owo– What is this?
  • pls partyfrog <what you want the bot to say>- Make the robot speak in celebration frog form and utter anything one desires!
  • pls spoiler <what you the bot to say>– Set the robot to say anything you’d like in the shape of an irksome teaser!
  • pls vaporwave <what you want the bot to say>– Through a little vapor, create the robot utter anything one wants.

Visit: Dank Memer’s list of commands


What does black memer preliminary mean?

The popular program Dank Memer is employed widely in Discord. It has a wide range of attributes involving money, entertainment, and memes, alongside numerous instructions.

How do I use Dank Memer Robot to join diversions on Discord?

Additionally, Dank Memer Bot has tools for multiplayer games. When I begin this piece, the Dank Memer robot has six titles available. The activities are tic tac toe, connect 4, battle, suppose rps, and quizzes.

How do I use Dank Memer's money commands?

The most prevalent function among consumers of Dank Memer bots is the currency or economic function. Every individual has a bank in the currency function, and you can make or lose cash through that bank. You can make money by performing menial chores, yet it must also protect the money from theft by individuals.

What are some well-known simple instructions for beginners?

pls search, pls beg, pls bet, and pls bj are some commonly known basic directives for starters who want to use commands for Dank Memer.

What do the Dank Memer instructions entail?

Dank Memer is an excellent way to quickly develop and distribute content your friends will find amusing. One may generate and distribute amazing memes with the aid of the Dank Memer Discord bot. The bot can perform various tasks, such as producing memes, gifs, emoji packs, etc. The Dank Memer group is also extremely active, and the main website has a wealth of information and tools to assist with the bot.

Passive mode dark memer. Discuss.

The passive Option prevents other system users from stealing or bankrolling you and prevents you from doing that. This will prevent any other team members from robbing or heisting you.

What constitutes certain common instructions used by Dank Memers?

/8ball question used to ask query to magik 8ball, /advancement upgrades used for seeing and buying updates for the games, /advancement prestige begins entirely stats new for some little profits, and many more are some commonly used Dank Memer bot commands.


In conclusion, Dank Memer is a well-known Dank Memer commands that let users do a wide range of things on the Discord server, consisting of publishing memes, creating picture commands, and engaging in games such as “Slots” along with “Murder Mystery.” It’s renowned for its extensive feature set and capacity to produce and distribute memes and other forms of media inside a Discord group.

Dank Memer acts as an economic bot that enables users to carry out financial and economic duties inside a Discord channel. These duties include administering virtual cash, dealing with virtual items or services, or taking roles in online markets. 

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