How to Download Instagram Videos & Photos | Upload in Best Suited Size

Instagram is the most popular social media app with billions of users and hundreds of millions of daily users. It is a wonderland to share your favorite moments that you want to share it with your friends. Anyone who has an Instagram account can upload pictures and videos right away and receive an immense amount of love towards the post from friends and family. Thus, saving those memories is a must. And you can Download Instagram Videos and images on the go with this tool. You can even save videos from snapchat.

Millions of posts are made on Instagram every day, and there are times that we find such type of videos which we find hilarious, romantic, motivational, or important. We really want to download those videos or pictures, but sadly, Instagram has not implemented download features due to security reasons. However, there are other ways by which you can easily download your favorite post and save it in your phone.

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Instagram lets you upload short videos so that the viewers can get the instant message that is in the video however if you want to post more than a minute long video that there, is an Instagram TV which is linked to your Instagram account and you can quickly post videos there which have more than a min duration., You can even download those long videos if you wish to, with our method. So now let’s get directly into how you can, download Instagram videos and pictures easily.

We are going to use Instagram video downloader, which is a legal website where you can download your favorite Instagram post with just a couple of clicks.

How to Download Instagram Videos with Instagram Video Downloader

  1. Using google chrome browser on your device (Smartphone or PC), and open the Instagram Video Downloader.
  2. Now hit enter and you will go into the website where you can download the Instagram video.
  3. You need to paste in the URL of the Instagram post that you want to download, on the given section above “download” button.
  4. You can quickly get the URL of the Instagram post by going to that particular post on google chrome. Just copy the URL of that specific Instagram page.
  5. You can also get the URL from the official Instagram app. Go to the post and tap on three dots at the top right side of the post and tap on “Copy Link”.
  6. Now paste the URL and click on “Download”.

This is the best way to save any Instagram picture or video and view them anytime you want even if you don’t have internet access because this website helps you download the Instagram posts on your internal storage.

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Features of Instagram Video Downloader

  • Download any Instagram video and save it in your device.
  • Easily to download, you just need to copy paste the URL, unlike other downloading websites.
  • You can re-watch the posts that you have download as many times you want without the cost of using your mobile data.
  • With Instagram video downloader, you don’t have to search for your favorite video on Instagram again as you can easily download it save it on your phone.

Now, what if you want to post the posts after you Download Instagram Videos on your own Instagram account or any other picture or video that you have captured? Instagram only lets you post in a specific ratio. Thus, it means that the pictures that don’t match the Instagram ratio will be crop automatically. You can avoid this issue by using InstraFitter app.

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This is one of the best cropping apps for Instagram, and you can easily find it on play store and apple app store.

How to Upload Pictures in High Resolution using InstraFitter App

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  1. Instrafitter App Available on Play Store Download the App Now.
  2. Open the app, and you shall be welcomed with the first thing to do, which is to select the image.
  3. Your pictures folder will open, and now you need to choose the picture.
  4. Now you need to select the fitting/cropping option which is available in the app.
  5. The unused area which the crop compromised can be filled with colors. Or the blur image of the picture that you have selected.
  6. Tap on “Save” option on the top right side of the app.

The picture will be saved in your phone, and now you can quickly post the picture on Instagram in its best-suited size.

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Hope our article helped you to Download Instagram Videos and photos instantly. We would love to hear about it from you!

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