Discord Mic Not Working? Try These Fixes!

Discord is one of the best online applications to connect with your friends and send them messages. Apart from normal chatting, Discord has a wide range of properties that makes it most suitable for gamers. As you know, playing multiplayer games with your team could be challenging if you are apart from each other. This problem is resolved by Discord, where you can connect through online voice calls. This feature is extremely helpful and provides a better experience while gaming with your squad. But, some of our readers face issues like Discord Mic Not Working error.

discord mic not working

It also leads to bad communication while gaming or attending an important meeting. Today, we bring you the best methods to resolve the error. Make sure to stick will us till the end and get complete knowledge about the same.

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The Mic Not Working on Discord Error

The developers always try to enhance the overall user interface by releasing regular updates. However, some bugs could cause issues and disturb the chatting frequency. The mic not working is a major problem that users face, especially while gaming. Further, this bug has several alternate effects that are annoying and stops the voice output. Sometimes, it causes partial disturbance where only one user cannot hear or speak while other mics work fine. Therefore, it is important to know some techniques that will help you get rid microphone not working on discord issue.

What to Do if my Discord Mic Not Working?

We have a bunch of different methods that will help you to overcome the error. Many experts believe that you can easily resolve any microphone or speaker-related issue on Discord. The problem may be small, and a simple step will handle it. Therefore, you need to try these common troubleshooters before moving forward to find the answer to why isn’t my mic working on discord,

Common Solutions

  • Close the Discord application and also remove it from the list of recent apps. Open it again, and most likely, your microphone will start working.
  • Reconnect your wireless headphone or use a different input source to your mobile or computer. In case you have a USB connection, check the condition of wires and other plugs.
  • Some files in the application might corrupt due to accidental changes or errors. Hence, you can also reinstall the software and log in using your account credentials.

If you are already aware of these points and still don’t get results, it is time to take some serious steps. The best techniques to solve Discord mic not working error are,

Change Voice Settings

This is the most common way to solve the discord isn’t detecting my mic problem and complete the process. Users can easily reset the settings that control the microphone voice. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

Open the app and navigate to the Settings panel. The icon is also available at the bottom of your chat section.

Step 2

Click on the App Settings menu and select the Voice and Video option.

Step 3

You can find the Reset Voice Settings button that will restore all the default configurations on the app.

reset voice settings
Reset Voice Settings

Step 4

Finally, hit the OK button, and you are ready to go.

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Latest Audio Driver

If your Discord Mic Not Working, there are some technical glitches that require an immediate solution.

device manager
Device Manager

Audio drivers play a crucial role in connecting various voice inputs with the app. If you have a damaged or corrupted driver, it could lead to such issues. If you know how to update it, ensure to install the latest version.

update driver
Update Driver

We even recommend consulting the manufacturer of your audio driver on the PC.

Use Correct Mic

Gamers often connect multiple microphones with a single system that leads to confusion. For instance, you use a particular mic to play games, but the app is already sending output to a different device. So to fix the my mic isn’t working on discord issue, you must check if your Discord application is using the correct mic for the job,

Step 1

Go to Settings and search for Voice and Video option under the My Accounts tab.

Step 2

Click on the Input Device option that will show all the available devices at the moment.

Step 3

Select your current microphone and maximize the input volume for optimal results. Head back to the home screen, and your mic will start working again.

input device
Input Device

Also, it would be best to look for damaged microphones as a faulty piece will lead to issues while chatting. Replace the existing mic or use the in-built feature of your headphones.

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Use Push-to-Talk Feature

You can activate the push-to-talk feature to fix Discord Mic Not Working error through the following steps,

Step 1

First, navigate to Settings > App Settings > Voice and Video > Push To Talk

Step 2

Hover the mouse pointer above the sensitivity box and click on Edit Keybind.


Step 3

Once it starts recording, press the keys that you want to be your pushbuttons for the mic.

Step 4

Finally, stop recording, and your keys are now ready to use.


We hope you are clear with the techniques you can use when “Discord mic not working” error appears. In case of further assistance, contact Customer Support and tell them your issue.

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