How To Fix DNS Server Not Responding Windows 10 Error?

DNS or the Domain Name System server converts any online address into the IP address of your PC. This will help to connect with various websites and browse them on the computer. However, many users will face the dns server not responding windows 10 problems while working online. Therefore, we have some of the most effective solutions to tackle this problem. Make sure to follow the steps and try different techniques to remove this error.

List Of Ways To Fix DNS Server Not Responding Windows 10 Error

Let’s look at the techniques you can use to fix dns server not responding windows 10 error.

Updating Drivers

The first method to fix the dns server not responding windows 10 errors is updating the drivers. Older versions of drivers will tend to create a problem, and you need to update them manually. Know how to remove dns unlocker adware from this article

  • Hover to the Start menu and search for Device Manager to open a new panel on the screen.
    device manager
    Device manager
  • Click on the Network Adapter option and locate the existing adapter that is present in the PC.
    network adapter
    Network adapter
  • Right-click on its name and select Uninstall, followed by other necessary options.
    uninstall device
    Uninstall device
  • Finally, restart your computer, and the default network adapter will get installed automatically. Moreover, you can also search for the latest version of the adapter on the internet.

Set DNS Server

It is quite common that your previous DNS server is not working, and you have to change it. Moreover, various DNS server providers will give the best results in Windows 10. You can manually change the DNS server by,

  • First, go to the Network Connections option from the Start menu or press the Windows+X button to open the tab.
  • Right-click on the WiFI network present on the panel and further click on the Properties option.
  • Next, select the Internet Protocol Version 4 from the list and tap on Properties.
  • Change the Preferred DNS server to and Alternates DNS Server to
  • Click OK and save the settings. It would help if you restarted the PC for the changes to work.

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Upgrade Router’s Firmware

There is no doubt that router manufacturers tend to push regular updates for their devices. These updates bring better features and solve several problems that users were facing in the past. Therefore, you might want to update the firmware for any wireless router.

update router
Update router

However, this requires high skills and complete knowledge about the router. It will help if you create a backup of the old settings. Further, you can get additional information in the user manual of the device. Make sure to update the firmware using proper guidelines and caution to avoid any data loss.

Using Command Window

Another technique to solve the dns server is not responding windows 10 problem by using the command window. Users can put the netsh command and get rid of potential errors. The steps for the same are,

  • Open the command prompt of Windows 10 that is available in the start menu itself.
  • Fill in the following commands in the exact order
    command prompt
    Command prompt

netsh int ip reset

netsh Winsock reset

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

  • Once you execute them, make sure to restart the computer, which will solve any issue related to DNS.

PC In Safe Mode

Most of us are not aware of the benefits of starting a PC in the Safe Mode to counter several problems. This will stop any third-party applications that can hinder the working of the network. However, the Safe Mode only initiates the important drivers and software that are necessary for the PC. Hence, you can start the Safe Mode of your computer by,

  • First, you need to tap the Power button in the Start menu.
  • Hold down the Shift key and click on the Restart option.
  • The operating system will ask you to choose from various options available, and you have to select Troubleshoot.
  • Next, click on Advanced Settings > Startup Settings > Restart
  • While turning it on, you have to start the PC in the Safe Mode by pressing the F5 key.
  • Finally, the PC will initiate the Safe Mode that will most probably solve the DNS server error.

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Deactivate Firewall

Various antivirus applications have a firewall feature that prevents any external software from interacting with the computer. This can be a reason that you are facing DNS server connection issues. Moreover, different firewalls have different configurations to tackle this regularly. Hence, the solution is present within the antivirus and firewall software. You can either deactivate them or look for some alternate configurations. The same information is also available on the developer’s website and steps to prevent this.

Restart Modem and Router

At last but not least, restarting the modem and router can prove to be effective in solving the dns server not responding windows 10. Users can easily turn off the modem by pressing the power button on the device itself. You can switch it on after a couple of minutes to see if anything works. To know about the ultimate VPN test and troubleshooting guide, click here.

Similarly, you can restart the routers and wait for the network to establish. However, many users also believe that resetting the router is more effective. Most of the time, you can easily reset the device by pressing the factory reset button. Further, it would help if you are using a pin to push the button. This will also reset all the configurations along with the username and password. Thus, any DNS severs it can resolve the error.

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We hope that the methods regarding the DNS server not responding to Windows 10 will work for your computer. You can consult technical experts for better assistance in this situation.

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