Discord is one of the best places to interact with new people. Also, many people make announcement channels on Discord as well. But many people struggle to understand whether they are kicked out of the discord. Also, many people ask, “Does Discord Notify When You Kick Someone?”. When you kick someone on Discord, they do not receive a notification. Discord keeps it discreet. The kicked member simply loses access to the server and won’t know immediately why they can’t access it anymore. They might think someone removed them for inactivity.

However, other server members won’t be notified either. The action between the server manager and the kicked user is private, keeping server management actions low-key.

If someone tries to rejoin, they’ll get a notification. The server manager might need to explain the reason. Clear communication can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.

Why Discord Keeps It Private

Many people ask, “Does Discord Notify When You Kick Someone?” The main reason is Discord does not send notifications to prevent conflicts. Sharing such information might create unnecessary tension. By keeping it quiet, it aims for a smoother server experience. No notice means less embarrassment for the user, who won’t face public shame, which helps maintain their dignity. 

Steps to Kick a Member

  1. Open Discord and go to your server.
  2. Click on the member list.
  3. Find the user you want to kick and right-click.
  4. Select “Kick.”
  5. Confirm your action.

These simple steps ensure effective server maintenance. Remember, kicking someone is a big step. You should be very wise and sparing while doing this

How to Handle Outcomes

Why Discord does not notify you when you kick someone:

  • If the kicked user seeks clarification, respond reasonably. This can help reduce hostility.
  • Other members might also notice missing people. Address their concerns transparently. 
  • Manage conflicts professionally. Clear guidelines and communication ease tensions. This enhances overall community trust. 

Common Reasons for Kicking

  • Spamming or flooding chats
  • Violating server rules
  • Inappropriate behavior or language
  • Harassment or bullying

How Long Does A Kick Last On Discord?

As you know, Discord doesn’t notify you if you kick someone out. So, you might be wondering how long a kick lasts on Discord.  

The answer is kicking someone on Discord is immediate and permanent until someone reinvites them to rejoin. 

You cannot choose the duration of a kick. The user remains kicked out until explicitly invited back. It’s not a temporary removal but a full ejection.

However, kicking is different from banning. A kicked user can return if invited again, but a banned user can’t return with the same account.

If you kick someone, monitor for repeated offenses. If issues persist, consider a ban for a more permanent solution. This can prevent further disruptions.

Server managers often use kicking as a first step. Banning is a more severe action. Managing user behavior effectively keeps the community positive and safe.

Clear communication helps members understand the consequences. State rules upfront and be consistent. This ensures fairness and reduces misunderstandings.discord

How To Tell If Someone Kicked You From A Discord Server?

Discord doesn’t notify you when you kick out someone from Discord. There are no direct notifications when you are kicked from a Discord server. So here are a few signs to tell if you were kicked from the server: 

  • You’ll notice you can’t access the server anymore and if you encounter technical issues like Discord won’t open, there are solutions available to help you navigate these problems. But in this case, you are kicked out. That’s why you are unable to access the server.
  • If you try to join the server using an old link, it won’t work. The invite link might show as invalid or expired, and you can also see that Discord stuck on connecting messages.
  • Your previous messages on the server will still be there—you might see them if you have chat logs—but you won’t be part of recent interactions.
  • See if the server still shows up on your list. If it’s gone, that’s another clue. Being kicked means you lose all access.
  • If it is still not clear, talk to the server admin. Politely ask if you were removed and why. This might clear up any misunderstandings.

Remember, a kicked user can be invited back. If it was a mistake, ask for a new invite. Respect server rules to avoid being kicked again.


How does a kicked user find out?

A kicked user will notice they can't access the server. They might get an invalid or expired invite link message.

Can a kicked user rejoin the server?

Yes, a kicked user can rejoin if they receive a new invite link. Kicking is temporary and the kicked user can join the server again with the same account.

Are kicking and banning the same?

Kicking removes a user temporarily. Banning prevents rejoining with the same account unless unbanned.

When You Leave a Server, Does Discord Send a Notification?

When you leave a Discord server, Discord does not send a notification. Your departure is quiet and unobtrusive. No announcements or alerts are sent to other members.

Does Discord Disclose the Person Who Banned You

No. The action is discreet. You simply lose access without knowing the specific person.

Do people get notified when you go on Discord?

When you go on Discord, people do not get a direct notification. Your friends or server members won't receive an alert saying you are online. The app doesn't broadcast your status like that. However, others can see your online status. If you’re marked as online, idle, or do not disturb, it’s visible on your profile. People can then figure out you are active just by checking your status.

Can you kick someone from a Discord call?

Yes, you can kick someone from a Discord call if you have the right permissions. You must be the call's host or a server admin to manage who stays in the call

Can a kicked user return to the same Discord server?

A kicked user can return if they receive a new invite link from the server admin or another member with invitation privileges. Being kicked isn't permanent unless further action like banning is taken. This allows users who might have been removed for minor issues to rejoin if things are smoothed over. Thus, kicking serves as a temporary measure rather than a final one.

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