How To Delete Your Skype Account | Complete Guide

Microsoft is one of the top leading software and app developers. It is also a great competitor to Google. It has been working harder to provide its users with a quality service. Microsoft has launched many social media apps and also Windows, the most widely used Operating System worldwide. Microsoft has gained popularity because of Windows. Not only Windows it has also released Microsoft office which is a package that contains Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, etc. But there might be some reason if you want to Delete Your Skype Account.

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About Skype

Microsoft also launched its web cloud storage service named Onedrive. It also launched Microsoft Outlook where you can store all your Microsoft and other files in one place. Now besides all these Microsoft has also launched SKYPE, one of the best video-calling apps.

Video-calling is something that helps you connect to your friends, family, and loved ones by watching them on your smartphone, tablet, or PC screen.

You must have the video-calling function on your phone, or you just need to install a video-calling app that will help you to connect to your loved ones. There are many video-calling apps are available right now in the market.

But one of the best video-calling apps people recommend using is SKYPE. It has gone through several updates to provide the best video-calling experience to its users. Skype also lets to chat and send text messages to your loved ones.

SKYPE is one of the best apps of Microsoft. They have updated it to give a live experience to the user. Everything good in this world has some bad in it. So does SKYPE! People are not finding the correct way to communicate.

They are also facing issues while signing in to their SKYPE account. They are also not happy due to several reasons; they might be either from the developer’s side or the user’s side. It is also losing its importance nowadays.

So people are often deleting their Skype accounts as it is not necessary for them now as many other apps available are better than Skype.

They allow you to Delete Your Skype Account but give a minimum time of 60 days if you make up your mind, not to delete the account.

Delete Your Skype Account

Steps to Delete Your Skype Account:

  1. Open Skype’s account closure page.
  2. Sign in to your account and then click on account settings.
  3. In account settings select Close Your Account.
  4. You will get a confirmation message click NEXT.
  5. Then you need to select a reason to drop out and click OK.
  6. Then confirm closing your account.
Skype Deletion
Skype Deletion

Your account will be closed by performing the above actions. But Skype gives a maximum time of 60 days if the user changes his mind and wants to continue he may just sign in to his Skype account, and his account will not be closed. But if he is failing to do so then his account may be closed forever.

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If you Delete Your Skype Account then it would cancel all your subscriptions, but if you don’t remove the payment options, your account will renew for 60 days. So you need to cancel your subscriptions before closing your account.

You need to use all the money present in your Skype credit balance before closing it as you not be able to use it after your account is closed permanently.

Cancel Skype Subscription
Cancel Skype Subscription

If you have linked your Skype account with your Microsoft account then by closing your Skype account, your Microsoft account will also be closed.

Then you will not be able to have access to any of your Microsoft sites such as One drive, Outlook, Xbox, etc. You need to have a look at all these sections before closing your Skype account.

You might also be able to see your profile picture even after the account closure. There is a need to wait for 60 days after the process. If after that you can see your profile picture then you would only be able to see it but you will not be able to contact anyone.

Your details will be erased automatically. Your friends would be able to see your profile picture and personal details but not be able to call or text you. So you need to be very much careful before closing your account.

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How To Delete Your Skype Account Details?

You can delete your details and erase the skype conversations before closing your account as there are some chances that even after your account is closed the conversations and the data may not be erased.

Delete Skype Account Details
Delete Skype Account Details

To delete your details, you have to click Edit Profile settings in settings and preferences and then click on Personal Information and erase all the data under personal information and leave it empty.

If it doesn’t accept a space fill anything else not related to your information. Another way of deleting your account is to have an online conversation with customer service. Where you need to click on “forgot password” while logging in to your account.

There you need to select “account and password”. Then, click on “deleting your account” and then click on “contact us”. With this option, you will reach Customer Service where you can tell them to delete your skype account.

It takes a maximum time of two weeks for your account to be deleted by this method. These were some easy techniques needed that would help you delete your Skype account.

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