6 Best Deleted Photo Recovery Apps

Photo recovery applications can save your life. There’s no difference between accidentally deleting your files and photos or losing them due to any external cause, such as viruses. Using deleted photo recovery apps, you can effectively recover your lost photos.

Files on your device can be quickly deleted for a variety of reasons. You can eliminate them by mistake, end up losing them as a result of formatting your device or lose them as a result of a malware infection. Whatever the cause, having an efficient photo recovery app on hand for unpredictable situations is always beneficial.

Along with being a great software, FoneLab provides several guides to help you perfectly in data recovery in any case.

This article will highlight the best-deleted photo recovery apps for quickly recovering your important files. You will be capable of recovering your files efficiently and easily irrespective of whether you possess an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

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Six Deleted Photo Recovery Apps

You can now retrieve your deleted images using these applications. Read more to find out the best-deleted photo recovery app for you.


DiskDigger is a strong photo recovery application for Android. By scanning the phone’s storage space, this app will assist you in recovering deleted pictures.

best deleted recovery apps

This recovery application contains two options for recovering deleted images:

  1. Basic Scan requires no root access to your device’s memory
  2. Full Scan, which checks your Android device’s entire storage space but requires a rooted device

After scanning the memory space of your device, you will be able to choose which files to recover. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to recover all deleted pictures since some of them are erased completely due to the damage.

You can send them or upload them to a cloud server, such as Google or Apple iCloud, after the recovery of your files. This function is useful for preventing damage to the recovered files.

DiskDigger is available in both a free and a paid Premium version. The first version is capable of recovering both videos and photos. The second variant aids in the recovery of other types of files. However, the paid version requires a rooted mobile.


PhoneRescue by iMobie is the best photo recovery app for iPhone. There are three professional retrieval types available. They can assist you in recovering deleted pictures from your device or pc.

phonerescue appThis photo recovery application has the greatest success rate in recovering data. It recovers pictures, video files, texts, contact information, and events. This application even helps in recovering the deleted or lost media from Apple iTunes and Apple iCloud.

PhoneRescue has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to recover files readily. To recover deleted pictures, you must go through three steps:

  1. Select a recovery mode
  2. Choose the type of media that you want to restore.
  3. Step 3: Go through all files and select those you would want to restore.

This recovery software is also available in an Android operating system. However, it has limited functionality than the iPhone version.


Recuva is a widely known Android and PC photo recovery application. It makes it convenient to restore lost media from a memory card.

deleted recovery apps

Other than pictures, this recovery application can recover a variety of file types. Audio files, files, video content, and emails are among them.

This photo recovery app restores folder structures by inspecting chosen areas. This function will simplify your life because you won’t have to search through a list of unidentifiable files to find your images.

Recuva is ideal for first-time users. It includes a recovery wizard to help you through the process. Furthermore, the app includes an advanced Deep Scan mode that improves recovery probability. The application comes with a paid premium version.


Undeleter is one of the best-deleted photo recovery apps for Android that recovers deleted files from your device’s Memory card and internal storage.

undeleter appIt works in a similar way to other recovery applications by searching your device’s memory and previewing deleted files before recovering them. However, this app also backs up deleted information in both Google Drive and Dropbox. It links your cloud server to your device. If you do not wish to fill up your device’s memory with recovered files, this is a good option.

Undeleter also allows you to delete any file permanently. You can be certain that your files are impossible to recover if you use this option, regardless of whether you’re using photo recovery software.


ApowerRescue by Apowersoft is one of the iOS photo recovery apps.

It allows you to retrieve deleted iPhone pictures, contact information, texts, and files. However, it only functions if you made a copy of the data on iTunes or iCloud prior to losing your files.

apowerrescue deleted recovery appThis application is very useful in case you damage or lose your phone. It will allow you to easily recover all of your lost data and restore them to a new device.

If you haven’t made a backup, try Recover from iOS Device to retrieve your deleted files. You have to install this recovery software. It enables you to scan your device by linking it to a pc and searching the memory space of the mobile.

The free plan of ApowerRescue just enables you to scan files. The paid version of the application provides quarterly, annual, and lifelong licenses.


Dumpster is a very well-known photo recovery application for Android devices. This app automatically backs up your photos after you install it on your device. When a picture is deleted, Dumpster places it in its recycle bin. After that, you can recover the image whenever you want.

dumpster images recoveryIt is critical that you specify the storage capacity and time. It enables you to determine how many days the app should save the deleted images. There’s an option to upload the deleted files to the cloud server. This is very useful because it stores the files in a cloud server and saves the device’s memory storage.

The app is completely free. However, some of its functionalities, such as cloud backup, require a paid subscription. However, the majority of the app’s free features would be sufficient to recover deleted photos for no cost.


Where Are The Deleted Files Stored in Android?

The android operating system does not possess a separate trash folder to save deleted files. Thus, the deleted files are stored at their original location and not moved anywhere.

Where Do Deleted Photos Go?

If you are an Android user, you may have a trash folder in your gallery where your deleted pictures are saved for 30 days and then permanently deleted if not recovered. Likewise, in Apple devices, the photos that you delete are stored in a Recently deleted folder for 30 days before permanently removing them from your device.

Where Do Deleted Text Messages Go?

Text messages are stored in the internal storage of an Android device. Thus, if the messages are deleted, they cannot be retrieved. However, some applications can be used to backup your SMS messages so that you can retrieve them afterward.

Can We Get Back Permanently Deleted Media and Data from Smartphones?

Some applications can enable you to restore permanently deleted files and media with ease. However, many of these applications require you to have a backup of the data.


The best deleted photo recovery apps we recommend are both effective and simple to use. They will assist you in recovering deleted pictures as well as other kinds of files in seconds. An essential factor is to use dependable apps to safeguard your information without causing damage to your device. We hope our list has helped you in determining the best file recovery app for you.

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