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We have all pretty much grown up with torrent for various purposes as it had and has been simplifying our lives in a major way. If I start to write about how Torrent has helped us it would be totally another story but every good thing has few of shortcomings too and Torrent it’s the advertisements, pop-ups, and bloatware that by itself downloads on our machines hogging up our resources and space.

Mostly we prefer uTorrent as it’s a lighter version of BitTorrent and doesn’t hog up your resources as much. But ever since the launch of Pro version of Torrent with better functionality the free version. The software is full of various advertisements and pop-ups which provide a very unsavoury experience.

Disable utorrent Advertisements
Disable utorrent Advertisements

The hustle bustle of advertisements is not only irritating but also makes a simple application like Torrent to feel haphazard and confusing to many people. Simple things should remain simple, and nobody likes any advertisement distracting anyone from their core job that they were initially too good.

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Although the bloatware used to be a non-reversible thing in torrent beforehand now after garnering a load of criticism from its users there are finally few options through which we can have an advertisement free experience. Since the options are not in front and have to fervently search upon as they hide in advanced settings, below are a few steps that would help you navigate through and successfully get rid of the bloatware and advertisements for good:

How to Disable uTorrent Advertisements

Simply follow the steps mentioned below to disable utorrent advertisements easily & quickly.

  • Click on Options>>Preferences>>Advanced.
  • In advance option, you’ll notice that there are plenty of flags to work through
  • Navigate through the list and disable by double-clicking and setting false on the following flags:


  • There are also certain flags which are not there in Preferences. So to disable them exit Preferences.
  • To remove the advertisements fully after exiting preferences while still on the menu. Hold down Shift+F2 and click Preferences again, to excavate a whole range of flags which are not previously visible and set them false as well:


Important – These flags might be differently named depending on the version of the torrent that you have on your PC.

Take care of the fact that you are only disabling the flags and no extra or other flag is disabled as it might affect the functioning of your version of torrent so check and re-check the flags before moving onto the next step.

  • Now restart your uTorrent and Voila! You won’t find any advertisements now.

Now you have at your hand a very minimalist and basic application which is free from advertisements and pop-ups. Make sure to disable the correct flag and chose carefully and enjoyed a hassle-free torrent on your PC’s and laptops you are ready to go.

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