How to Delete hiberfil.sys File in Windows 10 (Best Method)

There is never enough disk space to satisfy the needs of a user. And what makes things worse is the fact that there exist some system files, hidden from the user which occupy loads of space on the root disk, generally being the C-drive. One such system file is hiberfil.sys that engage enormous amount of space on the disk. You would want to delete Delete hiberfil.sys File and get the valuable Gigabytes liberated. It can be for the smooth running of your PC and for opening ways for the installation of some new applications.

However, the deletion of this file in your Windows system isn’t as easy as it sounds. The straightforward approach of deleting a file does not work in this case. You need to employ unconventional methods, to get rid of the same. In this article, we shall assist you to understand the meaning and origin of this file, and above all, we shall teach you to delete the hiberfil.sys file.

What is hiberfil.sys and why does the system create it?

Sometimes, all you need is to grab a cup of coffee for refreshment, while working on your PC. You certainly would not want to close all your work and shut down your PC for the short break. And you would not leave your PC turned on for securing the privacy and secrecy of your work. If you are using a laptop, you would be likely to face battery issues, thereby making the situation even more difficult. To overcome this common problem, Windows has introduced the special features namely “Sleep Mode” and “Hibernate Mode.”

Sleep & Power Settings
Sleep & Power Settings

Both the “Sleep mode” and “Hibernate Mode” deliver a phenomenal performance in providing a super fast booting time and in saving battery. The “Sleep Mode” uses some amount of battery to keep the information in the RAM of your PC intact. Thereby keeping all the applications ready to use immediately when the PC is turned on. On the contrary, the “Hibernate Mode” kind of shuts down the PC and saves much more battery than the “Sleep Mode.”

In this mode, the information in the RAM of the PC isn’t kept intact, instead of being saved as a file on the hard drive of the computer. This file containing the RAM’s information is known as the “hiberfil.sys”. It is helpful in the quick boot of the PC and quick access of the files previously running on the PC. It sizes about 75% of the total RAM, i.e., if your PC runs on 4GB of RAM the size of hiberfil.sys is most likely to be 3GB approximately.

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Delete hiberfil.sys File: Effortless Steps

Although deleting the hiberfil.sys file isn’t straight; it is not difficult as well. The file gets automatically deleted when the “Hibernate Mode” is turned off. To disable the “Hibernate Mode” a simple command in the commands prompt must be assigned.

Here are the steps to disable the “Hibernate Mode”:

  1. Type in “Command Prompt” inside the search bar in the Start menu.
  2. Right click on the Command Prompt icon and hit “Run as Administrator.”
  3. At the window of the Command Prompt, type “powerful –h off” and hit the “Enter” button.
  4. Type “exit” and press “Enter.”
  5. Restart your PC.

These steps will Delete hiberfil.sys File automatically after disabling the Hibernation mode. Thus, liberating the precious hard drive space on your PC. If anytime you need to turn on the Hibernation Mode, type “powercfg –h on” in the command prompt.

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