How To Delete Your Amazon Account With Ease


It is one of the world’s favourite online shopping destination and also is growing day by day by introducing much more exciting products and deals for its valuable customers. They launched Amazon Prime which helped its clients get faster delivery of the products and also some extra benefit. Amazon also launched Amazon Prime video for its users so that they would be able to stream their favourite movies and videos. But there might be some reason why you would want to Delete Your Amazon Account.

It also started Amazon Originals to give a better experience to its viewers and also to increase the number of viewers. You just need to have Amazon account and also Amazon Prime subscription. It also released Amazon Prime Photos for its customers so that they would store and edit their photos or videos.

Anything created in this mighty world has its advantages and disadvantages. So besides its good service and fast delivery Amazon also was not able to fulfill some needs of people and they would get fed-up of the online shopping system. So they decide to get rid of this system, and they decide to remove their account to the list of Amazon accounts.

You can cancel/delete your Amazon account but after deleting your official Amazon account, you may not have access to anything related to your account, i.e., You may lose your Prime membership (if you are a prime member) and also lose your access to Amazon Prime videos as it requires your Amazon account. You may also lose your gift cards and the offers you are eligible to, after removing your Amazon account.

If you have any issues regarding you Amazon account, you can get in touch with the Amazon customer care and solve it. You can also change you Amazon account Email-id and password if you opt to in my account section provided in the right corner of the Amazon’s official website. If you are not happy with the service, you may also send an E-mail to Amazon regarding their service and get it solved or as the ultimate option, you can always Delete Your Amazon Account.

Steps to Delete Your Amazon Account

  1. Go to Amazon’s official online shopping website.
  2. Then you need to sign-in to your Amazon account
  3. then click on the help icon which takes you to the help page of the Amazon website.
  4. In help, you need to select “prime or something else” icon as there is no separate icon to manage your account setting or prime settings.
  5. Now you need to select “Tell me more about the issue” and then you need to select the account settings.
  6. In account settings, you need to select “close my account” option.
  7. Now you have three options provided by Amazon, i.e., in which way you would like to contact the customer service.

Options to contact customer service

  • Email: You can send a mail to the Amazon customer service from your account, i.e.,email-id and request for closing your account and they may respond to you within seven working days.
  • Phone: You may also select this option in which you need to enter your phone number registered with your Amazon account and select the option “call me“. They will call you within a short time and then you may ask them to close your account by telling them the reason you wish to close your account. They may also suggest you not to close your account and solve the issue you are facing, but if you are strongly want to delete it, then they would close your account within seven working days.
  • Chat: You are also given this option, but you need to wait for the Amazon customer service to come online to have a conversation with him/her and ask him to close your account. He/she would also ask you about the problem but if you are strongly willing to remove your account you may just ask him to delete your account, and your account would get deactivate in short time.
Delete Amazon Account
Your Account -Amazon

After following these steps, you’ll get a notification that your account is inactive now, and you might no longer have access to your account. You also lose your Prime membership and gift cards and offers on your Amazon account after deletion.

You also lose access to Amazon’s site such as and and you may not log in to them through your account. Your Amazon can cancel your payments prior to cancellation, and your order history will also be deleted once your account is deleted.

Steps to remove Social Media links

  1. Facebook: Login to your account and open settings.In settings search or “apps you use“, and in that option, you can see Amazon account linked to your Facebook account and then by clicking on the cross button you can remove your Amazon account.
  2. Twiter: log in to your account, select applications in settings or through this link and then select Amazon and click on revoke access and your Amazon account will be removed.
  3. Google+: Sign in to your account and then click on Security on the left-hand side of the page. Then in security click on manage applications and select Amazon from the list and then click on manage accounts from where you need to remove your Amazon account.
  4. Yahoo: When you log in to your account select account info from your dashboard and then on account information. By clicking on account information, you have to select manage apps and website connections, and then from the list of apps you may select Amazon and delete your account.
  5. LinkedIn: By logging in to your account go to account settings or use this link and then select groups, companies, and applications from settings and then view your applications and select Amazon and you can remove from the list of applications.

Important: –  You can click this link directly to remove social media accounts from Amazon.


Thus, these are the steps you need to follow to Delete Your Amazon Account. If you want to delete and unlink it from social media handles, the other important thing is if you have any order pending, then you cannot delete your account.

It will happens so once you get the product and Amazon owns the payment(in the case of COD). However, there’s a chance that you account might delete in spite of having orders, and the orders would delete if you strictly opt for deleting your account.

If you now change your mind and still want to go for online shopping through Amazon then now you need to create a new account on your E-mail id and then continue your online shopping experience but that would cause some problem as deleting your account then creating a new account is a foolish thing.

So you need to think twice before you decide to Delete Your Amazon Account as deleting your account will erase every data from the account, and you would gain nothing.

But if you think online shopping is not good and don’t posses any interest in any products and offers then you should delete your account, and you would have no links with the online service.



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