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Cloning means creating a duplicate copy of something. Disk cloning is the action of copying even the smallest details of information from the hard drive of a computer to another disk. By cloning the hard disk of your windows using a Disk Cloning Software, you ensure the safe recovery of your important data in case of a crash and will be able to transfer your data to a different computer as well. Cloning lets you set up multiple computers such that they are identical in all aspects of configuration.

A disk cloning software reproduces an identical copy of an operating system, drive, files, and folders. It helps in keeping the data safe and protected and also prevents its loss in the event of windows getting corrupted.

Some advantages of disk cloning include:

  • Restoring an earlier version of operating system
  • Setting up different computers with the same configuration
  • Replace damaged hard drives
  • Upgrade hard drives to larger capacity
  • Recovery of the entire system if windows crash

There is countless disk cloning software available in the market and so, selecting the best amongst many becomes an essential task. A good cloning or imaging software is one that offers easy ways to backup and restores your system in a user-friendly manner. It must be efficient enough to restore multiple PCs simultaneously rather than being stuck at one. And it should ensure the security of your data by protecting it through various features.

Here are some of the most attractive and efficient Disk Cloning Software which will be extremely useful for you in the saving your computer:

Acronis Cloning Software

Best Disk Cloning Software
Best Disk Cloning Software for Windows – Acronis Cloning Software

Acronis delivers complete data protection of all files, applications, and operating system across every environment be it physical, virtual, cloud, windows, or mobile. It has a simple uncomplex interface with user-friendly icons and easy to use functions. The cloning process can be customized according to your need, thanks to the formidable features embedded in the software. The hard drive can also be partitioned according to the needs of the user with the help of this software.

The affordable imaging software permits you to maintain various versions of your operating system and so, you are enabled to go back to an old version after trying several updates. And the best part is that you do not require access to the internet for performing any of the above functions.


  • Hard Disk Cloning
  • Partition
  • Data Backup

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15

The Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 is an ideal system management software that offers dependable backup and flexible recovery solutions to the user. It is a smart software that can backup your whole system, particular partitions, or selected files efficiently and by itself. The ‘Automatic Partition Alignment’ technology optimizes the hard disk partitioning process, and so, you can get the top performance out of your SSDs and HDDs.

Paragon HardDisk
Paragon HardDisk

The Hard Disk Manager 15 works seamlessly with most of the operating systems and drive configurations. It is due to this ability that Paragon’s Hard Disk Manager is a top achiever in its class of best cloning software.


  • System backup
  • Optimized partitioning
  • System migration and cloning
  • Adaptable Recovery

Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is an award acquiring disk imaging solution that supports backup of operating system and files to local, network, and USB drives. You can be secured that your data is saved in a recoverable backup file. You can upgrade your hard disk or try the new operating system without losing a file.

Macrium Software
Macrium Software

With the help of Macrium Reflect you can backup all your files into an isolated compressed file record from where you can recover your files anytime quickly. The ‘Rapid Delta Clone’ technology enables you to accelerate the imaging process to save time. It also offers Differential Images that reduces the storage space and the time required for backup completion. The software also offers the following features: Auto Shut-down, Auto-verification, and Pre-defined backup plan templates.


  • Hard Disk Imaging
  • Partition Support
  • Rapid Delta Clone
  • Differential Images


CloneZilla is a lightning-fast partition and cloning program which assists you to do system deployment, bare metal (i.e., no requirement of previously installed software) backup, and quick recovery. It can be used for a single as well as mass deployment and can clone around 40 personal computers simultaneously.


CloneZilla owes it a super fast performance to the technology that enables it to clone only those blocks of memory and leave the unused blocks of memory. This increases the efficiency of cloning and makes its cloning speed reach 8GB/min. It remains an open-source software which supports encryption of the cloned data.


  • Hard Disk Cloning
  • Image encryption
  • Image restoration to multiple devices
  • Open Source

O & O Disk Image 11

O & O Disk Image 11 is the safest and one of the most efficient solutions to avoid losing important files stored on your windows. This software enables you to recover an entire computer files, even when someone is using the computer.

O&O Software
O&O Software

This software has manual as well as an automatic backup option. This enables you to clone your entire system, individual hard drives, or particular files on a periodic basis to make your backups up-to-date. Backups on a consistent basis protect against data loss. You can restore this system data easily and quickly even onto different hardware.


  • System Cloning
  • Automatic Cloning
  • Encrypt and Compress Data


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