With the advent of technology, data breach and information gathering are rising. Mega-technology conglomerates like Facebook have been accused of data theft and privacy theft. These reports cover only those platforms we come in contact with daily. There is another part of data theft known as the dark web. These dark webs are also hubs of the dark web hacking forums. You can understand a hacking forum (HF) as an internet community forum that discusses the hacking culture and its elements.

dark web hacking forums

The top 8 picks for dark web hacking forums are nulled, dread, breached, free hacks, hacktown, raidforums, etc.

The dark web, in particular, has several main hacking forums that are a meeting point for cyber-criminals. These forums were earlier in access to only the operators and the police and cyber-security personnel. However, as a cybersecurity enthusiast, you will be glad to know that you can now access these dark web hacking forums with the latest technologies.

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Top Picks For Dark Web Hacking Forums

Here is a list of the top 08 hacking forums of the dark web that you may keep an eye on without threatening your security.


Nulled is an online, English-based cybercriminal cracking forum. As of 2020, it has over 3 million members. Cybercriminals mostly use the forum for data exchange – trade, and purchase of leaked or hacked information. In 2016, Nulled made news as it became the target of a massive data breach – with about 9.65 GB of the personal information of its users being leaked.


This ‘leak,’ often thought to be an execution of the government-sponsored ethical hackers, helped law enforcement get important information about possible crime suspects who were active on Nulled.


Dread is another of the dark web hacking forums. You can understand it like a darknet version of the question-and-answer platform Reddit because it shares similar functionality. Dread has a similar style of community discussion spots and the feature of user moderation responsibility and sub-communities.


A successor of DeepDotWeb, Dread carries forward the seized forum’s activities of discussing law enforcement monitoring and various scams. Dread is also a marketplace to buy stolen data and as well as the manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs.

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The widely known dark web hacking forum Breached is a successor of RaidForums. Breached carries forward the legacy of the RaidForums as the premier spot for discussing data breaches and information leaks. European law enforcement seized and destroyed RaidForums.

data breach

It constantly rises with its darknet users and the darker information it stores. Breached admin was responsible for purchasing a Mexican bank’s data and leaking it.

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CryptBB is the next hacking forum on the list, which came into existence in 2017 and began as a private hacking forum concentrated around English speakers. It gained fame for its strict application policy, where it only accepted members who passed an interview.


They have recently divided an entirely different site section for ‘newbies.’ CryptBB is a meeting spot of some of the best hackers and programmers, thus, always keeping it under the watch of cybersecurity personnel. It also has a ‘sub-dread’ in the Dreaded forum.


RaidForums is a name that may need no introduction. Now destroyed, but when active, it was unanimously considered the kingpin of the dark web hacking forums. What is more interesting is that RaidForums creator is a 14-year-old Portuguese student. His name was ‘Omnipotent.’ The features were such of this forum that, within seven years, it had over 500 million users.


The forum was a hub for sharing high-level databases, leaks, and security concerns, with several renowned cybercriminals being its regular users. The capture and destruction of RaidForums in 2022 have impacted a huge area of cyber criminals and dark web data.

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FreeHacks is one of the world wide web’s most prominent and largest hacking forums. It is under the crime communities in Russia and operated by the country’s crime communities to gain data leaks from sources.


The forum deals with hacking and security breach details and is also a huge place for Carding, i.e., stealing credit cards and cashing them out on the internet. It also promotes discussions about SEO optimizations, how to influence them, and malware and virus distribution.


Altenen is another site amongst the top dark web hacking forums. It focuses particularly on hacking and carding sort of crimes. Carding refers to credit card fraud that executes online to steal money.


The forum, still in its growth stage, is gaining credibility amongst not just cybercriminals but also newbies who wish to enter the world of digital crimes. Altenen was originally an Arabic forum and later switched to English natives in 2018.


The next name on this list of dark web hacking forums is HackTown. Known as the ‘Hacker University’ on the dark web, this forum trains people to become professional cybercriminals. It has a front page tagline aimed at hacking for profit and committing fraud.


The forum charges a course fee, and then the ‘enrolled’ students learn various tricks and trials used to hack both companies and individuals. Not to mention, HackTown also has many of the latest hacker tools at its disposal.

Word of Advice

If you are traveling through the dark web, especially the illegal side of it, always be careful of your security. Buy a dedicated IP address and other protection measures to reduce the risk of getting hacked and your data leaked.

word of advice

Be very critical of the content and even more critical of the people you meet there. There are criminal, dangerous criminals lingering there, and your security measures should be top-notch to keep you safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Google search for a dark web website?

No, a normal Google browser (or any other in this case) cannot search, index, or display a dark web website. Although the darknet is present on the World Wide Web, its purpose is to stay hidden. To access a dark web page, you need a Tor browser and, in some cases, access permission.

Is the dark web illegal?

The dark web is not illegal in its existence. However, it is a prominent place on the internet where many illegal activities like hacking, scamming, carding, cyber-attacks, etc., take place. This presence is why the dark web has an illegal reputation.

How to know if my email address has been hacked?

If you want to know if your email address has been hacked, you can look for these signs. Suddenly, some strange, unknown emails are in your sent folder. You have got uninitiated notifications for password changes. Your contacts joined by email send you complaints about unknown emails sent by you, or your email links detects unusual IP addresses and browsers.


The dark web comprises approximately 05% of the World Wide Web and is steadily growing. In this article, you viewed a list of the top 08 dark web hacking forums that you might find interesting if you are a cybersecurity enthusiast. The forums like RaidForums and the seize have brought to light the grasp that the criminals on the dark web have on the world’s data.

Cybercriminals are some very versatile and skilled programmers and hackers who are capable of not just large-scale hacking but also major cyber-attacks. But if you keep all the problems with the dark web aside, the story and functioning of this restricted web part are very interesting to study.

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