Social distancing has become necessary in today’s era and will still exist shortly. As a result, there has been a rise in the use of social media. One of the social media platforms is Discord. Discord allows users to chat, interact, and make video calls, all for free on mobile and PC. Users can also customize their avatars. There are many Ways To Fix An Update Failed Error On Discord.

We can do many things on Discord, like Add Bots On Discord, or you can use Public Servers On Discord and add your friends. One of the most amazing things about Discord is its avatar. To access the default Discord avatar, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Discord account.
2. Click on the “Settings” tab.
3. Select “Avatars.”

To customize your Discord profile, focus on reading the article. Learn how to get the default avatar without difficulty. For fun, try using the Best Funny Bots on Discord. Additionally, explore the article on finding the best Funny Bots for enjoyment.

How To Obtain Discord Default Avatar

Sometimes, the Discord avatar that you have may not be the one that you like. In such a scenario, you might want to change it. Most people prefer to use the grey Discord icon over any other picture. 

To get this, you will have to follow the steps in the order that has been presented here. First, you got to make sure that you read the article properly. This will ensure that you do not make any errors while setting up the picture. You will not only get the technique to set the default picture, but also you can give it a little twist of your own.

The process is extremely simple to do. Head onto your Discord account via your mobile phone or PC. You will then have to look for the Settings in Discord. Maybe your Discord Is Not Opening.

settingYou will usually see it on the bottom left of the page. Here, you will be able to see your profile. Next to the profile, there will be a button. Here, you will see the profile picture that is currently put on. You will see that there is an option to change your avatar. 

change avatar

Before proceeding further, choose the best default Discord avatar style. Download the one you want to set as your Discord default PFP. Here, there is a grey avatar if you want to go classic. Once you do that, you need to upload it there, and you will see that you have a new icon to look at!

final step

Please wait a minute or two until it is uploaded to your account. You can say you have changed your Discord picture as soon as that is done!

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Is That All That We Can Do?

You can change the color of the default Discord PFP to the color you love. It can be from blue to pink or purple – you can even keep it grey. In the background, you can also add a pattern, lines, check boards, dots, hearts, and much more. Amazing still, we can use backgrounds.

You can also choose to use the solid color, the pastel form, or the gradient form of the color you select. Well, that is not all – you can have a 3D background that you can use.


There are a variety of 3D backgrounds, such as scrolling checkerboards, rainbows, and scrolling lines. Indeed, it might be challenging for you to choose the perfect picture for you! 

However, you can try the link here to get the best types of avatars for Discord. All you need to do is select the one that appeals the most to you, and then you can download it. Then, you only have to upload that on Discord as your profile picture.

So, it does seem that the Discord default avatar is far cooler than your regular picture. Adding effects to the background is beyond amazing.

Discord is one of the rare applications that allows you to play with the background image. So, you can still use the default avatar by giving it a twist of your style! Also, you can play these cool free avatar games with your Discord friends and share them with them.

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How do I change my default avatar on Discord?

Open the Discord App and Select the Edit profile option; click 'Change Avatar.' There, you can find various avatars that are available for you to use.

What is the default avatar size on Discord?

The default avatar size is 128*128; even if you upload to a large extent, it will automatically come to this site.

How do I see a complete avatar on Discord?

You must fit in your profile server and 'Invute dyno to your server.' This will get you the complete avatar.

Is Discord avatar maker free?

There are many avatar makers that you can use for free. provides an avatar maker that can be used for free. It can produce a logo without a watermark.


You now know how to get Discord’s default avatar in an extremely easy way. Our method here will not involve you being a technical expert. Even if you have used Discord once or twice, you can perform the technique to get the default avatar.

All that you can do is that you need to follow the steps in the way they have been put forward in. Rest assured, and you will not have difficulty getting the Discord default avatar hereafter. You can also Add Bots To Your Discord Server.

Using the grey Discord icon as your display picture is always safer. If you are worried that someone you do not know will misuse your picture, try this out. If you have a picture that you are a little embarrassed about, you can use this.

You not only know how to set your Discord profile to the default one, but also you can add a little glamour of your own. There is nothing more amazing than that!

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